Saturday, January 20, 2018

Cherry's Women

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Remember a few days ago when I posted about a book I was looking for?

A Lame Cherry Question For You To Solve

I actually contacted the Library of Congress and they could not locate it either, but are a most helpful group of people, which was most refreshing in government service.

The thing is I was searching for my deceased teacher, and I could not find her either, when I happened upon myself in this exchange online, as people seem to overlook that the Lame Cherry knows all.

The main character was called Stone, or Commander Stone. I recall them being in outer space, probably in orbit around Earth. I think their might have been some kind of spider involved, like a space alien maybe. There was some mishap with the ship, and I seem to recall something about like a broken needle in someone's arm, which put them into deep sleep. I do not remember the title, but can only see the off color white book, in paperback, which was not too big.
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A good start but we could use some more details, take a look at this guide to see if you can edit in any more details. – Edlothiad Jan 15 at 9:38
I'm afraid that's all I can remember, I know it's thin, which is why I have the hope that maybe somebody will remember more or know it by chance. It was actually read to us in primary school in the early 70's. – Dryade Jan 15 at 16:58
This might be Robert A. Heinlein's 1952 juvenile SF novel The Rolling Stones. (It was written ten years before the rock band of the same name was formed.) The UK title was Space Family Stone. The novel has the main character named Stone - in fact all the main characters are named Stone, being from the same family. The story starts on the Moon but most of it is set in a space ship, travelling within our solar system rather than making an interstellar journey. The "spiders" you remember could be the little alien creatures called "Flat Cats" which are cute but breed too fast. The tribbles in the famous Star Trek episode The Trouble with Tribbles were inspired by Flat Cats.
I don't remember a part about a broken needle in someone's arm, but it is many years since I read the book.
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There was a dramatic segment in which Granny Hazel (Hazel Meade Stone, little girl Hazel from The Moon is a Harsh Mistress) and Buster (the baby of the family, around 1-2 years old) get lost in the asteroid belt because of a fault gyro in a "rocket scooter" and Hazel puts herself into a trance state to conserve oxygen for Buster. – Zeiss Ikon Jan 15 at 18:05

As I was discussing this with the Library of Congress fellow, I thought this book sounded like a Robert Heinlein novel, but could not be sure. I still am not sure, as I do not remember all these characters and the flat cats do not sound familiar, but the Rolling Stone and the subsequent Heinlein works will be at least something to keep in mind as I adore Heinlein. One of my many dreams is to one day get several million dollars in funding to film Starman Jones EXACTLY as Robert Heinlein wrote it. I still would like to change Sam's death, but I could adapt it to make the sadness seem like the best thing. I would love to cast Bruce Willis as Sam and cast all the Christians and Conservatives in Hollywood. Be a spectacular moneymaker like Passion of Mel  Gibson.

In any who, I did smile at my mimic, as I always hear from people the bullshit of Jeff Rense to Rush Limbaugh praising their listeners as the brightest bulbs on the planet, but if you read who posted my question, in their response to a question, their real persona broke through and they used the intelligent phrase of primary school. See normal Anglo Saxon English would say GRADE SCHOOL. A cowering soul would have just said school, someone who cut corners would say, "class". The intelligent person attempting to assist me utilized educated English
This is a fine reflection on the rest of you as ..........should phrase that in Norman English in, This is an appropriate reflection on the remainder of my it places you in an intelligence group by vocabulary and that is the Lame Cherry collective.

I will have to sort through these Heinlein works if I ever have the time and money. Is something I would do is collect all Heinlein's works and violate all my reading and just read fiction, instead of autobiographies. I don't think these are the books, but if they are not, I will lie to myself that it was the Rolling Stones.

I still remember some broken spaceship, someone looking in at some person with a needle in their arm as they float around in space. It was not some space monkey, but it is not like my teacher re read the book to us.

Probably should wrap this up before I bore all of you intelligent people.

Just thinking, I should write a short story about what I think the story was about and just let all this other stuff go  tits up, as I am sure by taking credit for it, someone would appear ranting at me for stealing their idea.

Now that is an idea...........

I wonder if I could find a way to include comforting breasts as one needs comfort with needles broken off in arms.

Nuff Said