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They chose terrorism to defend Joe Stalin

The work of the terrorist Soviet Bolshevik Jew in World War II

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In 2001, the Muslim partisans who were fighting against thee American occupation of their homeland, struck a blow under Sheik bin Laden, and in the ensuing years, the Arab partisans struck at the Americans with car bombs, IED's and sniping.......

For those who are snarling at the above, the Lame Cherry did that for a teaching purpose to gain your attention, because what do you call an armed group, without uniforms, who are murdering your Soldiers, as your nation is fighting for it's survival? The term is defined as TERRORISM, so in the ensuing examination of history, you remember the bullet hole in the back of the brain to the above Solider pictured, and understand that Soldier was murdered by terrorists too, no matter what you have been lectured at in propaganda.

All through the late 1800's in Europe, a religious war was beginning, which involved the assassination of European leaders, riots and it literally toppled the Governments of Russia and Germany during World War I. This fanaticism was a created religion of social justice for all in the organized community, and was known as Marxism or Communism.

There was a decree in the press that the genoicide of Germans was to be carried out by these communists. In this group of communists, the predominating factors were that Ashkenaz Jewry in the Rothschilds in Europe and Schiff's in the United States were funding communist revolutions, because that is the way a banker gains control of vast resources in overthrown nations.

At the end of World War I, Russia succumbed to Bolshevism or Communism, and Germany eventually fought it's way back from her revolution, under the guidance of a National Socialist named Adolf Hitler. When the Wehrmacht made contact with the Soviet hordes, their response is they would never surrender, as there could not be peace between Communists and Nationalists, so the Germans had to die. That is what is genocide, holocaust and crimes against humanity.

All of this has been hidden by the propaganda which allowed the cleansing over Germany after World War II, but the subject of this paper for your understanding is the early winter  of 1941 in Operation Typhoon, where Germany had surrounded the Russian forces in two pockets and were attempting to rid the world of the communist menace, which would bankrupt America in trillions of dollars spent in the Cold War and the murder of over a hundred thousand Americans in Korean and Vietnam.

What Germany soon discovered in the containment of the Soviet army, was that Joe Stalin's order #270 from August 1941, declaring that EVERY Russian who surrendered or deserted were traitors and Stalin would order all of their family members shot.
The result was the Russian ignorant was moved to a zealotry to become terrorists.  The worst of this were the party leadership which were secular Jews. They would appear and murder German Soldiers at every opportunity and then blend back into the villages, which in turn were under the control of the Jewish guild, protected these terrorists.

The German high command termed them then as partisans, and the first note of a real threat in this organized terrorism was October 12th of 1941 where General Kuntzen's LVII Panzer Corp was experiencing this organized terrorism. It became so widespread and it was understood by intelligence who was behind this that General of the Infantry in General Max von Shenkendorff stated, "Where there is a Jew, there is a partisan, and where there is a partisan, there is a Jew."

General Reichenau of the German 6th Army issued a decree which stated, "The Jew Bolshevik System has fused the bestiality on the German and related peoples.
Every soldier must have full understanding for the harsh, but just punishment of the Jewish subhumanity".

Note this was not coming from Adolf Hitler in Berlin. This was coming from Eastern Front, frontline officers who were watching their troops being ambushed and mass murdered. What is never explained is these communists were not carrying out attacks and capturing Germans who surrendered, but were murdering every German to the last one, and executing the wounded. What was taking place with these communists was terrorism and complete violation of the Geneva Convention.

For the legal reality, these attacks were occurring behind German lines, meaning in the doctrine of warfare, anyone who was not wearing a Soviet uniform was judged to be a spy, a commando or in modern terms a terrorist. The Germans had full authority to execute this mob of Stalin terrorists, because they were murdering Germans without quarter.

General Reichenau continued with his general order for his command in explaining the situation:

"The battle against the enemy behind the front is still not being taken seriously enough. Insidious cruel partisans and degenerate women are still being taken as prisoners of war; snipers and tramps, half uniformed or in civilian clothes are being handled as decent soldiers and taken away to detention camps".

General Rundstant, commander of Army Group South, announced his complete aggreement with Reichenau's general order and made it his army's general order. The OKH or Oberkommando des Heeres, Command of the Army received the order and dispatched it as their order for the entire three Germany Armies on the Eastern Front to deal with the terrorism there.

From the period of July 1941 to May of 1942, Germany suffered over 3200 murdered Soldiers by the terrorists, but a the close of 1941 the  Wehermacht began a mop up operation, which executed the terrorists and those in their bases of operations in the urban settlements. The remedy was 80,000 communists who were executed.
Major General Gustav Freiherr von Mauchen Heim of the 707th Infantry Division in his operation against the terrorists captured 10, 940 and subsequently 10, 431 of these terrorists were executed by firing squad legally.

By 1942, it was estimated that 30,000 terrorists were operating for Joe Stalin on the Eastern Front. The war was beginning to turn through attrition as Germany could not sustain the types of losses it was receiving.

These realities have been deliberately censored from this part of history, in the official records reveal that Franklin Roosevelt's good friend, Joe Stalin had created a massive terrorist group of secular Jews who were defined as whores and murderers.  What is important to remember in this above group, they are counted along with Jews in work camps. This is never examined that murderers, whores, terrorists, the scum of humanity are included in that fictional 6 million "Jews" who died in the holocaust. The real number is around 1.3 million, but there was not a people in Europe of any nation which experience war, which did not have like numbers in the million numbers as it was war.

Constantly the Hollywood  propaganda  is that all things were justified in murdering Germans, and yet when it comes to Americans in the Iraq War or in Afghanistan, partisans are terrorists who are engaged in the same terrorism which Germans experienced in even greater numbers.
The fact is, the Germans were the humane group in world war.  They only began retaliating when Stalin's terrorist Jews began a terror wave on the Eastern Front. You do remember Hitler at Dunkirk in allowing the British Army to evacuate to England, when he could have ordered their mass extermination?

It is hoped in the process of more time passing that these realities of what the Bolshevik Jews were engaged in, in calling first for a German Genocide BEFORE THE WAR BEGAN and then resorting to wholesale terrorism, that with that light shown on the realities of the German military, that they were legally defending themselves from organized Soviet terrorism, by their most dominant leadership group in secular Ashkenaz Jewry.

If these communist Jews would have simply stayed in their villages, the Germans would passed them by to rid the world of the murderer Joe Stalin, but instead this leftist Jewry chose to defend a creature who murdered millions of his own Soviets, and chose terrorism to defend Joe Stalin.

Those are the historical facts of 1941 on the Eastern Front. The Germans were engaged in a war against genocide and terrorism to save their nation and people.  Dead Germans do not lie as Joe Stalin turned to Jewish terrorists to prosecute daily 9 11 assaults on innocent German lines.

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