Wednesday, March 7, 2018


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know if the scamps of Weather Modification actually read this blog or have it reported back to them, but after the immense atmospheric tears which took place in the last weather storms, something appeared which has not appeared and that was rotation on March 6th, in a massive Lo Pressure system developed over Iowa.
I desired you to witness what real weather looks like, as this what a cyclone or land hurricane looks like in rotation. The problem is, there is  absolutely zero moisture now associated with this storm cell and yet it is rotating yet as a super storm, which in size is larger than any hurricane which has struck the United States in a Cat 5. This thing is 1500 miles in size.


Note how things changed from just the 5th of March and ask yourself, where did all of this moisture go in just 12 hours? It simply can not have disappeared and yet it has vanished.

Again note that the lower Mississippi Valley  storms were north south, and 12 hours later, they are now east west. This is the Iowa Cyclone generating a 2000 mile wave. HAARP in action as nothing in nature exhibits this type of meteorological data.

This is all related to the containment of radioactive fall out. It appears in this last storm set up, that a deluge appears, and then all fragments so little hot spot rains or snows could generate, meaning what remained would be carried aloft and minimized.

An individual who was interested in this, asked me about the meaning of areas like Omaha or New York. In a hypothetical as this blog has no such information, the seers point to an area like New York which will be attacked. If you ever watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles you would have noted Sarah was exposed to radiation, and when that happens the person is scrubbed down with water and lots of red skin.
What would be the solution for a government if they had a hot zone on a detonation, but to scrub an entire area with a massive deluge, like a nor'easter or like the washing effects of these HAARP fronts which linger over the western Minuteman facilities for 36 hours, and then in 12 hours jet to Chicago Pennsylvania, and in just a few hours the system is over New York and out into the Atlantic. That looks like a big shower does it not?

Omaha is the Strategic Air Command, Offut Air Force Base. Huge underground facility that coordinates Texas and North Dakota bases in the SAC. That would be not a myriad of strikes so it would be a contained fall out in that area with it dispersing.

Consider what history has revealed to us. Single detonations, even grande thermonuclear events, dissipate. We have never dealt with 100 missiles burrowing into silos like gophers kicking dirt into the air. That would take an immense cloud cover and precipitation dump to contain that, and wash it back to the earth on ground already contaminated.

HAARP weather mod is actually what evolved when SDI failed. It is a brilliant defense system, but unlike Reagan's shield to protect America, this is dealing with failing to protect the United States, in making certain areas expendable as in the 1950's.

 After figuring out how this toy works and it's versatility, I really have zero interest in this and as the distractions mount, those behind them can deal with the effects, as  HAARP appears focused on containing massive strikes in localities, not so much in certain cities disappearing west of the Mississippi.

Time to move on as I have snow to shovel in these experiments.