Sunday, February 25, 2018

HAARP Vomit Effect

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been anticipating a predicted weather bomb by HAARP which struck the American interior, five days after another exact system was recorded on the Lame Cherry was exposed for how unnatural it was.

The first image is from NOAH on Friday. I was intrigued as the forecast was stating Minnesota was going to be buried on Saturday, and this seemed impossible as there was not a Colorado Lo pressure system, there was zero moisture again, and all looked pleasant on Friday evening at 7 PM.

February 23rd: 7 pm

February 24; 12 pm  is the next image, and in this motion, just 5 hours later,one notes a few strange waves of moisture bands appearing in Colorado and Nebraska, but none of this promised anything, as the massive storms over Missouri should have sucked the energy out of these bands.

 February 24; 11 AM revealed a strange event had taken place, as the Texas band of moisture, suddenly split into two, and somehow a massive blob of moisture was appearing in South Dakota, and this was lifting north in thee most bizarre combination of wind patters, again with zero rotation as a pressure system should exhibit. Literally though, something in the dark hours of night tore a state wide section out of the Texas band and dragged it northwest.

 This is a Red Arrow guide in which way these weather  blobs are moving. The South Dakota  Nebraska system is absolutely bizarre, in there is a comma cloud hook moving straight east while something is pushing the main blob north.
Pushing is key here, as if one observes these blobs, they are  all  acting as if the are being displaced as if the atmosphere is puking them out. There is a force here which is HAARP generated which is pushing these blobs like a rock thrown into a tub of water.

Observe this grab from late afternoon on  February 24th, the Texas band which was gutted has moved across 5 states in a just a few hours as once again even with this massive Minnesota storm is sucking energy, the weather stream out of Texas is once again forming that same wall of energy again out nothing. I feel for those people as they are having nothing but a winter monsoon of killer damp clouds.

Notice in all of this, that there is not a drop of moisture over the western United States, exactly as was the record drought of last year. Again, note these massive blobs of moisture are mirroring the  massive storms which plagued the American Midwest and early last winter buried Pennsylvania.

Saturday February 24, 9 PM Eastern

In this last evidence, there are patterns which keep appearing:

  • These storms have a phobia about entering Canada.
  • The same blocking stream from Texas to Chicago does not move.
  • By contrast when weather strikes New York, it flies off into the Atlantic.
  • The Minnesota basin has zero rotation, combining northeast, north, and east movements in three different cloud masses.
  • Once these HAARP bombs go off, the weather over Washington state disappears, and then reappears as regeneration generates.

How HAARP is engineering these energy waves is beyond heating the upper atmosphere. I have information out of western Minnesota which is mind boggling for Friday in the weather. It began with some locations in haze of  40 degree weather. By afternoon it was 20 degrees, and by midnight it was a non forcasted 5 below zero without any Canadian front to drop temperatures.
This became even more dynamic as dense fog occurred with heavy frost.  This can not happen with such Arctic cold, and yet it did. What followed then was this storm blob lifting into the area and temperatures in the 25 degree range.

What is certain, is that a force ripped energy flowing northeast out of Texas, over Missouri and displaced the air over Nebraska and South Dakota, which caused this snow bomb. Somewhere in this, one of the side effects was a 60 degree temperature inversion as it was 10 below in Minnesota at 6 AM on Saturday morning.

This all appears to be weather modification to control radioactive fall out. To answer that question, the fallout would be based upon a strike on America from Russia, China, or a combination of all of the above, in order to contain the radioactivity into specific kill zones which is not so healthy if you happen to be chosen for scorched earth.

The weather is not operating as it should in America. Deep freezes for Trump Big Oil and then the various reasons which seem to point to weather is not working in this world and there is now a hodgepodge of deluges and droughts in trying to feed the world population, as the weather has been weaponized.

This is extremely destructive on human and non human life in what is taking place. It is criminal, but absolutely nothing is going to be investigated of this, as the facts coming out would cause a revolt in the public in their being expendable.
HAARP is effective though like a bull in a china shop. We will see what the following NOAH weather patters are as after this disaster there is supposed to be a calm, before almost two weeks from this date another weather bomb is predicted to go off.........again with no pressure systems arriving from the Pacific Ocean.

 And the last NOAH radar as of 12 AM midnight February 25th, note the Washington state clutter is back, the Texas to New York stream has reformed, and the phobia of these American  storms being held back from invading Canada by a mysterious atmospheric Trudeau Wall.

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