Wednesday, March 7, 2018

When Donald Trump does not call

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Abraham Lincoln said after his selection to the White House, "Too many pigs for the tits". What Lincoln was talking about was he promised everyone a job, and in the end, there were not enough jobs for people, so many people who had done their part went away empty.

As someone who wrote the time line to put Donald Trump into the White House, I understand disappointment. I understand the people who were locked out on election night. I understand Sarah Palin, Chris Christie and numbers of other people who were there for Donald Trump when none were, and the best they get are crumbs from Mr. President.

It is the way with things in the people who build the revolution are cast out by the usurpers of the revolution.

This post is about Sam Nunberg. He was one of the first who was there for Donald Trump and dumped by Trump. Apparently the Donald who says he never uses profanity often belittled Nunberg before he fired him,

Trump would call him a “jackass” and a “shithead,” among other derogatory terms, and make fun of him, and swear at him loudly.

Donald Trump has been a man who renigged on paying contractors and is a man who people put their hopes and dreams into, and then he abandoned them to Robert Mueller.  Sam Nunberg is such a man, who bet big on Donald Trump and never got his payday. He is high strung and gifted,  and is stuck with 50,000 dollars in lawyer bills from being around Donald Trump and this breach of Justice purveyor in Robert Mueller, and is now being subpoenaed by Mueller.
There is nothing worse than discovering the Beatles and ending up looking in the window, or dating the centerfold and being dumped by the dirty old man, as it is humiliating and it is being cheated.

Sam Nunberg looks around and sees all of these high positions, all this private contact with Donald Trump in complete frauds and insiders and has been treated like yesterday's trash, and it is a point like General Thomas after the Civil War being offered a crap job while others got the cabinet posts. The problem is Nunberg did not even get the offer of a crap job. That is why Nunberg is one medications, saying self destructive things in interviews in challenged Robert Mueller's witch hunt which is ruining him, and Sam Nunberg is not alone.

Over the course of the rest of the afternoon, Nunberg called into other shows, including CNN host Jake Tapper’s. He repeatedly raged about President Trump treating him “very badly” and “like crap.”
“Donald Trump is an idiot,” he declared at one point.
Nunberg vented about having to hire a lawyer for 80 hours to help sort through campaign emails and having to pay “50-grand [in] legal fees.” He also talked on-air about how his lawyer was probably going to ditch him now.

How many people are feeling let down by Donald Trump in not making peace with Russia? How  about Obamacare still rationing death to them? How about DACA? How about gun owners? How about Christians with all those dead babies? How about every time you fill up your gas tank and know that price hike is because Donald Trump sold your gas to Eurasians?

Sam Nunberg deserves better than this. Hell we all deserve better than this, but that ain't the way life is. Is is as Clint Eastwood said in Unforgiven. It is not about what people deserve. It is just what life is.

I have watched all of this in who gets what. Mike Cernovich did the work and all he got was a damned press pass as that is what he was humiliated with. Sarah Palin got a photo op. I could name the mega list, but what is the point. Ed Rollins is off in fossil land. Roger Stone gets a phone call. Mike Flynn gets hauled away. Paul Manafort gets financially ruined. Those are just a few of the Trump associates that Mr. President has made use of treated like dog chit in a brown bag. What about Alex Jones? What about Roy Moore?
Those are some of the known, how many Angel Parents are out there or how many forgotten people are out there who just got forgotten again in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord?

Obama did it to the Blacks and that is why Bernie Sanders had such traction. I see the allure of blood sports in people trashing each other, but real people get hurt and real people get destroyed. This entire Trump Mueller WWE event has gone too far in it is consuming innocent people. Treat people worthless long enough and they start acting that way.

Americans voted for their dreams in Donald Trump and that is what he promised. It does not make any difference in what Rush Limbaugh always asked in what Trump really meant, as Donald Trump knew exactly what he was conning people into believing.
Sam Nunberg is the face of those close to Trump in what he treats them like. Nunberg is the second insider who just stated that Donald Trump knew exactly what happened in the Russian meetings in Trump Tower in the dirty files on Hillary Clinton.
The Mueller witch hunt is about keeping the "deplorables" like Russia, NRA and UAE from donating to US politics, while others that are the accepted crooks like Obama's terrorists are accepted. It is destroying people and the President at 1600 Penn Avenue is not leader enough to save people who trusted him. All he has is Sean Homo Hannity saying what a great comic Trump is........yeah we know who gets Trump's calls and we know whose best buddy in Mark Levin just got rewarded a new show on FOX.

That is what destroys capable people. That is what has the growing number of people who supported Trump speaking out as they waited over a year for the President to treat them with respect and it never came and it never will.
This is why Americans are disgusted with both political parties as all they do is screw people over and serve the Nazi conglomerate state at the expense of people who did nothing wrong, but have an American Dream.

America needs Sam Nunberg. I hope he remembers that as the sun does not rise and set at Pennsylvania Avenue. There will always be another political leader. I am just waiting for the King of kings in Jesus return as I am through with politics.

After this most interesting exchange, perhaps Sam Nunberg should run in the Republican Primary in 2020, as he certainly is assessing Trump Brand in the White House.

Nunberg has decided to comply with the subpoena, but not after also going after Jared Kushner, whom he calls a “stupid ass,” and criticizing Trump for throwing Bannon under the bus. He claims Trump would have lost by 15 points if he didn’t bring Steve Bannon onboard. He mentioned all of this in a late night interview with The New Yorker, where he also cleared up his remarks about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. He said that she’s a slob because she does Trump’s “dirty business.” When asked if he was referring to her personality and not appearance, Nunberg said, “Yeah, I’m not making a judgment about her terrible appearance, because that would be very rude and not politically correct.”
He also said he doesn’t care if Trump goes down. The main reason for his frustration with the subpoena is the very short time frame he had to turn over the materials it requested.

With just a few words, Nunberg knocked Donald Trump off the pages and out trumped Trump.

Just to make the point. Ronald Reagan never got rid of his interesting characters. He had CIA Bill Casey plotting with all of them in clever projects. That is why the Reagan people never groused about things as Reagan knew how to handle loyalists. That is the difference in Donald Trump in Trump is a cock tease. He is that highschool football cheerleader who flirts to humiliate the boys and then goes of and laughs at them with the jocks.

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