Saturday, February 17, 2018

When #NeverTrumpers Went Too Far

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Liberty Daily posted the following headline on Friday concerning the Florida school shooting and it requires an examination in this, as the Lame Cherry was the exclusive in matter anti matter which first alerted everyone that something was amiss on the reporting of Nicolas Cruz being connected to the Alt Right, more precisely connecting Cruz to Donald Trump in Making America Great Again, and in that connecting Nikolas Cruz to the publishers of Liberty Daily to smear them along with all Christian Conservatives.

 This is something that Liberty Daily and all Christian Conservatives must be aware of as there has been for the past two years an operation of linking groups on the right to the old smears of racism and anti semitism, and that expanded in a complete operation to smear Christians as pedophiles in the slanderous lies concerning the innocent Judge Roy Moore.
In all of this there are patterns, just as the pattern was to get Donald Trump and if one examines the like qualities of the smears in Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and yes Paul Nehlen as he does matter in this as a crucial link and now what took place in the fake news of Nikolas Cruz, one name keeps popping up, and that is Ben Shapiro, now of the Texas Christian Wilks brothers out of Texas who fund the Daily Wire.

This blog has stated that what Paul Nehlen was engaged in was trolling on Twitter. He was outing the fakes in the right, and in this Ben Shapiro with another Jew  took it upon themselves to start a Jesus was a Jew fight on Twitter, and in this, this became a reality of the dripping venom of Shapiro in hating White Christians, which led to Twitter banning Nehlen.

Yesterday in reading the reports on Nikolas Cruz, as this blog was leading the way again, as to what the headlines are now of the reason America has these shootings is our children do not have Christ in their homes and they have absolutely no protection from assault as if they ask for help they are  either put on meds or locked up in juvie, that the normal Leave it to Beaver solutions have vanished and some teenagers are taken in by Antifa rhetoric and the end result is murderous violence. But I knew something was wrong immediately in the narrative when I began reading reports which were different from what Ben Shapiro was smearing 4Channers with, as he linked the Alt Right to Nikolas Cruz in the worst racist spew in media in years as covered by this blog.
The stories conflicted in Republic of Florida was saying they sold the gun to Cruz, which no one would admit to, and the ATF traced the firearm to a gun dealer, along with Police stating there was not any association between Cruz and ROF. Whenever one sees different stories, there are lies involved and that means someone is up to something.

This is surmising, but the 4Channers have a history of spoofing and the ROF decided a day after the event to have someone phone up the ADL and tell them what they wanted to hear that this Cruz was a Trump supporter, was from the Alt Right, was training with the Republic of Florida, and they began spoofing on 4Chan, KNOWING THAT THE ADL AND SHAPIRO MONITOR ALL POSTS THERE, ALONG WITH THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER.

When the ADL phoned up the ROF, the leader confirmed everything in trolling them, and others repeated the same lie the ADL wanted to hear to get the Alt Right and Donald Trump, and posted it on their site, and their conduit in Christian media, Ben Shapiro bit hard, and posted on a news site a screed which was racist, bigoted, inflammatory hate speech, smearing an innocent group in the 4Channers and Alt Right as Shapiro thought he had the smoking gun.

The ROF trolled these leftists in a perfect operation. They never lied to the police and when asked, they simply said they were "confused" as to who they were being asked about. It was a platform to gain them exposure and to expose the frauds who are stalking people on the right in America, and that includes Ben Shapiro who posts his pablum to the right to sucker people, and the first opportunity he gets he goes after Donald Trump an the Alt Right.

Remember in this that Ben Shapiro was part of the Jew Triad of #NeverTrumpers in Jonah Goldberg of the CIA National Review, William Kristol of the Neocons and Shapiro who got plugged into the Steve Bannon Brietbart DIA operation, was fired, went leftist media, and then ended up suckering the Wilks brothers in Texas who are Ted Cruz supporters, as Shapiro was sent in to shepherd Cruz in the media, for Cruz' fall to Jeb Bush in the original docudrama to be replaced by sweaty Marco Rubio.

If you look at the attacks on the Alt Right, Paul Nehlen, 4Chan and Donald Trump, it all has one viral source and that is the #NeverTrumpers, and Ben Shapiro is embedded at the DailyWire looking to acquire fake Glenn Beck's platform of the Blaze to resurrect what looks to be an impeachment campaign against Donald Trump if they can get enough democrats elected in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord.

The President should be well aware of what Ben Shapiro is engaged in, as he just linked a Florida murder spree to Donald Trump again in "Trump's Alt Right" who Shapiro defines in the most race hate speech against Whites.

This is organized and Shapiro is the pimp in this for this sleeper movement as the Wilks want revenge, so they hired Shapiro, who has been busy protecting Paul Ryan in stalking Paul Nehlen to silence him. For those who think Paul Nehlen does not matter, he matters because he has been trolling these groups exposing them, and it matters because this group just silenced an American on  Twitter  with Texas Evangelical billions used against an American Christian in Wisconsin.

After the incendiary hate piece on the Daily Wire which Ben Shapiro did not issue an apology or retraction, the rest of the responsible media, led by Gorilla Mike Cernovich called bullshit on this, but instead named CBS as the source, when the source in this was the ADL and Ben Shapiro is the one who stoked tensions for further violence against children, all the while smearing White Christian America and Donald Trump again.

Legally, Ben Shapiro on Thursday, February 15th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, linked all 4Channers and the Alt Right to the Florida shooter. While not naming the President, the links were all through media that this was one of Trump's Make America Great Again supporters. There is the legal reality in this that a Larry Klayman could file a billion dollar lawsuit on behalf of 4Chan and the Alt Right, against the Wilks brothers of Texas, the Daily Wire and Ben Shapiro, as the Wilks brothers did not disavow their editor nor did they fire Shapiro.
So each of you get this, #NeverTrumper billionaires in Texas, are giving Ben Shapiro carte blanche to destroy Americans like Paul Nehlen and they just engaged in a civil rights violation of the 4Channers by smearing them in the worst sort of defamation and slander.
If Larry Klayman would file his lawsuit in the proper venue, he would win this case easily, and if Donald Trump has the intelligence to utilize this incident, he could neutralize one of the most festering and rancid platforms on the internet which is designed to turn on Donald Trump in an impeachment at the first opportunity.

What Ben Shapiro engaged in was absolutely without human decency. He descended into the same Nazi rhetoric of "rat Jews" of the 1930's as he spewed racial hatred and dehumanized White people on the pages of the Daily Wire. Ben Shapiro is absolutely not any different in what he did than what Kurt Eichenwald was engaged in at Newsweek in the fake Russian dossier smearing Donald Trump, as Shapiro took fake information at the ADL and joined the Daily Wire to all of the leftist hate America media outlets, because Ben Shapiro hates the White people on 4Chan.

driving sad-sack young white men to justify bigotry by claiming “white solidarity.”

Those are Shapiros own words in cleverly calling White people "Niggers" as the White Solidarity is linked to Black Solidarity, and the sad sack young white men are the polite version of the racial epitaph CRACKER, whose Black linkage is lazy niggers.

Consider the depravity of what Ben Shapiro engaged in, in a like incident in the assassination of Martin Luther King. When Bobby Kennedy rose to spoke to calm Black communities, no one was screaming at him like Jim Acosta did Donald Trump in this speech, and no one was in the role of Ben Shapiro posting that lazy niggers were the problem and they deserved it because they were stupid.
What Ben Shapiro did and what he has been engaged in, is cyber bullying of 4Channers and Paul Nehlen for years, and on the day that emotions were high, Ben Shapiro weaponized his keyboard to attack these White people, to get a reaction out of them, and that reaction would be more violence.
That is a crime and not just a civil lawsuit.

For the #NeverTrumpers in the Wilks brothers, their vendetta against Donald Trump has brought them to this. They hired Ben Shapiro, have not monitored what he has been engaged in, in inflaming America, and now with the Florida shooting, their pet Jew, and yes they hired Ben Shapiro because he was Jewish and the Christian Right thinks that if they keep Jews around as pets and give them money that God will love them more, that their pet just chewed up the kids in the neighborhood and now the Wilks brothers should be facing  Jeff Sessions inquiry from the Justice Department for this terrorism as their pet just linked the murder of children to President Donald Trump by deliberate coup design.

As Sean Homo Hannity states, he does not want anyone silenced, nor do I no matter how much I do not agree with what they are saying, because it is better that people are venting on a keyboard than making bombs or loading weapons to vent. There is a difference though in what Ben Shapiro has been engaged in, as it is silencing Americans who have the right to believe whatever they want to believe be it Louis Farahkahn or Tony Perkins. It is when the lines are crossed in Birther Hussein organizing a coup against Donald Trump to undo an election or Ben Shapiro and George Soros going into Wisconsin to silence a political voice of Paul Nehlen, that is where the criminal lines are crossed.
Americas is about the written word of ideals, and the public gathering of debating those ideals, where the public then votes on those ideas in candidates they agree with. When that process is interfered with in people no longer feel empowered, that is what creates Black kids shooting each other in Chicago or a White kid in Florida shooting more children.

In a society of so many elite thinking they are the smartest people on the planet to decide how everyone should exist, it continues to amaze me how easily Russians trolled Adam Schiff and how easily the Republic of Florida trolled the ADL. All that is required apparently is to tell the smart people what they want to hear, and have some kid confirm it, and these smart people will make criminal fools of themselves.
It must be stressed in this, that the Anti Defamation League nor CBS engaged in hate speech. The ADL was trolled and reported what they were told. It was Ben Shapiro who crossed the legal lines in engaging in incendiary rhetoric which he was well aware would bring a response from 4Chan as Ben Shapiro has been paid to troll them for years, and his last project got Paul Nehlen banned.
That is the problem in this, which must be addressed by the Department of Justice and perhaps Larry Klayman in a civil suit, as the reality is there were real people murdered in Florida who had families who were in mourning, and Ben Shapiro's words could have triggered them to go out and shoot these White people of the Alt Right.
As the Wilks brothers are too invested as #NeverTrumpers to reign in their pet attack dog, perhaps if enough embarrassing press is produced the Wilks brothers will reassess who they are handing money out to, as there is absolutely not any difference in Muslim billionaires handing out money to ISIS propaganda blaming Jews for violence in the Mideast than in the Wilks brothers handing out money to Ben Shapiro to blame White Christians for murderous rampages in Florida.

When you have a problem with Trump policy, you refute the policy, you do not smear the President or innocent people just because you hate them.

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