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EverCrisp ®

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I received this and desire to explain something again which I posted in the archives.

I like to grow stuff, and it's highly disappointing when things don't work out. You cannot grow an Evercrisp tree from the seed of an Evercrisp apple. You will get some genetic variation. You must obtain scion wood (I would suggest more than one) from the Evercrisp tree and graft it onto root stock. Do at least a couple of trees. You don't want to put all your hope in one tree. I will be grafting some scion wood in the spring from my old generation Yellow Transparent apple tree.. delicious apples.. not keepers, but i spiral slice and both freeze and dehydrate. Waiting for a response from a friend who is very experienced in this to get the name of a root stock he uses that is very hardy. I think it is the Russian root stock. He orders them from Fedco I believe: This is for full size trees. usually scion wood ships in march and root stock too. So, this is all good timing. Best wishes. Paul

I have been all through the genetics and listened to the industry experts who man all the educational bio labs who always tell the public not to grow apples from seeds as it is not a clone. Apples like all things the English engaged in, in the epic period of genetic breeding which produced most of the food the world understands from Herefords to other landrace strains unique to America, was not in labs, but in fields.
Apples were horrid fruit in Roman times which is where most apples originate from, that came into England where the English planted numerous seeds of what I would term the Pippin class of fruits which appeared in America, where the Americans planting seeds produced the third generation of apples in the Spitzenberg Baldwin lines. Americans planted numerous seeds, and were progressing things until the Delicious stain appeared and retarded a great deal, until the one seeding out of thousands grew in the Wealthy of Minnesota.

Minnesota took the 4th generation, to the 5th in the Fireside. It is this group which produced what is the next modern series of Evercrisp.

4th generation apples are unique in character as their genetics breeder truer to the parent in my experience and actually improve. The apples I have from Wealthy, Haralson and McIntosh stock are superior to the parents.

As for the rootstock, the Russian is a fine variety. It actually produces a medium apple sized tree, will on it's own produce a very large acceptable apple, a pie apple, but the best the Russians had.

I fully intend to graft apples on the T bud when we get our place. That is future and for now I collect and sprout seeds, because there is not such a thing as a bad apple from a seed. God intends all apples for use.Tannin apples mix well with cider. Sour apples often make the best pie apples. I can always graft any known apple onto a  seedling I grow to increase pollination if I can not yet understand what God intended for that tree. All apples are not desert apples, but all apples are good apples.
I have faith that my Evercrisp seeds will produce apples which will be better, probably one that does not have a hint of juniper berries as Evercrisp does.
All the Evercrisps are not the same, as the ones from Michigan in soil are superior to the apples with the "America" label on them which are quite weak.

Some apples are protected by patents, and grafting their buds onto rootstock is a crime. Honeycrisp was a monopoly for some time, and grafting trademark apples is a criminal act which those who own the patents take serious and prosecute, so the legal alternative is as I stated, growing EverCrisp ® offspring from seed is the only legal alternative as 25 to 50 dollars for a grafted legal tree is out of my price range.

That is the dollars worth.

EVERCRISP Trademark of Midwest Apple Improvement Association ...

EVERCRISP is a trademark and brand of Midwest Apple Improvement Association. Filed to USPTO On Thursday, March 15, 2012, The EVERCRISP covers [Living trees and] Fresh ...

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