Monday, February 12, 2018

How to sucker money from Rich Christians

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I mean what is up with Ben Shapiro, no wonder he is cocking off at Paul Nehlen as he is spending the money of two Christian billionaires from Texas, and one is a preacher too boot.
I mean he is the #NeverTrumper of the Jew keyboard mafia, gets tanked off wherever he was hired as a Mockingbird deep state stooge and ends up conning billionaire Christians out of their fortune.

Dan and Farris Wilks

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dan Howard Wilks and Farris Cullen Wilks, also known as the Wilks Brothers, are American energy industry entrepreneurs. The brothers established Wilks Masonry in 1995. They went on to found an early hydraulic fracking company, Frac Tech, in 2002, and eventually became billionaires.[1] In 2011 they sold their 70% interest in Frac Tech for $3.5 billion.[2][3] The brothers, sons of a bricklayer, reside in Cisco in Eastland County east of Abilene, Texas.[4][5]

Political activity

They supported Texan U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in the United States presidential election, 2016,[6] contributing $15 million to a super political action committee backing Cruz. They gave $50,000 in 2016 to the candidacy of Jeff Judson, who unsuccessfully challenged fellow Republican Joe Straus, Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, in the District 121 Republican legislative primary in March 2016.[7]

Personal lives

Farris Wilks is married to Jo Ann and the father of 11 children. He is the pastor of the Assembly of Yahweh Seventh Day Church near Cisco, a conservative Messianic Israelite church that was founded by his parents, Voy and Myrtle, in 1947. The church takes a literal approach to the Bible, considering it historically and scientifically accurate, and considers homosexuality and abortion crimes.[8]
Dan Wilks is married to Staci and the father of two children with her and four children from a previous marriage

So Ben Shapiro knows how to suck Texas Dick, as he works for Bush fam, sent in to promote Ted Cruz, who would fail and bring the Tea Party to ruin, so Marco Rubio would be chosen by Jeb as Vice President, and when that falls through, he becomes Cruz's jock itch against Trump, the Wilks brothers get pissed off that Trump wins, and Ben shows up with Cruz' credentials and gets hired to run the Daily Wire, and now he has conned the Wilks  boys into trying to buy the Blaze from that deep state loon Glenn Beck.

I mean what the hell is wrong with these billionaire Chrisitans? They got his Jew worship thing going on in thinking keeping these Ashkenaz around pleases God as they are these fake Jews who converted to Jewry when they lived southeast of Turkey long ago and became these "white Jews" with blue eyes  and hook noses like Afghanistan natives, but bred allot of that out as they kept marrying Israelite regulars.

It just puzzles me in the Wilks are Israelites are as most Americans.  They are from the Tribe of Joseph in Mannaseh and were blessed with great resources to spread the Gospel of Christ to the rest of the world, not buy miniature Ashkenaz to be cheated out of their money buying shit internet platforms which are all bot surfed to make it look like they have an audience.

Christians you do not need convert Asians as you are the real deal in Christ and in genetics in the West, because God sowed the Lost 10 in the West. Christians if you invest in these fake ass internet platforms you will lose your ass, because the "successful" platforms have NSA funding bankrolling them and bots faking their web traffic.

Why in the God's green Texas anyone with a brain would hand money over to Ben Shapiro or hire him, is beyond reason, as he denies Jesus is the Son of God, and was busy smearing Christs in Twitter. It is like what the hell maxwell in even Jesus did not keep Judas around.

DAILY BEAST – The people who head Ben Shapiro’s conservative news site are in talks to buy Glenn Beck’s troubled media empire TheBlaze, The Daily Beast has learned. Two sources familiar with the conversations said this appears quite likely, though the deal isn’t final.
Reached for comment, Shapiro—who heads The Daily Wire, which is eyeing TheBlaze—did not dispute this report.
“TheBlaze welcomed us to the space as allies from the beginning, and we’re always looking for ways to strengthen our partnerships with our allies,” he said.
A spokesperson for TheBlaze did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

For Christ sake literally, if the Wilks boys want something short, without talent which will eat their money, I have a spare vole here that I have not yet killed that they can have for a big ass donation, and they can feed it hundred dollar bills and get as much out of it as feeding Ben Shapiro.

I wondered how that Turdlock landed on his feet, and now I know, he had Ted Cruz sign his hall pass for two brothers who were pissed about being bettered by a Trump billionaire. Expensive damned vengeance them Wilks boys are being fleeced by. They should remember that arena is God's and could invest the money God gave them in better venues than pissing it all way on a little hustler for the deep state like Ben Shapiro.

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