Friday, April 27, 2018

There is not any such thing as Judeo Christian Values

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When Ben Shapiro is not slumming with the ADL trying to smear White Christians as terrorists in linking them to the Jewish boy, Nikolas Cruz, Shapiro is on the self promote me lecture circuit which is standard of the trade for those seeking to break from the sucking the hind tit to the front.

Shapiro's latest propaganda is once again linking Judeo to Christianity which is absolutely ludicrous as it would be like linking Ray King values, in James Earl Ray was part of the assassination group who murdered Martin King. That is abhorrent to link them, but Shapiro thinks it is a great spin to link Christians to the Jews who murdered their Master in Jesus the Christ.

Shapiro's last foray into Christianity was getting Paul Nehlen banned of Twitter for Shapiro claiming ignorantly that Jesus was a Jew. Jesus was a Galilean and I will not go into the details of the difference again, but Jesus and His followers railed against the Jews.

 Watch: Ben Shapiro’s Amazing Speech To Students About Judeo-Christian Values Is One Of The Greatest

If someone desired to be correct, they could call it Hebraic Christian Values, as that is the correct definition in the Sons of Eber, known as Hebrews by the Egyptians, were the foundation by God of the 13 Tribes which made up Israel. To them by God through Moses was the Law Given in the Old Testament or Covenant.
God divorced though the 10 northern tribes for national sins, and later divorced the Judah Benjamin and Levite tribes of the southern kingdom, who were exiled to Babylon.

It would be Cyrus the Great who allowed the return of a small group of exiles under Nehemiah and Ezra, but Jewry had been transformed by the mystic religions of the east and that is where the Kaballah appears and this political sect of the Sanhedrin was appointed by a Roman ruler.
 Their Talmud calls the Virgin Mary a whore and Jesus a bastard. So much for Judeo Christian values.

As the years progressed, Jewry was dying out in those who remained were a remnant who did not convert to become Christians. At this time the Asian group of Japheth called the Ashkenaz, who were the big nosed, blue eyed, fair skinned "germanics" converted to a form of Jewry and that is what is this Yiddish, guild, communist and monopoly cartel which the world sees the faces of in finance, entertainment and Kushner slum lords.

I will repeat an experience I had with these "Jews". A Jewish scholar moved to Texas to become a professor at a small college. The daughter was telling me how they laughed to scorn those quaint and stupid Texas folks who showed up with their Christian welcome baskets being kind and showing a new neighbor a friendly hand.
Normal people would have thought that was pleasant, but these Jews were the chosen race and too good for Christians, and their redneck welcome wagon.

As I have stated, Ben Shapiro wants Christians around for their money, and he is conning those two boob billionaires sponsoring him. Just be aware you Bible thumpers who are feeding these Jews with your donations and tax money, that the minute the elders succeed in making you a minority and shipping you out of America like Whites in South Africa, it will be just like Jared Kushner in bed with communist Chinese or Saudi radical Muslims. These are the last years of Judeo Christian dogma, because once Christians are replaced with Vatican Mexicans and Muslims in America, you are going to get the same treatment Jesus did.

It is impossible to have Judeo Christian values, because Jews DENY CHRIST Who is the fulfillment of Mosaic Law. Jesus is the completion of the Covenant of Abraham and the Kingship of King David, who both believed in His coming and prepared the way for that arrival.

Just remember what that little pimp Ben Shapiro is, in he is a #NeverTrumper who tried to sink Donald Trump, mocked Evangelical followers of Trump as not being real Conservatives, and is now self promoting himself as the second coming of Dinesh D'Souza, another 3rd world entrail that is part of this bastardizing the Reagan Brand for globalism.

There is only one Way, one Truth and one Life, one door to the Father in Heaven, and that is Jesus the Christ. Anyone who denies that has chosen alienation from God and hell awaits. Allowing this whore of Shapiro to ride on the Christian Church is no different than the whore of Babylon, which is the Vatican riding on the the world powers to promote itself to the jeopardy of the Faithful.

All  there ever has been is Hebrew Christian Value of the Law and Gospel.

Ben Shapiro Explains Why He'll 'Never' Vote for Trump | Breitbart

On Friday, Breitbart News editor-at-large and editor-in-chief announced that he would never vote for Donald Trump.

And Ben Shapiro will NEVER support Christianity. Just watch for Judeo Islam values when the money taps flow.

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