Friday, February 16, 2018

There was never room for Ronald Reagan and me

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I remember Ronald Reagan once asking a friend, if they thought someone could be born evil. The subject of this exasperated search for an answer was his daughter Patti Reagan. That is the ordeal Ronald and Nancy Reagan dealt with, in like most famous parents of children, their cornucopia of what the stroke dropped off went from the chip of the old block in Maureen Reagan, the thoughtful son finding his own wrong way in Ron jr., the sycophant adoptive creation of Michael and the child who just did wicked things in Patti.

My purpose in writing this is not about taking Patti Reagan down or setting an epitaph for her in generations to come. The purpose in this is teaching as most of you are going to have children and grandchildren or do, and it is my desire by example to make you look at yourselves, because when you have parents who are trying, are moral people, like Ronald and Nancy Reagan, they have to work, be embarrassed, take care of you, and  deal with what you are doing and it hurts them. It affects the rest of the family, friends and relatives, and for poor people it is a struggle they do not need, and when it came to Ronald Reagan, it was a burden as he was trying to save the world he did not need to have to be distracted by.
This should be a lesson for Ivanka Kushner in drama she creates, for President Trump for indulging a child who is wrong, to Bill and Hillary Clinton, where Chelsea is burdened by two parents who have absolutely no self control.

Ronald Reagan made two statements about his daughter in the hope when she was born, he told Nancy that he was not disappointed in a girl as he got to what Nancy was like growing up and the above when she was grown up in asking if she was evil.

In forensic psychology this very public Patti Reagan, has been termed an indulged child, spoiled, who always wanted to be the center of her mother's world and resented Ronald Reagan that position. Once Ronald Reagan died, Patti Reagan became the dolting daughter to her mother, and become responsible in a catharsis of defending the elderly in the condition her father was killed by.
That is not a pretty psychology, but it mirrors what she acted out in, and her brother stated once in an interview, that he thought Patti would one day regret the things she did. That is what her mother wanted most in a relationship with her daughter.

The interview was about a book Patti Reagan published which trashed her family. In the strange Patti world which she inhabited in never contacting her mother of father unless some Patti decision in life had blown up on her, she lamented to her brother Ron, "Why have not my parents contacted me after the book was published".
Ron jr. was incredulous and blurted out the truth in, "You trashed all of us in a cartoon book. You made Mom and Dad look like cartoon characters! Did you expect them to call you up and tell you that it was great?"
This was too much for Patti and would not speak to her brother again for years after this.


Patti Reagan was the golden child of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. In turn she was indulged, as a bright child, she learned to exploit that just as Ivanka exploits this with the President. Her exploitation was throwing tantrums for hours like she was being killed. Refusing to eat green beans.  The doctor told Mrs Reagan to not give in as she always did, and told her to go do other things. 90 minutes later Patti still had not swallowed those beans and grinning in triumph said, "Guess what I have in my mouth mommy?"

It was an age where other American children would have gotten their butts spanked, but not Patti Reagan, she just went on and on defying her parents.

In an event when she was away at school, Ronald Reagan had just won the Governorship of California. In the phone call to Patti, she responded with, "How could you do this to me!"
Yes the self centered world of Patti Reagan and she went out to seek revenge on her parents in lewd and immoral misbehavior from living in sin to openly being a conduit of the Russian KGB in the peace movement.
In what was one of the eye opening moments of just how far Patti would go, she conned the President into meeting with a peacenik named Dr. Helen Caldicot of the anti nuclear movement which the Soviets were funding against Ronald Reagan for global domination.
The President for his daughter with the world in the balance, with hundreds of millions of people in Europe and Asia behind the Iron Curtain gave Patti 90 minutes of his time to meet with this leftist under the conditions that nothing would be leaked. Caldicot immediately smeared the President to the press. This is what Patti Reagan chose as her associates without an apology.

Probably the worst slap Patti Reagan took at her parents was to become the exploited whore of Hugh Hefner of Playboy magazine. Patti had absolutely zero talent at anything like most California children of that era, and lived off their parent's success and contacts. In Patti's case she gained success by the left rewarding her being their bimbo to strike at her father.
The degenerate Hugh Hefner had been in a fury ever since Attorney General Ed Meese had stepped up the focus that pornography was harmful to the societal population. Hefner the pervert swung hard jazz left and went after all things right wing and Reagan. The end result was pimping Patti Reagan in the pages of Playboy.
It was the testament of Patti Reagan's political wedding to the left.

It should not me lost the implication by Hefner in making Patti Davis the white whore of a nigger in heat by the flesh tone contrast, but as with all things Patti Reagan, it was not enough to degrade her family, as at age 58 she once again whored herself out much to the delight of the British press in showing a body to the world no one wanted to see the first time.

'I've learned to respect my body': Ronald Reagan's daughter Patti Davis poses nude at 58

58 years old and Patti Reagan still had not learned to respect her family. Still unable to be known by her father's name, and still defining herself by her self destructive feminism of Patti Davis and speaking for her dead mother, as the way Patti wanted it, as that way Patti Davis was always in control.

The Reagans attempted in every way to give their children the best foot forward, to open any doors and welcomed the efforts of their friends. When Patti though had decided to become an actress, and we all know how that went in the zero movies she ever starred into zero box office, the legendary James Cagney offered to help her as he was a friend to the Reagans.
Think of that story literally in a Hollywood legend offering to help in your career in what a dream that would be for every one else, but not Patti Reagan, as she blew off Jimmy Cagney and all of her parent's best efforts and she failed on what she was in becoming unable to play a roll beyond a brat daughter.

Nancy Reagan always hoped that Patti would not be an "if only" child, in if only I had made peace with my parents. As Mrs. Reagan noted, Patti did phone her after her breast cancer operation, but when Patti's grandmother died shortly thereafter, there was not a call, no flowers not even a note. Mrs. Reagan was hurt by this and thought her Mother deserved better than to be treated that way in death.

This is a wake up call to those who will not awaken as leopards never change their spots and always will find someone else to blame for their caustic natures. Those who read the words in the above, are the ones who have already reached out a hundred times and been rebuffed or ignored as all families have these problem people in them.

As someone who never had one advantage, opportunity or chance afforded to them, I do resent the golden children, who grow up to be self centered and undeserving as they were born  to be. If Patti Davis was ever moved in reviewing her life, it would all be about her and not about the people or nation she affected in absolutely horrid decisions.
She is a born lesson in what not to be like and that is the lesson in all of this for every person, because every person decides to accept or reject a Christ centered life. No one can ever be perfect in  it as all fail, but it is the point of not being a fake or a fraud, and actually considering how other people are affected by decisions which always end in more problems for the person or the family.

Some children are just those you can turn to, and some children are the ones who it never dawns on them to extend a hand to someone else, as their pain is the only pain they can feel.