Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lessons to be Learned in the Mueller FBI

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are lessons to be learned in the era of Robert Mueller's FBI as if you are a criminal like Hillary Clinton, you like like a rug. If though you are Mike Flynn and get in the way of the blackmailing billions out of the Russian Federation for Wall Street to steal it, then entrapment follows or like Paul Manafort your wife gets felt up in a pre dawn raid.

It is a reality that every American when coming into contact with Robert Mueller connected FBI that they must invoke the Scooter Libby response, as he was the first person in this era railroaded into prison.

As most of us do not have a lawyer, know a lawyer or ever need a lawyer, because they are honest, the Citizen must before questioning by FBI or Grand Juries have appropriate responses, as no one can remember things clearly that happen in life, and when the FBI is looking to make an example of you, you can not answer questions without hanging yourself.

It would seem the best response in all situations would be a preface like, "I do not want to end up like Mike Flynn, so......."

The following would be added:

I am not sure of the details.

That would be honest as you answered the question in not being sure of the answer as Mueller's FBI or Grand Jury as already proven by Mike Flynn, that there is a willingness to frame people and to lynch them.
When the next question was posed, it would be answered:

I am not certain of the details.

As the question proceeded, it would be answered in this:

I could not possibly elaborate on that, as would not expose myself to charges of misleading this investigation, as I am not certain of the details nore sure of them.

None of that would be a lie, as no one can ever be certain nor sure in recalling exact details of what was said or experienced.
If not the above, one could always utilize the most skilled practitioner on  the planet in  Hillary Clinton's favorite Ken Starr line was, "I don't recall".

The reality is if you answer questions with Robert Mueller's people around whether it was Patrick Fitzgerald or James Comey, you end up in jail, as you had nothing to do with Plamegate or Russiagate, but they nail you on a bad memory. All that is left is telling the Truth in saying you don't recall completely or are not certain or sure of the details, as you do not want to end up on perjury or lying to the FBI charges.

If only American's has Gilligan's Island justice with Judge Thurston, witness Ginger and Prosecutor Professor, then only the bad people would be in jail.

If Mike Flynn had simply said when the FBI showed up, I am not sure or certain of the details, he would be a free man, still making Peace with Putin, and he would still have the home he worked for.

After a Stellar 3-Decade Military Career, Michael Flynn Forced to Sell $895,000 Family Home to Pay Legal Bills Incurred by Robert Mueller’s Tyrannical Fishing Expedition