Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Once Upon Hollywood

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For Conservatives, Hollywood has become the anti Christian America cesspool in relentless attacks upon Americans with morals.

I desire for a moment to take you back though to a Hollywood that Nancy Reagan was signed onto as a contract for 250 dollars a week, 42 weeks a year.

She had just filmed a small role in a picture no one knows, but when she was on the lot, Ava Gardner appeared and began telling her that she had just seen her acting part, and complimented her on how good it was.

Ava Gardner, according to Nancy Reagan was gorgeous without makeup. She was the definition of beautiful. The reality is though that as Mrs. Reagan stated, "In those years, the bigger the star, the nicer they were".

Nancy Reagan said she could sit in the cafeteria and feel small, as surrounding her were the biggest names of Hollywood and yet there was not any caste system. They were all studio employees and they all behaved.
Secrets like Judy Garland's drug problem were never voiced even among the actors as the studios protected their stars and the other stars never gossiped about the stars with problems.

Mrs. Reagan stated that there were wild parties, but she never went to them and really never knew where they were, as she was an employee and that meant you got to bed early as you had a casting call early the next day and you had to be ready.

She related in being in a small role with Barbara Stanwyck who was noted like Mary Martin in ALWAYS having her lines down the first time, and you had better bring your A game to every scene too. In the scene that Nancy Reagan was in with Ms. Stanwyck, it was long and she had a long dialogue, but the first take she knew the lines and got it right.
For this the crew applauded afterwards and Barbara Stanwyck congratulated Nancy Davis.

This is a far different Hollywood from what is the corrupt version of pedophile, coke and using positions to keep Christians off set and destroy careers of stars like Mel Gibson, out of spite. Where studios used to create movies, Hollywood is now a political dictatorship, bent on America hating propaganda, run by wealthy leftists who detest the people who watch their films.

That was once upon Hollywood, and it is why a liberal like Lee Marvin could make wonderful films and a Conservative like John Wayne could make wonderful films, because there was an American theme involved of this was a business and not a propaganda tool to destroy segments of society.

Once upon Hollywood..........