Sunday, February 25, 2018

Just as he was

Yes Barry this proves I am not a racist like all your voters
Yes Billy, this proves I am not a racist who hates cracker christians

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has kept silent on the death of Billy Graham, but is moved now to make a few points now that he was not like Moses an the Archangel took him away to be buried, so Moses would not become an idol to be worshiped, as Graham will lay in stated at the US Capitol.

Most people do not know that yellow journalist, adulterer, the infamous Rosebud of Citizen Caine, in William Randolph Hearst was the first promoter of Bill  Graham and this is who Graham rose to stardom.

Los Angeles Crusade (1949) - Wikipedia

The Los Angeles Crusade of 1949 was the first great evangelistic campaign ... William Randolph Hearst sent a telegram to all his ... The Billy Graham Story: ...
Billy Graham was a lifelong  Democrat, who Harry Truman never trusted as all Graham wanted was to get his name in the paper. Graham reached the zenith of his career in being promoted by President Richard Nixon. I have always admired Richard Nixon as a leader, and have never fallen into the brainwashing of the coup against him, but it is a point that Billy Graham glad handed every person in power that he could.

 Nixon Now as he is in power

How a Christian Evangelical could make the statement that being a democrat, which promotes sodomy, aborticide, removing God from all life, was a choice, is something that Billy Graham deceived millions of people with. These things require knowing, as the rush to Rotunda Billy Graham is in full vogue where I suspect that Ivanka will kneel down, weep, as her cherub daughter sings some song to entertain the corpse for UK press coverage of how cute it is.

Christians Don't Have to Belong to GOP, Democrat Graham Says ...

Christians have a duty to be active in both political parties instead of just casting their lot with the Republicans, the Rev. Billy Graham said in an interview here ...

Lastly something requires stating about Billy Graham and his crusades. Those events just did not happen. There were outside groups involved, people were bused in, there were promotions and when the call came, it was not just two thousand people who happened to show up off the street.
As my Mom used to day, she had a cousin who got saved every Saturday night in her pretty red lipstick.

I am not stating that Billy Graham did not do some good in life, and at times his examples of not being alone with women to taking a modest salary was a good example, but make no mistake about it, unlike the Cherry house, the Graham house never went without anything. There was always plenty of cash around, even if Billy was not.

TL was part of that cultured set which was always going off to Africa to save Blacks from themselves, filling up boxes with soap and things for Christmas or Samaritan's purse. I was always of the mindset with all the hell there is in America, in why were not these Bible thumpers on the streets bringing the Gospel to poor Americans or in the boardrooms asking why they are hiring foreigners and creating an American Genocide.

That is Billy Graham, and even after moving Samaritans Purse is still tracking down TL in guilting for money, which is not going to happen. It is the example of Birther Hussein, not being natural born, kicking Franklin Graham out of the Pentagon for pointing out that Islam was evil, and daddy Bill did not even call out Obama on that, but basked in the glory of Obama for a half hour photo op as two political whores  used each other to say what great guys they were.

Billy Graham once stated that when he got to Heaven there would be some little old unknown woman who would be higher than him, and that he was right about, as God sorts things out in a different way, because Billy Graham never saved anyone. That was Jesus saving and the Holy Ghost doing the calling.


That firm grip comes from grabbing firm young ass Bill

Considering the grab ass lifelong friend of George H. W. Bush was of Billy Graham, this preacher seemed to have zero judge of character in the company he chose to keep.
I really doubt any of that is going to be mentioned about Billy Graham in an adulterer started him, Harry Truman called him a glory whore, others did the work for the crusades and his best friend felt up 16 year old girls.

All of that is in the mix for Jesus to Judge if Graham was a fraud in being sent away in being told Christ never knew him or if the blood of Christ did cover Billy Graham if he was genuine.

I just have never heard any stories from real people who Billy Graham personally helped out, in the way I have read how George Washington or Ronald Reagan really helped out people as that was how they lived their daily lives in being genuine.
It is though all recorded by the Holy Angels and that is the book of Life or death which all will gain eternal life in Christ or death in Judgment.

Someone can pose all they want to, but it is always what is in the heart and that heart produces the fruit of goodness or evil by which people are known.
How many poses for Life did it take to get it just right.

Can we get another one as I would like a halo...

What you don't pose for pictures in soft light to convince people you are a Christian? I suppose you do it the regular way in just telling people who wonderful you are.

Odd how the Evangelicals of Jesus, John the Baptists and St. Paul were always telling the powerful people in public what sinners they were, and getting put to death, but Billy Graham kept silent and gets laid out in the Rotunda, after never once having Homeland show up on his doorstep for an interview.

President Trump, Congress Order Extraordinary Honors for Rev. Billy Graham