Friday, February 16, 2018

Where do Romney's go to Die

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Many are wondering about the nethers of Willard Romney in Trump intrigue to replace that old sod chum of pervert Teddy Kennedy in Orrin Hatch.....who Mark Levin got re elected last time around, but this time Orrin is out and Mitt is being the replacement fossil in Mormon land.

Romney, who is 70, is seeking to replace 83-year-old Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch, who is retiring after more than 40 years in the U.S. Senate.
The former Massachusetts governor moved to Utah after losing the 2012 presidential election. He is considered the overwhelming favorite to win the Senate contest.
In Utah, Romney is remembered for turning around the scandal-plagued 2002 Winter Olympics.

Yes what kind of trouble could Mitt Romney give Donald Trump in the Senate when the Senate is already overflowing with traitors.

So Romney is about as old as Orrin Hatch's pubic hairs and as grey. How much can a 70 year old Mormon cause really? It is like you got John McCain cancer now topped by a Romney tumor, so what can a tumor do that a cancer has already done?

I looked up Willard's Mexican sexing parents and I see the old man died at 88, so Mitt probably has 2 good terms in him, but we all know that Mitt is looking for a 2020 loss of Trump or a 2024 run, which puts Willard at 76 years old on this old trombone to try and be President. Remember now  that Romney could not finish off Obama in 2012 AD in the year of our Lord, so how can he be expected to cross the deadline alive next time around.
I mean is 2024 going to be Hillary coughing up lungs again and Mitt wearing depends for his prostate cancer?

I figure the Senate is the place Romney is going to die. I figured Mormons went other places to die, but then again Mitt returned to the roost to be among his own people, but as Mormons are boring, big east Mitt for Detroit and Boston is looking to be around his own liberal kind again in the Senate. Yes you can just see Mitt and Mitch doing toe wrestling in the hot tub as they chant, "Let them eat hot tubs!!!"

I suppose being a loser that one goes home to Utah, where the election is stacked against your opponent like Xi running in Peking and you get into the Senate to do all the things Mormons loathe like Orrin Hatch has been engaged in.

I guess it will not be so bad dying in the Senate. John McCain will probably be dead by then as cancer agrees with him, and old age does not. So McCain will be lying in state for awhile and Romney when he goes will be sort of like the happy ending. Probably be the tabernacle choir and other Mormon things to entertain as dignitaries like the Putin would not come.........then there is Kim Jong he won't come either.......Jimmy he won't come either, but I am sure there will be lots to enjoy like .........I don't know how Mormons enjoy themselves, other than sex, as man them Mormon men all got hot wives and have like 300 children, but I don't think necrophilia will be part of the program, but I have never been to Mormon state funeral, but I did hear that seagulls came once and ate grasshoppers in a plague, so maybe they might have a parakeet saying "What a guy", as it perches on Mitt's casket.

Well that is about it in this Romney eulogy. Not many people are rich enough to buy a state, con Mormons to elect you so you get a free state funeral. I don't see a great deal of benefit in changing one fossil for another dinosaur, but then I was not born in Mexico and snuck back into Texas pretending I lov's fd America.

I don't know though if Romney is playing this right as with McCain, there are real show stoppers like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, HW Bush, George and then that image Obama ......hell Hillary Clinton will want her rotunda view too, in I fear that America will have so many funerals that no one will care if Mitt sticks around or for that matter exits by the Senate.

I can see why Mormons would vote for Romney in getting him out of their state as they do have standards, and they have limits as saving the Olympics does not have the luster it had a few years ago.

So that is Mitt Romney's future plans, sitting in hot tubs with Mitch  McConnell playing toe tag.

Say I wonder if Mitch was told that he has to take orders from Mitch and that Mitt will be  the junior Senator from a nothing state as other senators from nothing states will be getting Hatch's posts.  Not much glamour in being low guy on a totem of traitors.

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