Friday, February 16, 2018

Guderian der Große


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For all of the propaganda about Adolf Hitler, one hears he was a mad man, that no one ever defied Adolf Hitler and if anyone ever did not agree with Hitler, he was sacked and shot.

May I introduce to you information and reality in ,Guderian der Große, Guderian the Great, the German General, Colonel General to be exact in Heinz Wilhelm Guderian, the Vater of Blitzkrieg, of modern warfare in taking mechanized warfare of German tanks columns, placing in them 5 man  tank crews, with a radio operator and coordinating them all with a signal corp answering to the field General in charge of the attack.

This was the great secret and success of German warfare. Heinz Guderian in Tigerfibel, the defining war manual on modern tank warfare, before General George Patton.  

It was Guderian's Panzer corps, attacking on his formations, which shattered France, Poland and Russia. It is a fact that Guderian was uncontrollable by his superiors whose officers were often furious at Panzer corps slashing forward, running beyond the infantry reach, and progressing fronts so fast which had the enemy reeling.

This is an exchange between Guderian and Hitler, where if his council would have been followed, the war in the east would have brought attrition to the Soviets, because as Guderian noted, no one knew what the east was or cared. It was useless to burn German resources and that is what Guderian informed the Fuhrer.

The result would be a significant weakening of German panzer forces, forces that Guderian had been trying to rebuild. In a conversation with Hitler on 14 May 1943, Guderian pointed out the futility of the operation, asking, "My Führer, why do you want to attack in the East at all this year?" Hitler responded, "You are quite right. Whenever I think of this attack my stomach turns over." Guderian concluded, "In that case your reaction to the problem is the correct one. Leave it alone.
The fact is Adolf Hitler dismissed this war genius twice, and the fact is, each time he survived and returned. It was Guderian who surrendered to the allies and remarkably, he would go on to be a favorite of British war Veterans and go on to found the West German Army to stand against the Soviets.

Guderian was dismissed twice, first on 26 December 1941 and again on 28 March 1945. The last dismissal followed a shouting match with Hitler over the loss of the German forces encircled at Küstrin. The encircled forces were not allowed to break out, and the 9th Army was unable to relieve them. Guderian said he was informed that his "physical health requires that [he] immediately take six weeks convalescent leave"

Adolf Hilter was in a difficult position in World War II, in facing the Gaulieters, his political operatives in Germany, which influenced military decisions. The fact is that Adolf Hitler was correct in his military assessments and attacks. His problem was war production for the eastern front, and the political objectives overshadowed the advice of General Guderian, which is what began the strategic defeat of Germany.

Heinz Guderian exposes the propaganda lies about Adolf Hitler, as Guderian flourished and lived, even in contesting the Fuhrer. Guderian was and is the greatest military genius of the modern era in his utilization of modern technology by coordinating tactics. That is what the German Panzers excelled at. They were not better than those they faced in material, but the Germans reacted faster and struck more quickly with the assembled closed fist, before the French, Poles and Soviet could react.

Colonel General, Heinz Guderian has earned his place in history, a greater than Rommel and Patton, the leopard of the field in a modern Alexander the Great.

Gruß Guderian der Große!