Monday, February 26, 2018

Nikolas Cruz was Soul Raped by

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Nikolas Cruz and the Secret of why Birds Sing

As Donald Trump now has subhumanized the Jewish boy Nikolas Cruz is terming him a sicko and his NRA is calling him a monster by Dana Loesch, it is time to build upon the forensic psychology of Nikolas Cruz as was examined here today in exposing how absolutely soul raped this orphan child was in his life, and how he was screaming for someone to help him.
New evidence has emerged that the very children which Melania Trump praises for speaking out in gun control, were the one who were assaulting Nikolas Cruz.

The Ralph Retort has now discovered how absolutely sadistic this Brat Pac was in one of their poster children posted a bullying video on Youtube assaulting the children who did not fit in at this Florida High School.

Douglas High has a place students call “the Emo Gazebo,” he said. “That’s where all the kids that are considered weird or not accepted sat. Kids at the Emo Gazebo didn’t even accept him there. He was just an outcast… He didn’t have any friends.”

At this school, the Brat Pac liberals made children who were not accepted, to be quarantined at the EMO GAZEBO. The worst part of this was, in a place where the rejects were forced to sit, Nikolas Cruz was not even allowed to sit there. This child was abused, assaulted and soul raped every day of his life at school.

Read the articles as the Daily Beast has joined in this savaging of Nikolas Cruz, but were too ignorant to realize they were quoting a girl who was guilty of assaulting other children online and it was this group which caused the Florida massacre.

Florida School Shooting Suspect Nikolas Cruz Was 'Creepy and ...

An Instagram account apparently belonging to Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was dominated ... Start and finish your day with the top stories from The Daily Beast.

President Donald Trump needs to get his facts straight and stop abusing this child in Nikolas Cruz. This is without excuse or merit, and the President should be ashamed of what he engaged in.

To longtime friend, school shooter Nikolas Cruz was lonely ...

To longtime friend, school shooter Nikolas Cruz was lonely, volatile, ostracized. By Julie K. Brown. ... Miami Herald staff writers Carol Marbin Miller, ...

It is time someone #SaveNikolasCruz from the very antagonists now getting a million dollars from George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey as their clique caused all of this.

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