Saturday, February 24, 2018

Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald searches for Tentacle Porn

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Some things in this world still make me fall silent and look off into the distance and wonder why established leftists actually post the things they do in public on Twitter.

Kurt Eichenwald is the focus of this, you might remember this #NeverTrumper that Tucker Carlson thumped on air and then Eichenwald was sent a brain blitz gif that gave him a seizure he said, and now is off threatening Veterans in emails or searching for Tentacle Porn with his children online for his wife.
This is too bizarre to be drawn into it, except Eichenwald said something about having difficulty finding Tentacle Porn online.

Always curious about what is out there if one enters things like woman tentacle sex, these are a few examples more than a Japanese woman being fondled by tentacles. I don't know what Kurt Einchenwald's wife is into, but this assortment is sure to help out.

 Apparently anime is big into tentacle sex, especially with Ivanka size boobies full of surprise.

Then again, Mrs. K might be into men.

Here is one, a sort of tentacle hickey, which makes one wonder what a photographer tells models, "Hey come on over and I will give you 250 an hour to have an octopus in your mouth.

And this one, a sort of tentacle grope.

How about a down shirt octopus which really looks romantic as who would not be turned on by something that ..........alert to Kurt Eichenwald, I don't know if tentacles cause seizures, but my mind is feeling fuzzy after all these pictures, so maybe Kurt gave me a seizure on this Tentacle Porn.

 There is even a website defending tentacle rape. I had no idea that the ocean was such a sexual place.

This is sort of a creative Japanese thing that women seem to be attracted to.

 This is a sort of mermaid tentacle with like 5 vaginas. I guess this is for the man who has everything.

Again if Kurt's wife is into this she might send Kurt into brain seizure.

Here is one for Kurt though, he is bald, he could have tentacle hair as women like it, it seems.


Finally, I think this is what Kurt's wife was looking for. It is what every woman wants in the glow in the dark Tentacle Dildo. There were pages of dildos in all kinds of styles

I remember people like Eric Severeid, Jack Germond, Jack Anderson and they never mentioned about tentacles and sex.

I did notice this other post among a dozen other  Eichenwald expert posts, other than tentacle sex:

Feb 23
3....using AR-15s for hunting. Without major adjustments by the owner, an AR-15 cant shoot a caliber bullet that is legal for hunting deer, etc. The reason why is that hunters are not in the torture business - they would have to rip apart the deer with repeated firings to....

The above is an absolute falsehood.  An AR 15 is designed to shoot a 223 or 5.56 caliber bullet. There are not any major adjustments to the rifle, as it is like stirring your coffee with a plastic spoon or a metal spoon. You do  not have to take it to a grinder to stir the coffee.
To explain the bullets is to reveal the ignorance of Kurt Eichenwald, as his "torture bullets" are actually the mandatory full metal jacket bullets which do not expand when shooting humans in warfare so the soldier will survive. Being non expanding, it is not the hunter who decides but the state game licensing bureaus who only allow expanding bullets, for quick kills. See the FMJ or people is humane in designed to not destroy people and but in a deer would allow it to run off and not be found. The animal would be just as dead after one shot, FMJ or Soft Nose. There would not be multiple shots torturing the animals as they do not stand around to be shot full through of holes.
It is not the CALIBER of a bullet which changes, but the construction of the bullet, and that has zero bearing on whether an AR 15 can fire hollow points, spire points, full metal jacket or soft points.

Kurt Eichenwald just posted online information which is false, counseling that an AR 15 owner make drastic changes to their firearm to take it hunting. This is advice which is dangerous and could get an inexperienced shooter maimed or killed.

Eichenwald would do best to stay with subjects he is qualified for in Tentacle Porn.

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