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Funeral for a CIA Director

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 When Ronald Reagan's CIA Director died from brain cancer, Nancy Reagan expected a nice funeral, but when they got there, they were kept waiting for a half hour as the Casey family with the Catholic Bishop were late.
Richard Nixon remarked that Eisenhower hated funerals as he was sitting with the Reagans.

What followed was the Bishop rose, but  instead of eulogizing William Casey and comforting the family, the Bishop went Latin Liberation, the leftist theology which Barack Obama was raised in, in Jesuit Black Liberation and listed all the things that he  disagreed with Bill  Casey on in Latin America.

One must understand that the Vatican likes Latin America, where they rule over banana republics and all the peons obey the dictator padres who live like kings, as all that money flows to Rome. This is what Donald Trump is turning America into, in the seething soul of Black Obama in Tan Islam which will rip America apart.

UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick, one of the finest Conservative minds of the day was to rise and eulogize Mr. Casey, but as Mrs. Reagan remembered, Kirkpatrick was busy taking notes thee entire time the Bishop ranted on, and when Kirkpatrick rose she scorched the Bishop with facts and in the end the congregation applauded.
It was a shameful leftist diatribe a a funeral meant for a family to comfort them, and it ended with General Vernon Walters sending his own scorching letter to the Bishop and a copy to the Vatican.

Most people have no idea that Ronald Reagan, with John Paul of the Vatican, with Saudi money and the real heroes in the fall of the Iron Curtain in the marchers of Christian Protestant Lutherans behind that curtain in protest is what brought down the Soviet Union. It was a complete policy and I post below a fine explanation in what Bill Casey outlined and engaged in for the liberation of hundreds of millions of people. This is important, because in the below White Paper outline, you will notice that none of the Bush, Clinton and Obama policies engaged in any of these necessary means, and if one examines Donald Trump with his Junta boys of Herbert McMaster and John Kelly with Mad Dong Mattis bombing ISIS to new locations, that the necessary measures to deal with and defeat American enemies from Iran, to North Korea, to China ARE NOT part of American policy.

 You must keep this in mind in Bill Casey was a American, and what Donald Trump has been engaged in, is GLOBALISM CONFLICT FOR CARTEL PROFIT FROM THEIR CABAL.

 William J. Casey was one of the most historically important statesmen in the modern history of the United States.  His contributions to the conduct of the Cold War were among the most creative and strategic factors leading to the defeat of Soviet communism and the liberation of millions of people enslaved behind the Iron Curtain

In reviewing the following list, it is simply  a matter of using oil as a weapon to drop prices in Reagan Deflation which deprived the Soviet Union and here allies of necessary hard currency to fund revolution and fund their Cold War military build up.

The next step was funding armed resistance of real groups who wanted freedom in having them do the fighting, and not America. America is now doing all of the fighting and dying by design.

Propaganda was vital in this, in America having the Reagan high moral ground, with the Soviet's the evil empire.

Sabotage of plans which the Soviets were stealing, and then investing in, was paramount. Casey actually gave the Soviet's the plans for the Concorde, but skewed those plans so the jets kept crashing. Moscow wasted a fortune in this before it was discovered they had been played.

Real arms build up to counter Soviet nuclear build up of mid range missiles. Casey deployed Pershing II nuclear missiles in Europe to counter Soviet SS 20, which forced Moscow into an arms elimination treaty with NATO.

  • Depriving the USSR of hard currency by working with countries like Saudi Arabia to increase oil and gas production so as to lower energy prices and therefore the profits that Moscow would make from its energy industry.
  • Challenging the legitimacy of Soviet ideology by supporting anti-communist resistance groups in Afghanistan, Central America, and Southern Africa, thus demonstrating that human will could indeed stop the "inexorable laws of history."  If Afghan mujahidin and Nicaraguan campesinos could resist Soviet-sponsored communist expansionism, then it would show oppressed people throughout the communist world that resistance was not futile.
  • Providing financial, communications, publishing, and other forms of support to anti-communist resistance groups within the inner Soviet empire, such as the Solidarity movement in Poland, and national-ethnic groups throughout the USSR.
  • Fighting the battle of ideas against Soviet communism but supporting various journals of opinion and distributing books and other literature.
  • Identifying those technologies that Moscow was attempting to acquire through purchase or theft in the West, assisting the process of denying them to the Soviet military and intelligence services, and helping to sabotage selected technologies that the U.S. permitted Moscow to acquire.
  • America's "nuclear umbrella."  While the Vatican was predisposed toward minimizing military deployments of this type, Casey's secret briefings about the Soviet development and deployments of new SS-20 intermediate range nuclear missiles and about the Soviet disinformation campaign persuaded them to withhold any protest against the NATO deployments.  This ultimately aided the realization of those deployments which set the stage for the signing of the INF Treaty.
In tandem with President Reagan's military buildup, which put pressure on the Soviet military economy, and his public diplomacy programs such as the strengthening of the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - programs which supplied the truth to people denied a free press, and which gave people hope that resistance was possible, the Casey strategy deserves enormous credit for helping bring down the Soviet empire.
Finally, an achievement directly attributable to Casey's leadership concerned the origins of one of the most prominent threats that we continue to face today: that of terrorism.  Casey's intelligence community made major strides in collecting information on extremist and terrorist groups worldwide and how many of them were effectively made viable and operational as a result of Soviet training and assistance in ideological indoctrination, intelligence, communications, and financing.

 As one reads the above, where is any of this propaganda to destroy Islam to Chinese communism. Instead out of the Trump White House there is nothing but good Islam and how great Peking is over chocolate cake.

Where is a financial mechanism of meaning to break the economies of nations pointing nuclear weapons at America or engaging in terrorism? Mr. Trump renews Iranian nuclear treaties and goes the sanctions route which does nothing but drive up black market prices which enriches the cartel, which is what is running Trump Brand by Cohn, Kushner and Mnuchkin.

Where in this is strategic placement of not arms escalating weapon'  systems but real adversarial fronts of real groups fighting for liberation and placing nuclear weapons systems in locations which pose a real threat to American enemies.

As you should be able to understand in this, that Ronald Reagan and Bill Casey designed an effective American policy which deflated prices in America and inflated prices in American enemy states. Thee exact opposite of this is true with Donald Trump, and it does wear completely thin to be thee only Christian Conservative media outlet educating the public in what is good for America and what is bad for America based on historical fact and known outcomes, because what Donald Trump is engaged in with his junta will be a further destruction of the United States as American enemies rise.

The Lame Cherry leaves this at that, with the epitaph of Nancy Reagan's years in the White House in the lesson for America it holds in the funeral of a CIA Director, William Casey.

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