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A Cold Case Trail

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On February 17th, Coast to Coast AM featured a series of cold  case rapes and murders, which were combined into the acronyms of:

  • EAR: "East Area Rapist"
  • ONS: "Original Night Stalker"
  • GSK: "Golden State Killer"

I decided to read through the case  files of the site, as apparently this is a cult following of a series of over 50 evolving attacks on Californians which began in the Sacramento area.
As a quick study in this, it appears there was a teenage male who had joined the air force as the first woman assaulted was connected to the air force. From the start of this, it appears there were two males involved.

She heard voices, low whispered voices, believing it was two people talking. Then, "I told you to shut up!" in a louder whisper. (HAP: Then she thought she heard someone else talk back.) The whispering continued as she heard drawers being opened and closed. (HAP: Despite it sounding like two people talking, she still thought he was the only one in the house).

The second attack was with teenage sisters, and the one girl seemed to be the "girl of his dreams" as he raped her.

At the start of these attacks, it was women who were alone, but in 16 attacks from 1976 to 1977, the targets changed to couples from 1977 to 1978.
The attacks moved out of the Sacramento area from 1978 to 1979, and for a period in southern California, after the rapist has been confronted by a man and driven from a home, murders began in bludgeoning and shooting in seven assaults from 1979 to 1986.

I decided to inquire into the matrix in this to attempt to build upon the forensic psychology of the evidence and with insight and Inspiration the matrix pointed to these indicators.

  • The primary male had nerve damage to his jaw.
  • His father was dead and he lived with his mother.
  • She was ill, did not have insurance so doctor shopped, and this accounted for some of the victims.
  • There was a second male involved, somewhat older, German accent, who was Amish.
  • The German worked in delivering paint.
  • The suspects gained access to neighborhoods in homes for sale.

What inquiry pointed to in the matrix, was a male who had a clenched jaw, small penis, around 5.9 tall, and small size. He was white, resided with his mother, had joined the military, his father was deceased.
His father's brother was Amish, hence the German accent which reported. He was muscular, likely Nordic and stated he has an 8 inch  penis.
Inquiry pointed to the main suspect learned these assaults while stationed in England, by and English soldier who preyed on immigrants. The main suspect was shipped back to the states and discharged over some situation.

Primary Suspect
This is where the assaults begin in a male incapable of gaining females as they laugh at him in his small erection and disfigurement. The Uncle is indicated as a lookout, he does watch the assaults, and later mimics the nephew  in like motive of operation.
The Uncle though is the catalyst, the necessary support system for the primary suspect to engage in the assaults.

Possible Accomplice 
The duo are very adept at "blending in". They change vehicles often enough, understand approach and retreat avenues, blind spots and are extremely detailed in seeming to prowl an entire neighborhood for blocks in knowing everyone, to who has dogs.
Often enough, the primary knows who is in the house, and the names of the those he rapes. He personalizes this.

When he graduates from single women to couples, it appears he is taking on the role of substitute male in the relationship. As this evolves, the primary begins trophy taking in the bindings and the rings of the women.

In one of the most intrusive later assaults, a woman who he is raping engages him and compliments  him on being a good lover. His reply is surprise in stating he is usually laughed at due to his small erection and a condition with his face. He takes her rings, but in 1991 the woman receives a phone call asking if she knows who this is. She believes it was the rapist. It appears  to be the one intimate contact in his life.

There are involved in this numerous hang ups on phone calls and a perpetual stalking of quite some time in these neighborhoods.
The primary male only became really erect in anal sex. He gave head, rarely touched a woman's breasts, but in an obsession "made himself  at home" in  these people's homes.

He would ransack the house, with the typical threats of killing the people, but it was always about money and food. After the first "motherfucker" talk, that appears to disappear. This is mother related in who he exists with.
The primary is constant in taking breaks in the rapes, in the ransacking, going off to eat something or having a beer. Burned matches are noted in several attacks. This is an hours long process.

Primary is obsessed with bondage in the extreme, in tying people so tight it cuts the blood off or cuts the skin. He wants absolute control and it indicates that somewhere early in assaults not noted in California that someone got away by not being tied tight enough. That was never repeated again.
Primary seems to carry white tennis shoe laces, but often takes blinds cords or cuts up towels to bind those he assaults. It is more using the resources of the location in making it his location.

Primary is noted several times to compliment the women on their looks, and several times, he breaks down and cries. In the most intrusive incident, the woman reported primary bawling outside in the garage and feeling that someone was standing on the patio at the same time.

All of this indicates two rapists.

Once though the rapist is confronted and driven from the home, the Golden State Killer appears. Inquiry into this points to something changed in addition to the male driving the rapist from the home. The matrix points to the Uncle was killed in a car crash at this same time. The rage which was contained in the primary now boils out. There had been a period in this time before GSK when ONS, the Original Night Stalker began threatening couples with a 357 magnum or a 45 semi auto. The firearm points to in forensic psychology a projection of dominance, most likely in competition with the Uncle who appears to have began assaulting women in this period too.
When ONS becomes GSK, the melding of violence is complete as in the early attacks by EAR the East Area Rapist, he had a gun and a club in beating a mother senseless. GSK has a gun again and he clubs people to death. Primary though takes the blunt object with him as a possession trophy.

In this series of 7 attacks, the first attack is messy and bloody. Primary evolves, and after this begins covering the murdered people's heads for blood splatter and primary appears to not want to see what he has done.

The knives or ice chisel, deal with feeling cut to the soul inside and pierced. The guns are about power. The clubs are about rage unleashed in power. There is an evolution in this of guns and knives, fists and clubs, to knives and then in the last degraded form of no boundaries on the rage in a dominant male figure, it unleashes in guns and then outright beating the brains out of those assaulted.

Indications are without the Uncle to guide the experience with and share it, that the primary no longer being validated as a replacement spouse or boyfriend in these women's or girl's lives, and this is why the attacks stopped, and why in 1991 the primary phoned the woman who once complimented him.

All of these attacks were before DNA gathering, and worse yet California on statute of limitations on rape apparently destroyed evidence. It was though gleaned on a saliva sample that primary did have type A blood.

In closing in this, four dogs were involved in these incidents. Two made absolutely no sound for a reason in theory that either the rapist had earlier contact with them so they knew him, the third barked at him incessantly and he threatened to kill the dog as it was put into a safe room, an the fourth was a german shepherd not on leash but out for a walk with their master, who was stabbed as it ran into some bushes.

This indicates the ability of this duo to blend  in. They seem to have pretended to be joggers and often had lurking skills of skulking in out of the way places for hours observing the houses in the neighborhood.

In reading the police reports online, the remote viewing feel which projected from these files was terror and a most troubling beast like projection. It is fortunate that individuals build websites and keep these cold cases before the public as someone witnessed something in those days before cell phones and traffic cams which could bring an arrest in these cases.

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