Monday, January 29, 2018

In Trump, we Trust

Donald Trump is really smart, I mean like a smart genius, so genius
that you can't understand it, as he is so genius smart...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Trump Trolls are wearing thin in their constant Cuckservitude Treehose refrains that all of you are too stupid to understand what Donald Trump is doing on amnesty, as refrained as of late by the asstard of trolls in Bill Mitchell.

For a refresher course in this, we were all Trump Trolled over Trump's beautiful chocolate cake at Mar Largo in being told that The Don was so far advanced of us in getting China to deal with North Korea, and the Lame Cherry called it for bull shit and the Lame Cherry and others were absolutely right in China played Trump like a cheap violin, so 2017 AD in the year of our Lord was WASTED by the Trump genius in his DIA trolls of Herbert McMaster ad John Kelly in finding a resolution on North Korea.

Bill Mitchell is still sucking the cuck in this as part of this Kushner media that all things Trump are coming up roses. Here are the top five Trust Trump, which has F*CKED Americans over.

Trust me Americans in I will mine coal and drill for oil, the end result is Trump sold our coal and oil to Eurasia and American energy prices are skyrocketing while the Wall Street few gain billions more and American poor are billions more.

Trust me Donald said he was pro wildlife conservation, and this past day he savaged not only his sons, but all American Conservation efforts set down by Teddy Roosevelt as a "horror show.

Trust me Donald promised us that no one under 50,000 dollars would pay income tax, but all the tax breaks went to Jew Street and Donald Trump is taxing do the last dollar in the poor.

Trust me Donald said  we would have peace with Russia, and yet Donald Trump can not poke a stick in Russia's eye often enough in new sanctions.

Trust me Don, assured us Merry Christmas would be heard, but when designating religion in America, Donald Trump did not even mention Christ.

In those few examples, which also does not include Donald Trump taking out Roy Moore in Alabama, leaving the Bundy's rotting in jail in Nevada, to not mentioning Christ in his official prayer day, we are told now to trust Donald again on Amnesty for criminals when his Goddamn coward staff will not even go on Laura Ingraham's Show to tell voters what the hell they are scheming about again.

Donald Trump has proven a man, who has perfected the fine art of the used car dealer, the snake oil salesman and the street hustler. When Donald Trump tells you something, every time you will regret buying his line, drinking his cocktails and believing the pea is under the shell. Donald Trump has done absolutely nothing for Americans, and it all filters back to the Goldman Sachs globalists who are making billions of dollars off of these Trump deals.

All I wanted was my taxes cut, but that will not happen as taxes drop 3% while Trumpflation is going up 10%.
All I wanted was Obamacare gone, but that does not happen until 2019 AD in the year of our Lord, so I am stuck with that extra effort again in costing me more money making copies of bills to prove I am poor.
All I wanted was, I don't even remember what it was, as all I remember now is I got screwed over by Donald Trump again, again and again, and I would not believe Donald Trump if he told me my name was Lame Cherry at this point.

The Art of the Deal for Americans is supposed to be so AMERICANS get the cheap energy, Americans get the jobs, Americans get the good health care, Americans get their traditions protected, but Donald Trump is nothing but dealing artfully with America's Majority  to benefit the feudal few.

I do not regret voting for Donald Trump in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, but I regret that he is nothing but another lying politician in 2017 AD onwards.

- Lame Cherry

Trust Donald Trump? I did in 2016 and he has done nothing but shatter that trust from election night onward.

Perhaps Trump Troll Bill Mitchell, would answer what kind of President promises the parents of murdered and raped American children by DACA Mexicans, that there will be no deal to get their votes in 2016, and from that point on Donald Trump emotionally rapes these families over this issue.
Perhaps Bill Mitchell can provide a defense for Donald Trump that does not sound sadistic, callous, uncaring in not taking into account injured American families being used as pawns, while their dead children are buried in the ground.

What kind of man is Donald Trump in he engages in politics like this in reinjuring families with dead children?

Perhaps someone would answer that question, as Donald Trump certainly is not, his amnesty staff is not, Sean Homo Hannity is not asking that question of his good friend Donald Trump and the cartoon character of Bill Mitchell DOES NOT HAVE EMPATHY WITH AMERICANS that it even occurs to him that his president is engaging in thee most contemptible of policies.

In Trump we trust........distrust, mistrust, do not trust.

- Lame Cherry

**Addendum from the Tiger Lily-- Other issues directly showing President Trump's liberal actions compared to Candidate Trump's conservative words that have passed by the wayside:

1) All the globalist things Trump signed the United States up for during the G-20 summit in July 2017-- the Paris Climate Accords (which we're not going to be out of until 2020 thanks to the White House agreeing to abide by the "rules" previously agreed upon) are just one tiny hole in that giant globalist dyke of both promised taxpayer money and implemented "diversity".

2) Wide-open legal immigration. Visa cap exemptions in various fields all across the economic spectrum, including agriculture, research, education, healthcare, etc, have been implemented by the Trump Administration without the president lifting a finger to stop it like he promised he would.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Parscale or whoever is running the president's candidate policy page pulled the policy off his donaldjtrump website... but it's been archived here, for those of you that care to remind yourselves what Trump's positions used to be before he was elected on those positions.

3) Giving $50 million dollars of taxpayer money away like it's candy to the World Bank for Ivanka's pet "women entrepreneurs" initiative. You know, because throwing hard-earned money at other countries for free while neglecting our own Forgotten Men and Women is what this country is all about.

4) Appropriating $200 million dollars of taxpayer money for increasing "gender and diversity" in STEM fields, which is going to go to the children of people in the above issue #2. Why? See issue #1 above.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled propagandizing. #MAGA

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