Monday, February 26, 2018

Thank God for the ATF

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As most gun owners and Second Amendment activists, have an immense problem with the ATF because politicians ordered them to blow heads off at Ruby Ridge and to force gun dealers out of existence, the attitude of the ATF is always police state........always until Mr. Trump appeared.

Donald  Trump has done something NEVER done before in US history in he has not regulated a gun or a gun part, but instead he banned Americans who are not criminals from ever owning them in the bump stock.

 To understand this, one has to know the regulations which Mr. Trump who can not outlaw Obamacare, thinks he can now outlaw bumpstocks just because he says so.

A bump stock is NOT a firearm. ATF correctly defines it as an accessory. It is in a category of silencers and that is how ATF defined them, and without any regulations as none were called for in this case, as it is a stock, and stocks are replaced all the time on firearms.

For the record, the ATF correctly stated that it can not ban guns. The President can not ban guns. That requires an act of Congress to specifically outlaw a bumpstock or regulate them, so ATF then has the authority to regulate or ban bumpstocks.

What should be done with bumpstocks is what was done with "Tommy Guns" and that is simply to make them a Class 3 item, and regulate them in placing a serial number on them, so that only people who pass background checks would be able to purchase them.

Mr. Trump appears to be fulfilling Webster Tarpley's vision for the future in someone destroying the Republican party and then leading a split democratic party. There are grave problems in the things Donald Trump is engaged in, the worst is not the diversion in bumpstocks, but his call to deny 18 to 21 year olds the right to own firearms, and  the hidden one is to mandate the ATF to search your medical history before you can purchase a gun.

The 18 to 21 is a non starter as Congress is never going to pass that. Donald Trump can Twitter rage all he likes about bumpstocks and claim that he will write his own law, but the real threat to civil liberties is the researching of private medical records before a firearm can be purchased. That is the draconian law which will expand to destroy every political opponent of every regime, as once you are flagged a Trump Sicko,  the police state will show up, ransack you home, and haul you away to one of Trump's new sanitariums, where you will have to prove you are not Tim Riffat nuts, as was done against him by the Queen not long ago.

For once, it is the ATF which is following the law and this time it is Donald Trump, breaking another 2016 promise in becoming Dictator Don in being like Obama in removing Congress from their role in representing the people.

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People purchase firearms because they no longer feel secure that the regime will not ban their guns. This is telling in the Trump base of gun owners no longer trusts Donald Trump.

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