Thursday, February 15, 2018

Who does one believe Ben Shapiro or the Florida Police

Nikolas Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After the racist diatribe of throwing fuel on a the raging fire of the shooting in Florida by Nikolas Cruz by Ben Shapiro, where Shapiro was smearing White people and linking Cruz to White Supremacists, a little fact came out from the Florida Police in stating  that they had no such evidence.

However, asked whether Cruz was linked to white supremacists, the sheriff said on February 15, “That’s not confirmed at this time. We’ve heard that. We’re looking into that.” Authorities conducted a gun trace. A representative of the ATF said the firearm was purchased lawfully just short of a year ago in the State of Florida. According to the sheriff, the shooter bought the gun at a dealer in Coral Springs, Florida called Sunrise Tactical.

Jordan Jareb

See this all is sourced from the Jordan Jereb group and other "children" as sources, but here is a quote from from the group stating where Cruz obtained his weapon from, as in pointing the finger at themselves as a group who sold weapons to a mass murderer.

An ROF leader later told the Associated Press and Daily Beast that Cruz was a member and claims Cruz received a rifle from another person affiliated with the militia.

But here is the ATF facts in the history of this AR 15:

A representative of the ATF said the firearm was purchased lawfully just short of a year ago in the State of Florida. According to the sheriff, the shooter bought the gun at a dealer in Coral Springs, Florida called Sunrise Tactical.

So the White Supremacists have been lying and feeding information to the ADL which is apparently what Ben Shapiro took as gospel and went hate speech on White people on the Daily Wire, which is funded by Texas billionaire Christians.

The Anti-Defamation League wrote on its website that it has information that Nikolas Cruz might have been involved in a white supremacist militia group called Republic of Florida, even participating in its training exercises.


 Comic Sam Hyde

Do you remember Sam Hyde? The character that the Alt Right kept spoofing the press with in shootings? What this looks like is Ben Shapiro after going holocaust on Paul Nehlen and the Alt Right, looks like he was trolled and this time a group of Florida boys played the ADL knowing they were ready to bite on it.

This has to play out yet, but do you think any group is going to admit to selling weapons against the law to a mass shooter where they will end up in prison? That is why the stories are not coming out straight, is because they are being manufactured, for the expressed purpose of being fed to leftist media and their Ben Shapiro trolls who just went toxic shock syndrome.

A White Supremacist Florida Shooter

This is not Nikolas Cruz. This is Ben Shapiro

For the record, Ben Shapiro should be immediately fired by the Wilks brothers who employ this hateful racist. They are supposed to be Christians, but what Shapiro engaged in today was criminal, in he just yelled fire in a crowded theater, meaning Shapiro again picked a fight with the Alt Right, and knowing some are unbalanced, if they go postal, the Wilks Brothers are open to lawsuits by the families.
The Wilks Brothers just might be on this civil suit list, as Ben Shapiro has been goading the Alt Right for almost 2 years, just got Paul Nehlen banned from Twitter after setting him up, and now Shapiro verbal slapped these same people in blaming them for the Florida shooting. That is libel and with the correct attorneys the Wilks brothers and Ben Shapiro are going to be divested of all their wealth by a jury of their peers.

All of us should be implementing as the Lame Cherry has advocated in a return to Christ and finding proper historical outlets for American youth to engage in positive releases of their frustrations. The need to stop antagonizing people who should be given hope again in the American Dream is what all should be engaged in and the Ben Shapiro's should be called out for their making the situation worse in their bigotry, racism and hatred.

As this blog warned in an earlier post, we need to have the investigators sort this out in the facts, and not jump to conclusions of Shapiro prejudice in #NeverTrumperism, because the Police are indicating the White Supremacists were not being factual, and we know for certain they lied about this weapon.
Those lies certainly got a Florida group national attention and it certainly exposed the hate of Ben Shapiro, as if this was all by design.

The only thing which will save the Wilks  family fortune is denouncing Ben Shapiro and removing him from the  Daily Wire, because this violence now links to them. It is what happens when you did not get over being beaten by Donald Trump and you get suckered by Shylock Shapiro who just found a new way to use your money in getting sued in court.

Whatever the case in this, the Wilks family needs to order Ben Shapiro to apologize to the 4Channers and the Alt Right for his heinous racist attacks upon them in his hate speech over this issue.

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