Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Three Faces of Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If it was not for the investigative work of Australian David John Oates, featured on the Rense Program, there would not be a record of the inner  dialogue of Donald Trump for a record in Reverse Speech, to attempt to understand what happened to our American President, because  Donald Trump has changed.
Jeff Rense has hypothesized that it was the first meeting with Obama where Obama informed Trump of the way things worked with the powers that be, but in writing that I believe it was more than that, in the Defense Intelligence Agency which ran interference for candidate Trump, appeared and informed him after the election that this is the way things are going to be managed.

I honestly believe that Donald Trump was genuine in 2016 and that is where this begins in Candidate Trump in the three faces of Donald Trump, like the movie, because Candidate Trump had a constant refrain in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord and it was "WE  LOVE YOU AMERICA!".

In 2017 AD, in the year of our Lord, Donald Trump appeared before Congress and that is when Jeff Rense and David John Oates noticed a Trump in Conflict who appeared, as Inaugurated Trump began stating in Reverse Speech, "FORGIVE ME AMERICA!".

This degraded to 2018 AD in the State of the Union Address, in which Incongruent Trump could best be summed out by a refrain of "FUCK YOU AMERICA". That is not posted to sensationalize, because in that speech in reveresals, David John Oates discovered when Mr. Trump was speaking to gun victim Congressman Steve Scalise about being brave, Mr. Trump in reversal states, "SO FUCK YOU".
Whether this is directed at Scalise or the democrats who attempted to murder Mr. Scalise is not clear, but  the fact is Donald Trump never swore in reversals in 2016, unless it was dealing with Obama or Clinton treachery. In 2018, the State of the Union was disconnected as in most cases Mr. Trump was saying something positive forward and in reverse his mind was on other subjects, most prominent is there appears to be a hole in NORAD, for the nuclear defense of America, and considering McMaster, Mattis and Kelly's affection for nuclear war, that is not a secure thing.

On the surface, the America Donald Trump thought existed does not exist. He can not fix it and can not make it great again. As this blog has noted the "deal" which Mr. Trump is engaged in, is by taxing, concentrating money into the Wall Street nazi conglomerates by this record spending, and Mr. Trump will pay for it by allowing American energy reserves to be sold off, with a Trumpflation taking place in all money available which will rob Americans to poverty, as their Visa Vermin replacements get the jobs and are brought into America to churn this shit hole economy toward concentrated cartel wealth, as White and Black America face genocide in being displaced.

So there is not a need to search the psyche of Donald Trump, as all that is required is to examine his policies in who is being lied to which are Americans and who are stealing the trillions in rewards, and the cause and effect policy of foreign vermin becoming the wealth transfer mule and Americans being shipped to the glue factory.

Donald Trump is quite sound in his mental processes. He knows exactly what he is doing and he understands what his policies will initiate. It does not matter if Mr. Trump was impeached now and replace by Mike Pence, as Pence is the same conglomerate mafia, and the entire legal framework for amnesty, taxes and energy are in place. Nothing in this would change if it was Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush or Mike Pence as you do not get Wheaties out of a trash compactor.

One could imagine the mythical conversation which Mr. Trump was informed of, "We control all financial, security and military power and if you challenge us, you will fail, and you will be removed from office, and your family will be in the streets. We know how best to manage all of this, so you tell your followers that you are keeping your promises, distract them, and we will not crack down on you and them. This is best".

We know from David John  Oates in Reverse Speech that Donald Trump is in conflict, he is frustrated, he is angry, he is talking to himself and perhaps has lied to himself that in all of this, he will gain  some good as he tries to keep his promises in this new framework.

What is certain is Donald Trump is behind his little military wall in the White House of Kelly, McMaster and  Mattis, which allows him to feel he is in power, vent by destroying ISIS and act like he is President.

My purpose in this from 2016 AD in the year of our Lord was to establish a peace with Russia to protect Christians east and west, and to join Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump in a security which would bleed energies from the anti Christ, while prospering Americans and Russians in their resource rich lands.
That has passed and it does no one any benefit to stand around waiting for a train which will never come to the station. It does none of you any good to be distracted by this distraction of dossiers and the screamfests of the fake news. For almost 20 years Americans on the right and left have been emotionally raped from Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan going after Bush to Ryan and Obamacare going after Obama. People need rest from this as they are like a worm being shocked by a thousand volts inside, and it is time to unplug from this and realize what is the future and stop denying it. It will not benefit Americans on the left or right and people vesting their emotional and spiritual well being in this are harming themselves.
The information provided here is designed to enlighten and empower you, not to distress or depress. When you see a tornado coming you make rational decisions, you do not run out to the storm nor do you delude yourself it will pass you by.
Many peoples, in fact all of your ancestors faced all of this and if they would have given up or acted out by making themselves a target, you would not be here. It is prudent now to keep your mouth shut, pay your taxes, not make yourself a target of the police, get your bills paid so you have a roof over your head and make your decisions informed and not lamenting in emotions.

Personally, by example, I build my bridges to somewhere positive. I look forward to tea for a small victory in the morning and I think about planting apple trees. I plan for a future which probably will not exist as the big donations do not come in, but I post here until the Lord says not to as a voice from the brier patch,  providing information to keep you from leaping off ledges to the abyss.
When the Lost 10 Tribes were put into exile by the forefathers of the Germans they dealt with it in serving in the horse cavalry. There was nothing guaranteed when years later after their leadership was assassinated by Persians, and they took the chance of escaping into the Caucasus, but they went, all through Asia, and then into Europe where wars and conflict followed them and they established by God a new people He sifted and never lost.

The same satan desires the Western Peoples to be obliterated as in you is the Spiritual competition to their immortal order. That is the overview of this in what drives it all, but each of you is responsible to keep yourselves in Christ. Jesus is always in charge and He created you for a purpose in this time. You known you have a place in Heaven and are secure, so operate from that position and understand that God is not going to let you down. He did not let down your ancestors who came to America and He is not going to let you down.

You know what the political reality is and it is not going to change. That leaves the Spiritual to find the Peace that passes understanding as you let the world go. You are in this world, but not of this world.
Trying to figure out what is the cause and effect in politics is time wasted, and emotionally draining as all that matters is the results and what you are going to have to deal with logically in Christ direction by the Holy Ghost.

The current political leadership is either incapable of gleaning you some rations or is enlisted in feeding a neo American which is not you. So you get to prove you are Christ's not from a fake Church pew, but in your actions in remaining Faithful to Him. You get to be a Christian because God loved you first. You render unto Caesar those things which are Caesar's and unto God those things which are God's. Jesus will carry you through, but trusting in princes and the sons of men, is once again a Proverbial non starter.

I suspect someone has been promised a political alliance of 2020 election of Evangelicals promised an end to aborticide and Veterans promised medals for missing limbs, with sodomite solutions, and the brown wave of foreign voters to replace the original base.

It is what it is.