Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Southern & Pettibone the dreaded NAW

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In a breaking story right out of 1776 AD in the year of our Lord, the British invoked Schedule 7 on two NAW, yes the most dreaded and fearful thing in England are the NAW, North American Women.

Here we will quote Lauren Southern explain how she was seized like Americans on the high seas before the War of 1812 AD in the year of our Lord, and pay attention to the questions the British police state was grilling her on.

10h10 hours ago
I'm not kidding about this, but during my questioning by the UK police... I was asked about my Christianity and whether I'm a radical. I was also asked how I feel about running Muslims over with cars.

We can call this the Trump Factor, as apparently Donald Trump thinks that criminal 18 to 21 year olds will tell the Truth on BATF forms, so the Donald has to ban all 18 to 21 year olds as he thinks they are all Nikolas Cruz.

So in Britain Americans are put into incarceration and questioned, and the questions read like something out of the Spanish Inquisition, in demanding to know "what kind of White Christian you are".
I especially like the Trump question of "Are you a radical?", because of course that is the first thing that Lenin, Mao, Ho and Obama did was check the I AM A RADICAL BOX.

I especially liked that question of how one feels about running over Muslims with a cars. In my interrogation I was asked if I was "anti government" by Yul Brenner, and I laughed and said "NO".
I mean how do you answer the car question?  I'm ok if it is a Ford, because they have higher ground clearance like a Range Rover, but if it is a Rolls or Mercedes the Muslims get hooked up under the chassis an turn into a red glaze over the pavement. Now I'm ok with that in being an environmentalist, but I just do not like expensive cars being exposed to  blood as it will cause them to rust out.

I doubt that one would have gotten Lauren Southern released.

In that, I have a theory in England is filled with such faggots that all they can do is like that Cameron who was Prime Minister is ejaculating into pig's mouths. In noting that most English women look like Camilla or Charles, the police state only gets to feel up women they detain, so they use any excuse to be alone with women who would never have anything to do with them.

See this is Lauren Southern.


Here is Brittany Pettibone.

Just like Mike Cernovich's wife, they are hot, and I bet if Mrs. Mike was in London, the police state would be asking her how she feels about running over Muslims with Jaguars.

Martin & I were denied entry to the U.K. & held in a detention facility because 1.) I intended to interview “far right leader”, Tommy Robinson. 2.) Because Martin intended to give a speech at Speaker’s Corner which they alleged would “incite tensions between local communities”.

As I said Brits are fags, so of course they held hunky Martin, as they got a thing of that Sebastian Kurz to as he intends to take over Europe, invade England and make them all bend over and bark like a dog for Russian хуй.

 I was thinking when the state of Minnesota was robbing me by police state point and start laughing about it all, as this little pasty thing whose only dates are with Mark Dayton's dick on viagra, was buys lecturing at me about wearing safety belts, as that was the cover story as he was robbing innocent people, and I just asked him, "Ok how do I pay this thing". That really got him going as he said, "I'm getting to that". He wanted to hold me as captive audience and I was not buying it. I think the pasty boy actually did not file my ticket for awhile just to keep control over me and "make me think about it". Is what happens when attractive women have police state dates, as they start asking you ludicrous questions about how you feel about running over Muslims.

How do I feel about running over Muslims?

Bobby, I don't feel a thing as I got German suspension on my Mercedes!!!

Here is a photo of what a Frentish faggot looks like, a cross between English and French.

All satire aside, as if there was any satire in this post as Trudeau has less dick than Michelle Obama, Donald Trump has interest in Americans held captive in North Korea, but when London does that, he doesn't raise hell, no more than making a nuclear issue of when Michael Savage is banned from England. Yeah the country that can not get enough Islam in, has a problem with a 500 year old Jew as if he is some danger.

That is the Bobby Ghetto of Europe though in England detains Americans as police state as 1776 and 1812. When America had leaders like Washington and Madison, they declared war on Great Britain over abuses against Americans. Donald Trump though has no issue with abuses against Americans and their rights as he is offering his own Constitutional shattering policies on gun control and due process.

A real American President would deploy two aircraft carriers off England, fire off a few salvos over Parliament and inform the Brits that chit happens again in Americans being detained, and America will be flying cover for a Russian invasion as it seems England needs a good cleansing like 1066 AD again in thinning the cloth of the land.

Two little girls who don't weigh 5 stone each, and this is what England calls a threat? It is time that the English face Russia so they comprehend what a real threat is.