Friday, April 27, 2018

Donald Trump Earned a Nobel Peace Prize



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The Lame Cherry arises and states at this time, that President Donald Trump has earned a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, with the coming together of North and South Korea, in the coming peace treaty within one year that these two nations have pledged to sign. For several generations, Korea has been at war, and now peace will arrive, and this is from the good offices of President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has joined the real peacemakers of the earth in President Theodore Roosevelt who brokered the first real peace in this region between Russia and Japan. President Jimmy Carter earned his Nobel Prize too for his Camp David Accords between Egypt and the Israeli state.
Donald Trump by bringing together North and South Korea in unified hands raised, deserves to be awarded the greatest peace prize in the world.


North and South Korea Make Historic Agreement on Peace, Unification, Denuclearization

This is not a matter of when treaties are signed, or if a war breaks out in the future, or tensions with the Koreas. This is a reality that the leaders of the United States, North Korea and South Korea are now all deserving of the Nobel Prize for Peace.

This has been a very difficult road in failed American diplomacy with North Korea, as HW Bush was disarming South Korea sending the wrong signal. Bill Clinton bribed North Korea. W Bush attempted to overthrow North Korea. Birther Hussein ignored Korea, but it has been Donald Trump by God's Grace who has prevailed in bringing this point.
As  stated this has not been an easy road for Mr. Trump, as he faced a coup from political factions in America, the impediment of Robert Mueller's witch hunt. The Dr. Strangelove of Herbert McMaster at NSA in trying to start a nuclear war with North Korea and the missteps of Vice President Mike Pence in ignoring Kim Jong Un's sister and Ivanka Kushner at the Olympics being overshadowed by Kim's sister.
Mr. Trump has prevailed over all of the failures of others, and he is most deserving the Nobel Prize for Peace.

As stated, it does not matter in the least what is in Kim Jong Un's heart, no matter than it matters what was in the Czar or Emperor's heart for President Theodore Roosevelt as war followed a generation later. What matters is the Koreans agreed to a peace treaty and that is what the Nobel Peace Prize is all about.

It must also be addressed thee absolute degrading of the Nobel Prize by the Committee in awarding it to Barack Hussein Obama in 2009, when Obama had never accomplished any diplomacy. Obama instead disrupted and began wars much to the degradation of the Nobel Prize. The Nobel Committee can do a great deal in restoring it's reputation and the prize in awarding to leaders who have actually begun hammering nuclear swords into ploughshares.

All of these reasons, in sending a message to the world that peace is rewarded and celebrated, instead of war being glorified, and that message is the Nobel Prize for Peace for Donald John Trump, President of the United States.

All of us must join in with this resolve and provide President Donald Trump of the United States an award for peace which he has earned on the world stage.

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