Sunday, February 25, 2018

Trump's Vulnerable 3 for 2018 and 2020 AD

Hungry you commie bastard?
Have a Reagan knuckle sandwich to go!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In reality Donald Trump is as ruthless as any politician in Bill Clinton, as Donald Trump knows his voters and plays his voters for suckers, just as all politicians do. The exclusive in this Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter though is to name the three sucker groups that Donald Trump is focusing on, while at the same time enacting policies which are completely against what these groups voted for in 2016.

What is interesting about this, is Donald Trump has engaged in this quietly. This is not the blundering Ivanka going to the press and lying to them about caring what her father's voters want established as policy. This instead is Donald Trump going behind the scenes to group leadership and putting them on the leash, so that they will not tell the base that Donald  Trump has been lying to them.

The following are the base that Donald Trump allows access to him personally, making them believe that they are heard, that they can chastise Donald and he will do time.

The chief of this group is the Evangelicals who have been completely silent on Donald Trump, but it was Tony Perkins who blabbed to the press, when pressed, that he can phone Donald Trump anytime and voice his objections...........but in quiet and not in public.

So Donald Trump can congratulate sodomites on Twitter, promote the abomination of homosexuality, not make an issue that under Mr. Trump 250,000 babies were butchered in 2017 and that number will be 250,000 in 2018, with Mr. Trump not mentioning the Name Christ when honoring religions, and none of these leading Evangelicals are going to say a word in public doing their job as God ordained them to, because Trump gives them access and Trump has promised "someday I will get rid of abortion, when I get my judges on the Supreme Court".
That is one hell of an art of the deal, more like art of the scam, as Donald Trump keeps all Christians out of the White House, shuts up their leadership, and in return denies Christ, butchers babies galore and personally promotes the abomination of sodomy.

If the Evangelicals begin learning that their leadership has made a 30 pieces of silver deal, and that they are being betrayed, Donald Trump's scam ends in electoral defeat.

The second group are firearm owners who Donald Trump is always stating how pro gun he is, but then he has Steve Mnuchkin denying Americans the right to purchase Russian made firearms, then Mr. Trump is buys denouncing conservation hunting as a horror show, and the Mrs. is banning fur wearing in the White House, as Donald Trump sells Americans guns from military inventory which Americans have already purchased for inflated prices starting at 1000 dollars per arm, and something only rich urban people can afford.

If gun owners figure out that Donald Trump is bartering away groups of gun owners, denying American gun owners their access to firearms, that betrayal will end in electoral defeat of Donald Trump.

The third group is Veterans, who Donald Trump likes rushing of to pose with and hand out medals too saying how much he appreciates their service.  The problem is of course Donald Trump is creating more wounded and dead in Afghanistan. He is exposing Americans to nuclear death in Korea in that McMaster war, and as Soldiers are being promised Veterans Administration care that matters, Donald Trump is spending billions, in redeploying tanks to Poland for a war with Russia and a fortune in upgrading small nuclear warheads so Soldiers will be on battlefields which are radioactive and get their  cancer treatment of chemo in their hair falling out and bleeding out of their body parts.

If Soldiers figure out they are being scammed, Donald Trump ends in an electoral defeat.

There is though such a propaganda din which covers Donald Trump that the unsuspecting above are triggered to defend Donald Trump in thinking he cares about them, while the Trump press never breathes a word of Truth in what Trump policies are in breaking promises and violating trusts that his base never dreamed he would get involved in.
People need  something to believe in and they desperately want a white messiah to save them, and will believe any lie posted saying how great Donald Trump is, as the facts of his policies and actions are in plain sight and if this was Hillary Clinton doing these things, the Evangelicals would be denouncing her, the NRA would be raising hell and Veterans would be protesting about being nuclear guinea pigs in Eurasia.

This kind of manipulation of the voter base is right out of Karl Rove, James Carville and Val-erie Jarrett. Trump is not supposed to have anyone around him since Reince Priebus was fired who is A political in understanding the system in the numbers, and yet Donald Trump has worked this all out from the start to put certain group leadership on the leash.

This is what Jeb Bush winning without the base looks like, but do you really think PETA nuts are going to vote for Donald Trump because Melania stops wearing fur? How about sodomites are they going to switch from liberal to Trump just because Donald goes brokeback mounting? The fact in this is Trump knows this, but what you are getting is the Donald Trump of New York Valued, and that value is the appearance one cares and that value is stock market prices deciding all issues.
Donald Trump has been slapping his base around, as he has this figured the base will not be voting for whatever democrats appear, but that din that Trump tweets up to distract the base, is effective, but it is wearing. Trump voters voted for peace and Donald Trump is nothing but a storm of fury.

Personally as a Christian Conservative, I am not going to forget that Donald Trump oversaw the election theft in Alabama from Roy Moore in smearing him as a pedo. I am not going to overlook our Soldiers are being auditioned for radioactive glow for Raytheon profits and I am not forgetting my Teddy Roosevelt heritage being called a horror show, because Donald Trump says something that sounds like it came out of Reagan's mouth.  I deal with the reality of actions and when I see sodomy appear, baby's still being butchered at a quarter of a million, guns being banned, guns being removed from access to the poor, furs being banned and the one issue of rationed death is still mandated for Americans and Donald Trump is handing out penny tax cuts to poor people and turning around in Trumpflation robbing dollars from them in their gas tanks, I know bullshit and horseshit when I see it, and the Trump manure spreader is running 2 47 spreading load after load on his trusting base.

No one needs to shrug their shoulders and say this is all we got. Voters in 2016 did not vote for Donald Trump, but for the promises Donald Trump made and has been breaking and betraying. One person stands up and says BULLSHIT and states if you elect them, they will keep Trump's promises and Donald Trump is primaried in 2020 along with that glow worm of Mike Pence who has been the judas goat leading the three groups above behind the scenes to tell them to keep trusting Trump. Mike Pence has one objective and that is to get into the White House someway someday for his Nazi conglomerate hosts for the same damn rapine.

You now have a White Paper in the three groups Mr. High Rise has been suckering by their leadership getting favors and covering up the sins. Any one of these groups become aware of the betrayals of Donald Trump and Mr. Trump ends in defeat, two of these groups awaken and they get to choose a new Republican nominee in 2020 AD who will Make America Great Again, and not the Nazi conglomerates and the Pentagon rich off of Trump Visa Vermin slave labor taking American jobs.

Policy Paper finished.

Ask yourself who would you choose to be President in 2020 to keep Trump's promises?

Ask yourself.

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