Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Steve Mnuchkin Announces New 100 Dollar Bill

Sec. Mnuchkin announces:
In order to preserve American currency.......


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I just do not know what to make of this, as while all of us love and adore, dare we say worship Donald Trump, some things in American tradition just seem bigger than us all, yet it has come to his blogs attention that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchkin in having enough of the Obama era of putting tampons and watermelons on US currency in ridding it of White Folks, has completed designs on what is being termed around the gang at Treasury as the Honest Donald. 


 The "Honest Donald"

As I have stated earlier, we all love, adore and yes dare we say worship President Trump, but what Secretary Mnuchkin has initiated just sort of looks like he is sucking up to the President. The front of the Honest Donald is of course our remarkable President, President Donald J. Trump in his fitting likeness of resolute readiness and resolve, the Three Trump R's are always visible in his stoic expression.
It is though the back of the 100 dollar bill which I believe has gone a bit too far.

Apparently Ivanka had stopped by with John Kelly, and there not being enough chairs again, the Chief of Staff kindly was bouncing Ivanka on his knee while holding her on his lap, and upon looking at Philadelphia on the back of the old 100 dollar bill with Benjamin Franklin, John Kelly quipped, "Well that is the City of Brotherly Love", and as we all love President Trump, would it not be best if we go rid of Philadelphia and put Ivanka who the President loves as his Princess on the back of the bill, as we all know Ivanka worked so very hard on passing the tax cuts and has been promoting girl funding education....."

With that, Mnuchkin pulled out his cell phone and snapped some photos of Ivanka on the couch in his office and that is the portrait we see on the back of the 100 dollar bill.

I know we all love and adore Ivanka, not as much as her father, but the thing is she has worked so very hard, but in tradition, we just do not put non Indians or great people on our coins, except that Susan B. Anthony which was another breaking of tradition.


Trump Tower future site of Trump Memorial, Library and Mausoleum

Tradition currency has like memorials on it or buffalo. I would think for the President that the Trump Tower would have been more appropriate than Ivanka as she should simply wait until she is the first woman President after like 47 males and claim that title as her achievement, as far too many women have not been listed in history, as every knows Christopher Columbus discovered America, but no one really knows which woman sailed a ship for the first time to say, 'Yes Columbo discovered a continent and I confirm this".

Unfortunately though this project has been so secretive that no public comment was allowed to provided suggestions in how a nation can properly adore President 45. I realize that talk is by Sec. Ryan Zinke to disclosed several locations in Colorado, Utah and Idaho for a Mount Trumpmore, dwarfing Rushmore in being an entire mountain as the bust of President Trump, but for now we must content ourselves with the Honest Donald and hope for the day that Ivanka is the first female president in Washington DC with auxiliary office in Tel Aviv.

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