Thursday, February 15, 2018

A White Supremacist Florida Shooter

This is not Nikolas Cruz. This is Ben Shapiro

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Little did the Lame Cherry realize that when it in satire noted that the Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz looked like a twin of Ben Shapiro, that the two do have a link in seeking to suppress politics which were not  their own.

What was remarkable in this, is the Shapiro calling Nikolas Cruz a black Jew. Remember in this, that Shapiro with Jonah Goldberg and William Kristol are #NeverTrumpers who pulled ever dirty trick online to destroy Donald Trump, going to the extent of trying to elect Hillary Clinton "so they could be right", but here is Shapiro ragging on the Alt Right online as the evil which is incarnate in this world, when he is the guilt behind all of this, as it was Ben Shapiro who has done nothing but get into bitch slap fights on Twitter for two years with people on the Alt Right.

Second, the tenor of our politics has become increasingly hostile. That means that there are Sanders-supporting extremists who will shoot up Congressional softball games, and there are apparently Trump-supporting extremists who will shoot up high schools. The perception of our neighbors as our enemies, particularly thanks to polarized media coverage, isn’t helping things.

If one remembers the facts, it was Ben Shapiro who tag teamed with another Jew this past month against Christian Paul Nehlen when Nehlen said it was ok to be White. This set off another round where Ben Shapiro slandered the Lord Christ, by calling Him a Jew, when Jesus was defined as a Galilean and the term Jew was designated as the political establishment carrying out repression, beatings and murder for the Roman regime.

Just look at what Ben Shapiro rages on his site at the Daily Wire, which is FUNDED BY two Billionaire Christians, in his race hatred against Whites.

Third, intersectional politics of race has skyrocketed on all sides over the past several years, driving sad-sack young white men to justify bigotry by claiming “white solidarity.”

Transfer what Ben Shapiro just posted about Whites onto Blacks and see if you then understand that hatred in this propagandist:

driving stupid lazy young black men to justify bigotry by claiming "black lives matter".

Do you understand the pariah that Shapiro is, and in his last statement of hate speech, in which he is once again not approaching this in a way to understand the tensions in society, Ben Shapiro goes in and throws a Molotov Bentail onto the raging fire.

Something is deeply sick in our society right now. That sickness can only be healed when we stop seeing each other as the enemy. But that sickness seems unlikely to heal in the current environment, where everyone who disagrees is supposedly a dire threat to your way of life — and where the sickest members of our society imbibe that poison, and spew out death. 

Ben Shapiro is that sickness and this is coming from a Tweet bigot who engineered the progression of events which got Paul Nehlen banned. Remember what Nehlen did, he responded to Shapiro in Jesus identity, to which Shapiro smeared him for his white kind, then Nehlen reposted a photo of Prince Harry and the leftist he is marrying with Cheddar Man's head on her body, along with pointing out that Ashkenaz elitists have been the ones behind the porn industry, EXPLOITING their own Jews in sex films, like Harvey Weinstein.

For this Shapiro got Paul Nehlen silenced, and now Ben Shapiro goes on a Christian funded website smearing White people who were not like him in hating Donald Trump.

Whoever this half breed Nikolas Cruz is, his father died, his mother died, he was adopted and has been having psychological problems for the past few years, which begins with this entire American society which has voided Jesus the Christ from being in the hearts and minds of this culture in a Gospel of redemption, dignity and peace.

Frankly after what Ben Shapiro posted, any future violence at schools should bring massive lawsuits against his Christian backers as this politics of hate is not of Ronald Reagan, is not of Conservatives and is the stuff of Talmudic mud people doctrines which have the elite of Jewry walling off Philistines into ghettos, while walling off religious Jews on the right into their own West Bank ghettos.

The disgusting thing of this is there are wonderful journalists as in Aaron Klein who has always reported any story correctly without being incendiary, and then there is this chronic agitator in Ben Shapiro who defines not the problem of why Americans in all groups feel isolated and cut off and seeks not a proper realignment of society for the American Dream. Shapiro sows hatred while Sean  Homo Hannity today was telling us that we need weapon carrying ex military in our schools. The Lame Cherry states America needs none of that, but instead needs a return to Christ and a President in the White House who keeps his promises and gives people a belief that tomorrow will be better for every American and that those behind Antifa will face criminal charges in legal indictment, not more Shapiro hate speech offending people who are already upset.

It needs to be asked, why did Ben Shapiro post a piece knowingly which will alienate more people and make them reach for more weapons?

I listened to the arraignment of Nikolas Cruz. He was absolutely polite to the Judge. This person understands authority and respect, but has been injured and sees everything taken from him in his father dying when he  was younger, and his mother dying the past few months. That is not a White Supremacist as Ben Shapiro and the left are ranting about to destroy people who they do not like, but that is a teenager who got pushed over the edge by the rhetoric against Donald Trump the past two years, which was generated by Ben Shapiro.

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