Friday, April 27, 2018

The End of the #NeverTrumpers

 NO, NO, NO..........The ConREDerate State...we will rise again......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Gayway Pundit had an interesting post on the growing influence of President Trump, in Salem Media conducted a purge of Red State in fire all the #NeverTrumper ranters.

#NeverTrump Troll Website Redstate Finally Shut Down Over Lack of Interest

The #NeverTrumpers have done none of us any good. They so inflamed the rhetoric in trying to destroy Donald Trump for the deep state for Bush fam in collusion with Obama Clinton, that the voters stopped listening, and went into euphoria mode, and stopped listening to points made here in attempting to get Donald Trump to keep his 2016 promises to MAGA and get a better deal for them.
If you read TheMaven or the Resurgent run by troll Erick Erickson who was one of the worst, along with Ben Shapiro, Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol, the posts are like reading profanity off of super market cardboard boxes, as it has absolutely zero attraction. It is a horrid situation in either you have the Trump Clappers like Sunprancer over a Kushner media or you have Erickson pumping venom that has the toxicity of fairy pee.

Erickson has put out the welcome mat for the failed and fired maniacs of Red State as he attempts to build up his 4 comment readership to 4 comment readers.

If you watch what Erickson did, when he bolted from the environment, his choice was Leon Wolf to run Red State.

Erickson then named long-time RedState writer Leon Wolf as the site’s managing editor following his departure next December.
“Leon [is] our house snapping turtle,” he wrote in a separate post about Wolf’s new role.
“Once he latches on to something, he does not let go until he gets resolution or hears thunder,” Erickson said. "But rarely has he been wrong.”

Leon Wolf though has a toxicity worse than Ericksons as he was one of the misogynists with Erickson engaged in the Obama Bush political rape of Conservative women, starting with Sarah Palin.

After a Breitbart piece highlighting Bristol Palin’s confrontation with Erickson included reference to a RedState hit piece on the Palins, the author of the RedState article, Leon H. Wolf, flexed his Twitter muscles at the Palins.
Wolf’s tweets take shots at Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Breitbart News, Palin supporter and writer Gary Jackson, and even me. Erickson is apologizing while one of his writers is firing away. You can understand why Erickson’s motives and sincerity are being questioned.
The Palins are not alone in their take on Erickson. Even the Washington Post smells a rat.

Erickson has always been on the wrong side of history. I never have been led by NBC's Tim Russert's Red State flip of Republican states from Reagan Blue State. It was a deliberate psychological ploy by the deep state to taint the GOP as red is a danger, just as reds were a danger in the communist years.
Red is an offputting color, a color of danger, and that was cemented into flat brains who clung to Red State, instead of fighting back for Blue State Reagan.
Erickson was the antithesis of Ronald Reagan in not allowing Donald Trump to appear at a Red State gathering and for that Donald Trump was delighted when Erickson was shown the door.

“Wow, great news! I hear @EWErickson of Red State was fired like a dog. If you read his tweets, you'll understand why. Just doesn't have IT!” Trump tweeted

Erickson said that he thinks Trump’s tweet showed that “the man holds some grudges.” In August, Trump was uninvited to the RedState gathering in Atlanta (nine other GOP candidates attended) after some controversial comments about Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Later Thursday Trump returned to bashing Erickson, tweeting, ".@EWEricksonis a total low life --- read his past tweets. A dummy with no “it” factor. Will fade fast."

The amusing part of this is Rush Limbaugh, was musing this past week in not remembering the names of those #NeverTrumpers as he pondered. The amusing part is Erickson was being groomed as the prime replacement for Limbaugh, until Erickson went Trump Deranged. Others like Mark Belling and Mark Steyn had sense to roll it back, but Erickson just went putrid along with his type, and that is why he is stuck in Atlanta again and not a up and coming national figure.

Almost all of the Trump bashers have now been silenced and marginalized. When Donald Trump starts winning in Nobel Prizes for Korea, the Erick Erickson's will be the John Birchers gone and forgotten. The Lame Cherry is not about to be a clapper on these horrid policies Donald Trump has been implementing for Obama's 3rd term, but when Donald John makes a deal for North Korea, that means peace we can live with and not die in a McMaster nuclear war, this blog will praise the President and living in the future will already have published what Lindsey Graham is speaking of in Donald Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize.
I though have a multi dimensional reason for the peace prize for President Trump.

Lindsey Graham: Trump Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize if North Korea Follows Through

Donald Trump will continue to grow in power. He will continue via the DIA eliminate the #NeverTrumpers and I have doubts how long this blog will remain for the biting satire. I will though always be fair and honest, and when the President does good, I will praise him, and when he goes globalist, I will point out the disaster and what should have been done for the American People.

As for now, Erick Erickson is the #CesspoolManager of the Trump flush as the DIA continues it's purge in this new order as the turds flow to the sewer.

Mark Levin wised up and got a job at FOX. Erick Erickson is still running flat brain as he becomes he 21st century Bircher.

As a post script to this, do you really think that Donald Trump is this powerful to be cutting off lunatics at the knees? It is the DIA behind Donald John. This weeding out process will grow in this happy junta.
There are things generating and the few with brains are finding a hole to crawl into as look for the progenitors of this out of the old order. People have no idea what it once was to deal with the reach of this group as the last time most are heard from is begging for a job before they disappear.

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