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Watch out what the Shapiro Asks for In Russiagate.......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a great deal of fondness for the Liberty Daily, as they provide the pro American propaganda as it should be gleaned for the Citizen in their links, compared to the Christian hating Matt Drudge website, who helped destroy the innocent Christian of Alabama in Judge Roy Moore, by stealing an election from him.
That is why it puzzles me in how such a fine site as Liberty Daily, keeps putting links up to Ben Shapiro and Jonah Goldberg, two of the nastiest #NeverTrumpers of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

To explain modern paid journalism, it is Rupert Murdoch telling Chris Wallace and Shep Smith to be pro Republican, until the situation changes, and then Wallace and Smith are all pro Obama against John McCain and Sarah Palin, with Shep coming out of the closet as a militant fag against Donald Trump.

As someone who wrote the Trump time line by God's Grace, when everyone thought he did not have a chance, I paid attention to the paid trolls, as there were hosts of them and they are nasty ass putrid pricks, whether it was Erick Erickson, William Kristol, Glenn Beck, Jonah Goldberg and little Ben Shapiro.
The best entertainment I had in 2016 was reading the Alt Right trolling Shapiro. It was hilarious it was in perfect Margaret Thatcher debate.

Those days though from July to August the media literally shut down in Trump stories. In that period, that fag at Gateway Pundit, the Lame Cherry and the links Jeff Rense provided on his site were the only content for Donald Trump to keep his narrative alive. One of the nastiest against Donald Trump was Ben Shapiro in this conspiracy against Donald Trump, and I do not use that word conspiracy lightly, as there was a paid deep state operation, with intelligence connections, from Bush fam and the GOPliters, with the neocon Jews smearing Donald Trump daily.
 Right Wing News, which bit the dust was one of the worst sites in featuring Romney slams against Trump and  thee most pissy stories attacking Donald Trump, calling for him to quit and you do remember the "draft a new candidate in that 100 days operation" to deny Donald Trump the nomination.
Mark Levin to his credit, listened to Sean Homo Hannity and finally got on board, but these others were pure poison to election day, and they were most happy to elect Doug Jones in Alabama the baby butcher, just like electing Hillary Clinton would teach you Christians and Conservatives a lesson to never put up a Reaganesque candidate again.

By God's Grace Donald Trump was victorious with the cover of the DIA, whose Junta has now overthrown the presidency, but that is a slightly different issue, as it comes to Ben Shapiro now crowing about people being fired and going to jail over the coup from within the Justice Department, led by FBI Director James Comey, Loretta Lynch as AG and now Deputy AG, Rob Rosenstein.

'PEOPLE WILL GO TO JAIL': #ReleaseTheMemo Trends As Republicans Call For Releasing 'SHOCKING' Classified Memo Showing 'FISA Abuses' In Russian Collusion Investigation

Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images
On Thursday, Republican members of the House took to Twitter to call for the release of a classified intelligence memo they say could blow the lid off the Russian collusion investigation.

The above story really startles me, as it is the smirking skunk in the hen house sucking eggs, calling the other cats skunks in Ben Shapiro, because if you listened to Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida and Sara Carter of her own network, they were not just speaking about the criminal traitors at Justice Department on Sean Homo Hannity's radio program. What both of them were speaking about was the collusion between the leakers at Justice and specific reporters who were driving these smears against Donald Trump.

You really need to absorb that point, because attempting to destroy Donald Trump, needed a megaphone of the media who were cooperating in this coup in order to drive the public into a furor as cover to lynch Donald Trump, which in other words according to Gaetz and Carter, those in the media are guilty of crimes to be prosecuted as those conspirators at Justice.

This is the astounding part of this story as Peggy Noonan got away with stabbing Republicans in the back at Wall Street Journal in endorsing Obama in 2008 in that election theft, and now Ben Shapiro for his 30 pieces of silver and his deep state protection, thinks he has that same cover, but the reality is Ben Shapiro is a #NeverTrumper. He was paid to post thee most heinous smears against Donald Trump, to go on Twitter to smear the Alt  Right as racists and anti semites, as an extension of what James Comey and Rob Rosenstein were engaged in for Hillary Clinton and the deep state. There is absolutely no doubt about any of this in the outlets from National Review to Huffington Post are all deep state Mockingbird operations to manipulate the public's attention, and in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, Ben Shapiro was one of thee most public and heinous conspirators against America. He was every bit the equal of William Kristol and Jonah Goldberg in the "right wing press".
Donald Trump received ZERO positive press except from the sources I named. In radio, Donald Trump had Mark Levin savaging him, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Homo Hannity were taking kickbacks from Ted Cruz so there was not a positive media spin for Mr. Trump, as either there was silence or savagery.

This coup against Donald Trump is not just Justice Department criminals. They were the operational logistics of it. There was the press involved in this and Ben Shapiro is even more guilty than a Chris Matthews, because Shapiro was taking the lucre to sabotage Donald Trump among his own base. When a person is hired to file hit pieces, whether it is Russians paying it or whether it is fag billionaires set up in a Karl Rove hedge fund money laundering scheme or whether it is the CIA it is CRIMINAL ELECTION TAMPERING in High Treason.
The old excuse of the Nazi's being smeared in they were just following orders was rejected long ago. While I have the utmost compassion on an Evelyn Farcas who was lied to and caught up in the Pissgate rumors in the sewer press of Kurt Eichenwald, who is another conspirator in this who must be visited by the FBI in the coming investigation, Ms. Farcas was deluded for Obama, while Ben Sharpiro knew exactly what poison he was sowing against America in a Donald Trump defeat by assisting Hillary Clinton in an election theft.

This goes even beyond the Justice Department and Mockingbird media, to the Trump Trans going after Trump Loyalists and Christians, namely Chris Christie and his associates first, leaking against Trump cabinet members in the innocent Mike Flynn and onto the not ready for prime time Reince Priebus, who were both replaced with Obama voter Herbert McMaster and John Kelly who have a Junta coup operating in the White House trying to stop the implementation of the 2016 election in starting nuclear wars and establishing amnesty in foreign  rape cock to genocide Americans.

This only begins with Justice prosecutions of these conspirators. It will require a Robes Pierre to see this through to the deep recesses and when the push back comes to triple down and haul out the Soros financiers who think they are above the law. The best thing Donald Trump could do is apprehend Soros, dump him in Hungary and let those people prosecute and execute that nation rapist. In seeing this through, it means the FBI taking Ben Shapiro and his entire band of poison propagandists on the charges of High Treason, to the next step in arresting Herbert McMaster and every deep state troll who has been establishing Obama's 3rd term instead of Donald Trump's first term.

That is why I am astounded that Ben Shapiro is posting on subjects of high crimes and arrests, when if one follows the money trail, it leads to the employers of Ben Shapiro and Ben Shapiro was following goosestep orders to implement the deep state coup against Donald Trump and the American electoral system. That is treason, and there is absolutely no excuse as there was not any excuse at Nuremberg.

As Matt Gaetz noted, there is a cancer in the American government. That cancer though metastasized into the high crimes of the media in the Right Wing in America where the real treachery spread like a plague to the body politic. The firings and arrests of those at Justice are just a beginning. There are democrats like Adam Schiff and republicons like John McCain who are complicit in this high treason in politics, there are judges who are making ludicrous findings against the President, there are those in the press fostering 25th Amendment treachery, and those in the press who were part of the original #NeverTrump operation who are guilty and are now embedded trying to hide like the Nazi who put on Jew prison clothes at the work camps to escape.
Until the day that you see Ben Shapiro arraigned, until the day that you see George Soros taken into custody for terrorism, until the day you see Herbert McMaster and John Kelly led out in cuffs by the FBI for charges of high treason, nothing will have been accomplished in this, as the conspirators are still in place for a time to subvert America again.

This blog advocated for a series of Judge Advocate Generals to prosecute all of the above conspirators in a People's Court across America. It is time for Donald Trump with the cover of this memo exposing the corruption in the Justice Department to appoint men like Sheriff Joe Apriao and Judge  Roy Moore to lead these courts, as they are men who will execute Justice for the American People, as this is the last opportunity for America, as Trumpnesty is coming and Americans will not longer exist in 20 years after this.

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