Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The 10 dollar Calf Bed

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Not such a good year here for many reasons, but then what else is new with so many evil people in the world thinking they are getting away with doing satan's bidding.

This is about a baby calf  we saved and some lessons for people who are thinking about baby calves and have no alternative than their home as this one almost died from hypothermia.

Calves are not like goats in their hooves hard, while goat hooves are soft, which means there is zero grip on a calf so they can not stand on human floors. They can get hurt in going splayed leg.

The solution after too many educational seminars by baby calves is we found that blankets are the first necessity. I put down newspapers as they do help grip a little, but what you want is a big blanket that has filling in it, and is not slippery in synthetics. It is best to use natural fibers.
On top of this I use a geezer piss pad that they put on beds, as baby calves do piss. If you are spry those geezer pads for leaking work to catch pee if you catch the calf peeing. That part was easier as she was in the living room and being young she was only getting up when we fed her.

For the record, the blanket cost 6 bucks as the dog people all raided the thrift store for puppies, so I had to get the one off the rack.
When we moved her to the porch and a concrete floor this was folded up to a lofty bed.

On top of this I put the 1.50 pet blanket which added to the dollar piss plastic, that is 7.50.

On top of that, in case we had pee surprises, we put on two towels spread out which makes this 10.00 dollars for a great calf bed, or a great dog bed. In most cases you could sleep on this and enjoy it too.

Spread out, I did use two horse blankets as layering is key on slipper floors to keep the calf from slipping.

This actually worked out pretty good, in I only had to wash the towels twice and everything once, and the little girl moved into the porch, and has only had to have the towels switched once, as she is learned to not pee in bed and goes for a walk outside of her bed, usually looking in the kitchen door waiting to be fed.

If it was not such a pisser outside, we take her out for a romp where she pees. Is great fun as she is quite independent in running around, but always comes back to us as we are the herd. At this point we are still trying to get her back with her mum, but the weather is so severe yet, it is easier for me to milk the cow and feed the calf inside.
I like her in the house as she is a very good girl. Has not made any noise at all nor done any rampage stuff in the house. I talk to her and TL does too and she understands and tones it all down.

This is the solution to numbers of things, unless of course you have a cat who sleeps on my pile of clothes and glares at me from the lofty heights.

That about ends this in another Lame Cherry helpful hint.

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