Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Loose Cannon At FBI In Andrew McCabe

Squeal Andy Squeal


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Well this is wonderful news in Andrew McCabe threatened to burn down the FBI, which is what this blog wrote of in the deep state loose ends losing their composure and casting about to cut deals to save themselves, which implicates the shadow masters as the next group to appear when Andrew McCabe starts squealing like a pig to save himself.

“He was unglued,” one FBI source told True Pundit. "Someone should keep an eye on him."
But McCabe may also have been reacting, in part, to another growing problem beyond the corruption scandals enveloping McCabe’s leadership at the embattled FBI.
An FBI insider with Intel inside the embattled Bureau who has vigilantly worked to uncover systemic corruption inside the FBI, is rumored to be penning a tell-all book that promises to blow the roof off the inner-workings of the FBI’s controversial 7th-Floor.

There is an infinite problem when the deep state hires morons who are meant to be expendable, because they are such cocksucker zealots for the cause, but when things go bad, they are never G. Gordon Liddy taking one for the team, but instead go schoolboy and start screaming at FBI headquarters they are going to "torch the place".

Whether True Pundit is legit or it is propaganda, the reality is that after Jim Acosta at CNN got burned at CNN for reciting McCabe talking points in bending over for that asswad Eric Holder, the media has gone from not just quiet, but to that nervousness in wondering how not to get caught up in McCabe's down sucking spiral, as none of them want to be implicated, and it is now venturing around the cocktail crowd that it might be better if McCabe and James Comey get the case of Vaseline for the Grey Bar Hotel, in order to save the deep state, and the next rung in this in Loretta Lynch, the Clintons, the Obama's and the queen biotch of  this all in Isalmic Val-erie Jarrett.

This is where it hits the fan as, yes other firings will take place, but this was deliberately moved to Andrew McCabe by orders of FBI Director Chris Wray. This is all falling on McCabe as the firewall, but that firewall takes away the "cooperating witness" leverage of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, entwined in their netherly coup.
See, Strzok and Page had more leverage to bring down McCabe, but McCabe is already on the burner, so what can Strzok and Page do to their Andy? They already are on record as leakers, coup plotters and criminals handling classified information in smearing the President. Going into a Grand Jury and saying "Me too" does not get you much of a reduced sentence to walk away. Strzok and Page unless they can come up with something to piglet squeal harder than McCabe, moves this from them to McCabe. This put McCabe in the driver seat, if he will calm down, but it also makes McCabe very unpopular with those who directed him to handle this operation, as if McCabe starts squealing on them, this is where the deep state begins to have light shed on it, and that makes the deep state very intense.

That puts Andrew McCabe on the Catch 22. So you understand that Catch 22, you do remember the outcomes of those who cross the Clintons and the Obamas in the past?  They end up in all sorts of  interesting situations, because those criminal and intelligence interests doing business in installing the Clintons and the Obamas are the criminals in this, and with Andrew McCabe he has the reality of a soon appearing offer he will be made that he can not refuse.

 McCabe is now a huge problem and he should know he is a problem as his own deep state insiders just kicked him to the curb. This IG Horowitz and FBI Director Wray. Those like Adam Schiff are being ordered to ruin themselves for protecting the deep state, but everyone is looking to cut the tie that binds to Andrew  McCabe. That makes McCabe a person of interest to the deep state, as he already came unglued over a few million dollars in retirement. That stands to reason McCabe will as he is more isolated, more under investigation, losing his money god and discovering deep in the night that he is left with two choices, to be a scapegoat and serve his time or squeal like a pig against those who abandoned him as that is what he was hired for.

That is the problem for all of these deluded zealots. They all were drunk with their delusions of how important they were, and none of them from Comey to McCabe ever allowed the reality that they were pawns, expendable morons, to take the blame for those they were working for.
The deep state picks their puppets well.

McCabe has at least three problems, legal problems of 20 years to life in prison. The problem of leaking, the problem of  setting up Reince Priebus, and the problem of covering up Clinton crimes.

McCabe claimed to want Priebus to know the FBI’s perspective that this story was not true. Priebus pointed to the televisions that were going non-stop on the story. He asked if the FBI could say publicly what he had just told him. McCabe said he’d have to check, according to the book.
McCabe reportedly called back and said he couldn’t do anything about it. Then-FBI director James Comey reportedly called later and also said he couldn’t do anything, but did offer to brief the Senate Intelligence Committee on the matter later that week, suggesting they’d spill the beans publicly.

Andrew McCabe is the poster boy of all of this and there are numbers of these lurkers who will breaks laws as they think they have protection like those above them who are above the law.

McCabe is set to receive a nearly $2 million pension, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis. But that taxpayer-funded pension doesn't kick in until March 18, which is why McCabe decided to take "indefinite" leave. That way, he'll hit the mark.

If one examines this from a deep state perspective, a story appeared already stating that Andrew McCabe is unhinged. If this was deep state, DIA Donald, the book is now out that Andrew McCabe is at war with the FBI, which means the FBI has abandoned McCabe. The question in this being played out as we have witnessed this distress and stress played out a hundred times, in order to bring about the deep state outcome the deep state desires to silence that individual.

The wonderful part in this as this examination began is that with Andrew McCabe now termed a loon and at war with the FBI, that events are moving and we should witness progress in this to a point that the deep state has already moved and will continue to move, and it means that Donald Trump has worked an economic deal out with the cartel for the bubble rapine of America.

For once, there are people in this world who are in a worse place than I am. To know that you are a person of interest of the deep state which is monitoring everything you do in order to deal with you, as McCabe, Strzok and Page are, that is a most uncomfortable situation as all one can do is surrender to the cartel in simply telling them, "Whatever you decide I will do", because that is the only way out as your life was paid for in 30 pieces of silver and you will do whatever is required to protect the deep state system.

I wonder if Reince Priebus has the balls to send Andrew McCabe a stuffed pink pig toy that squeals for what McCabe pulled on Priebus.