Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Trump Advocates 3 Dollar a Gallon Gasoline

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Well that Donald Trump is one far ranging political mind, as Trump Brand is into selling Ivanka shoes, as that is what the President is  going to be doing is putting everyone one of us on foot, as he is looking to raise the federal gas tax.

"The president has not declared anything out of bounds. Everything is on the table," Chao told reporters at the White House when asked if the president would agree to a 25-cent-a-gallon increase proposed by the Chamber of Commerce. She added that the gasoline tax has a "very regressive effect" on low-income Americans and called on Congress to look for better solutions to pay for the Highway Trust Fund.

This is one of the more asstard things Mr. President has been up to, as by selling our American gas to foreigners has raised  gas prices by 30 cents a gallon since Trump took office, and now Donald Trump is advocating that MOST AMERICANS WILL BE PAYING THREE DOLLARS A GALLON FOR GAS.

Donald Trump does this and he will obliterate the United States Economy.

I am going to explain things in simple terms so you get this how this Trumpflation is going to bust your budget.

Gas is already up 30 cents a gallon. Fill a delivery truck up with a 100 gallon tank and that is an extra 30 dollars day, or 600 dollars a month for a business. Keeping this in round figures, businesses run 10 trucks in deliveries so that is 6000 dollars a month in extra costs, or 720,000 dollars a year in new costs.
That does not include forklifts or lawnmowers.

See that is just one business, say which bakes your bread. A farmer has that same cost structure, as they exist on crude oil in fertilizer, herbicides and fuel. Think about where you work in just an hour the things you use from lights, paper, computers, water, pop, parts, and each one of those things arrives at your place of employment by a different truck, a different business, and they all burn diesel or gas, and each one of their corporations adds those costs to your products, and it all gets passed along in stores where you and everyone else is paying for these excise or hidden taxes, meaning you have less money.

This is not just 30 cents in Donald Trump rewarding Big Oil, but now it is Trump Gov adding their robbery, so 720,000 becomes 1.5 million in additional costs.

I will include in this lesson a list of the 50 states who have their own 50 cents per gallon robbery taking place. This is complicated as a state like Missouri has a lower tax at 36 cents a gallon, but has INCOME TAX, while a state like South Dakota has a 42 cent tax but zero income tax. A state like Minnesota has both income tax  and high gas taxes being liberal, and you pay for that too in every Minnesota product produced or shipped in that state.

It is an inflation generated by inflation. It has nothing to do with the federal regime not raising taxes since Clinton last raped a woman, because states in this oil inflation robbing all of us, are trying to raise money in gas taxes to pay for their inflated costs.

U.S. Gas Taxes (cents per gallon)

StateGas Taxes/Fees (cpg)Diesel Taxes/Fees (cpg)
District of Columbia41.947.9
New Hampshire3844
New Jersey32.941.9
New Mexico37.347.2
New York69.675.1
North Carolina57.663.6
North Dakota41.447.4
Rhode Island51.457.4
South Carolina35.241.2
South Dakota42.448.4
West Virginia51.856.5

I will repeat that with Ronald Reagan, GAS PRICES WENT DOWN, which in turn caused DEFLATION, which put money into all American's pockets. So they could go out and do things on their own like trapping fur, and gaining more money, like running a market garden as they could afford to haul things to the market.

Donald Trump having worked construction should understand about costs in fuel prices. His simply stating that gas taxes are on the table, has every business ENTERING CONSTRUCTION SEASON now putting on hold hiring additional help and raising their bid prices in anticipation in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new costs which they have to pass along.

Donald Trump is in a serpent eating it's tail in this one, as he is doing this to raise money for infrastructure which does not need repairs, but his contractors are all burning more fuel, driving up costs on Donald's infrastructure projects. Literally  this 50 cent increase in fuel and  taxes is going to add billions to the costs of fixing roads.  Literally Donald Trump's two bit infrastructure tax will cause thousands of miles of roads to not be resurfaced.
Trump tax is literally defeating the purpose of the infrastructure money shell game, and more to the point this will retard the United States economy in trickle tax effect as Obama high gas prices did, in shaving 15% off of economic expansion by throttling the activity of businesses.

That is the reality and Donald Trump just continues to disappoint as he is nothing like Ronald Reagan.

One more thing or perhaps two.

Transportation Department faces cuts under Trump budget | TheHill

Funding for the Department of Transportation (DOT) and a number of popular transportation programs would be slashed under President Trump's budget request. The ...

So the Donald is cutting the DOT budget and is looking to steal more money from you in raising taxes for DOT.

Now part two.

Talk about pissing money away again. Trump needs to get change his name to Swampmaster as he is flooding a whole new level with all of his deep state style.

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