Monday, February 26, 2018

Nikolas Cruz and the Secret of why Birds Sing

And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest.

Psalm 55:6

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Have you ever clutched anything when you were emotionally torn apart? Another person's hand, a blanket, a child of yours, a pet? Just something you needed to hang onto as your world was falling apart?

Now that you are exposed as vulnerable, quite sane, it time to examine the smears against Nikolas Cruz, made by the media attempting to legally murder this boy, before he can tell the world who put him up to this crime in Florida.

The following is an unsubstantiated claim from the numerous lying children in that Florida school, but what the media is telling you is bizarre, you can recall a number of Hollywood films and television where the star was holding onto something when something traumatized them.


Please make the pain stop!!!

 Nikolas Cruz is not a crazed killer as sodomite Gateway Pundit exclaims, but Nikolas Cruz called the police himself, begging for help, and once again he was rejected by society.

"The thing is I lost my mother a couple of weeks ago, so like I am dealing with a bunch of things right now," Cruz said

 And what was taking place against Cruz at this time in he had lost everything? The people took his protection away in his gun. To this, Cruz reacted in his emotional state, and then was beaten an kicked out of his home again, after being threatened by an adult male who was going to "gut him".
Jim Hoft can smear Cruz as a crazed killer, but what about the people who abused Cruz for years, and what about homosexual Jim Hoft still abusing this orphan boy, along with all the other lynch media.

In the second 911 call on the same day, Cruz tried to explain the fight to police: “I was just assaulted now. He started attacking me, and he kicked me out of the house, and he said he was going to gut me,”

In the CBS drama, Tour of Duty, Pvt. Roger Horn, twice reacts in this way, in first becoming attached to a child who is killed by the Vietnamese and holds her, and will not let her dead body go, and in a second event, he gets shot in trying to pay for others being hurt because he refused to follow an order.
That is simply the forensic psychology of humans coping with extreme situations.

In the case below, Nikolas Cruz is said to be clutching a bird to his crotch which is dead. If one substitutes a teddy bear, he is clutching something he is transferred emotionally to, to his most vulnerable area on his body, and is protecting this helpless object.
That is only weird to people who are not traumatized throughout their life.

Nikolas Cruz

A student at the school told the Sun-Sentinel of a disturbing incident in which she said Cruz clutched a dead bird to his crotch during reading class. The student didn’t report the incident, believing the weird scene from last school year wasn’t any of her business.
“He always stared at everyone,” Stoneman Douglas senior Tyra Hemans told the newspaper of Cruz, whom she sat across from during her first-period reading class. They were both juniors at the time.
Hemans said she once saw Cruz holding his hand against his crotch during the class.
“I looked close, and I saw he was holding a dead bird near his genitalia,” Hemans told the paper. “I saw some feathers, and I knew it was a bird. That was disturbing. But I just looked away because it wasn’t my business.”
She said she now wonders if Cruz had been carrying the board around his lunchbox.
While Hemans didn’t tell a teacher at the school, she did share it with her friend Meadow Pollack, who was one of the students murdered on Feb. 14.

In the above, Nikolas Cruz staring at people is a symptom of Autism. Anyone stating this is creepy, would say that a senile person was creepy for not remembering things. In Florida, here is apparently ZERO sensitivity among the adults to teach children to be tolerant of other children who are suffering emotional abuse or have a mental illness which is beyond their control.

 Again, a bird appears in the Cruz narrative. Birds psychologically meaning freedom, escape, joy, life. As King David lamented, "If had wings of a bird, I would fly away". Nikolas Cruz in his orphan world was drawn to birds as his escape. He associated with the to cope.
The internet if full of "wolf children" in those who transfer to wolves, because they are weak and want to be in power. Nikolas Cruz was none of that, in he simply wanted his internal crying to be escaped from.

The FBI also received a tip that Cruz took a dead bird into the kitchen of his home and cut it open, the Sun-Sentinel reports.
And why birds? Because as a child, he witnessed his father die before his eyes. A highly traumatic event, to which he responded by bullying his younger sibling. Rare is any family where the older children are not tattling, harping or bullying their younger siblings in a pecking order of retaliation.
This is normal childhood behavior which is curbed in time as the younger grows to a size to bully back.
To address the cutting open of the bird, Nikolas Cruz was searching inside of that bird for the reason the bird was happy and could fly away and escape. This is a reasoned response to try and find how he could end his suffering as he was searching for the secret of why birds sing.

The newspaper also reports that Cruz was bullied by his younger brother in the years after he watched his father die of a heart attack; he was 5 years old at the time.

So in the past several days, the tainting of the jury pool is expanded by twisting accounts by the media trying to legally murder this boy, before all the facts come out in who was really behind this attack. All of the above stories call for proper medications, a change in diet to offset symptoms and Christian counseling, as the reality of Nikolas Cruz is he was an orphaned Jewish boy, who was in a non Christian household where punishment made children cry. Cruz was then assaulted in witnessing his father's death, not having a proper male role model, was frustrated in a mother who could not cope with him as she was elderly, and then was ostracized by the school and the children there for aborting him.
Cruz was on meds, so the reasoning which would stop him from pulling a trigger to retaliate on his tormentors, was nullified.

Nikolas Cruz was screaming for help for years. Michael Reagan was right in these children need love, as he was a boy who was sexually assaulted and acted out for years. Cruz wanted to be included but was excluded. His jr ROTC commander was the only person who apparently was ever kind to him, in giving him a Snickers bar when Cruz was acting out again, begging for attention.

The Lame Cherry is disappointed in the mistreatment, the literal torture of Nikolas Cruz after this event from President Trump calling him a sicko, Dana Loesch calling him a monster and now these hate pieces in the media twisting stories in order to portray this Jew as just another rat who deserves to be hauled away to extermination, before the connection of Ben Shapiro, ADL, Michael Bloomberg and Chabad are linked and the public begins to see that Nikolas Cruz was scapegoated as Lee Harvey Oswald was set up.

I keep reminding all of you,  that what is being done to Nikolas Cruz, will be unleashed against you, as Ben Shapiro when he did not know Cruz was a Jew, tried smearing White Christian Nationalists so violence would be incited against them, along with Donald Trump.
That is why this matters, because Donald Trump is going to start digging around into your medical files to see just how nuts you are, and then a regime agency is going to start denying you your rights, and when you speak out, it will be the press twisting your actions and people you have no idea who they are, will start telling stories about how creepy you are.

I do not believe there is any saving this child. It is too expedient to legally murder him. Psychologists who caused this will want this to go away, and no one of standing will speak out for the rights of this child in he must be examined by a competent, unbiased psychologist and the courts must then rule for treatment, knowing they will be castigated for not murdering this child to cover up what took place.

This cheats every family member who lost their loved ones in that shooting as there is no justice in cover ups and no justice in lynchings as the bin Laden charade for Obama proved.

The Lame Cherry will speak out for justice, because a mob is raging for injustice, and when it meant NEVER AGAIN in Nazi Germany  against Jews, it means NEVER AGAIN in America against an orphan Jew named Nikolas Cruz, who it is now expedient to legally murder before the evidence is all tracked down for real Justice to be accomplished.

How about this starts with ending the promotion of these weaponized children by Michael Bloomberg, George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey, as the former FBI employee's child, cannibalizes a mentally handicapped Nikolas Cruz.

Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg on deputy who did not enter school during shooting: "Who wants to go down the barrel of an AR-15, even with a glock? And I know that's what these police officers are supposed to do, but they're people too."

Never again, includes Jews in 1945, Gypsies in 1945, Christians across America and the world today, and the Jewish boy Nikolas Cruz, as leftists do not get to decide they can torture and legally murder who they choose for political agendas.