Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A DNA Lynching of James DeAngelo

 Is is ok for police to beat up an old man?
Is it ok for police to beat up an old rapist?
Is it ok when it is you?

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The following is not an exoneration of the person named James Joseph DeAngelo, as the Golden State Killer, Original Night Stalker and East Area Rapist, who in police reports witnesses mentioned thinking there were two people in their homes at times, but a warning about DNA, which this blog warned all of you about in not being foolish in submitting it ever to online sites, as conglomerates then own it, and the police in DeAngelo's case actually violated company policy in obtaining the DNA examination process "linking" DeAngelo's to the crimes, because next time it just might be you,  having your DNA mixed up with someone else in this testing and it is your kid who ends up getting arrested for rape as it is your familiar type which the police are looking at.

What bothers me in this is the police state, as I wondered at the mugshot arrest of DeAngelo's in how a 72 year old man was bleeding from wounds on his face. It is compounded with the quote below in DeAngelo's was  in a wheelchair in court, and barely able to speak because he was that weak. That signifies that the police pounced on him with extreme prejudice, and knowing that a 72 year old was not going to spring away, that he was in  t shirt so he did not have any concealed weapons, it is an abuse of power of beating up an old man, because the DNA said he was a murderer and a rapist who made fools out of law enforcement.

On Friday, Joseph James DeAngelo appeared in court to face murder charges. Handcuffed to a wheelchair in orange jail scrubs, the 72-year-old looked dazed and spoke in a faint voice to acknowledge he was represented by a public defender. He did not enter a plea.

In reading about the examination of DeAngelo's DNA, it came from a relative who placed it on website, and police then started investigating an entire family of living innocents, and targeted DeAngelo.

'Golden State Killer' DNA search led to wrong man last year

The quote below speaks of an Oregon case where an old man was suspected of crimes again by police, and obtained DNA samples from him while he was flat on his back sick, and this is how they proceeded to invade his privacy. In the Oregon case the FBI contacted the daughter later who was shocked as she had no idea any of this was going on, and more to the point, her father was  INNOCENT in they were looking at the wrong man in the DNA sample markers.

Investigators arrested DeAngelo on Tuesday after matching crime-scene DNA with genetic material stored in an online database by a distant relative. They relied on a different website than in the Oregon search, and did not seek a warrant for his DNA. Instead, they waited for him to discard items and swabbed them for DNA, which proved a conclusive match to evidence from crimes more than 30 years ago, they said.
The co-founder of the genealogy website used by authorities to help identify DeAngelo said on Friday that he had no idea its database was tapped by law enforcement.

Did you know that chemicals and radiation can change DNA?

How Does Radiation Affect Humans? - Georgetown University

What effect can ionizing radiation have on chemical bonds? ... the DNA in a single human cell would be more than 2 ... effects resulting from radiation exposure, ...

Did you know that being sick can change your DNA? Did you know that your genes alter during life, even from stress?

Can Your DNA Change During Your Life? (with pictures)

DNA actually does change a little as a person ages, and it can also change in response to disease. The way that DNA changes...

Epigenetics: How to alter your genes - Telegraph

And that your DNA itself might ... Now research has found it can also change due to ... on the day of the attacks were far more likely to give birth to stressed ...

You have all heard of the genetic markers and the statistical probability of a 98% match. That the DNA has a 1 in 5 million probability of a match. That old, over used samples of DNA can change and degrade, even when incorrectly processed.
What happens when you end up arrested and the DNA markers say it is you, and you know it is not you, and you end up convicted, because sooner or later someone is going to be the genetic freak from corrupted DNA that gets nailed out of a data base that is commercial and mixes up some samples and the police decided to go with it, as it is a high profile case and do not want to be made fools of.

Also, different DNA analysis processes can reduce the amount of DNA recovery if the procedures are not properly done. Therefore, the number of times a piece of evidence is sampled can diminish the DNA collection efficiency. Another spurious statistical argument is based on the false assumption that a 1 in 5 million probability of a match automatically translates into a 1 in 5 million probability of innocence 

DNA is all about probability and not exact matches. It is markers and in James DeAngelo's case, he might have had a now dead Uncle along in his crimes, or another male relative who left DNA at these crime scenes, and DeAngelo is the on under arrest. Yes the evidence appears to point to him in the DNA, but as this blog noted, the forensic psychology points to someone else, as DeAngelo had a temper and cursed. The EAR, GSK and ONS, never ranted as DeAngelo did, and in fact the rapist was known to cry on several occasions in remorse.
That is why this case points to others involved in these crimes with DeAngelo, and after noting he was beat up by the police and bleeding and ended up in a wheelchair, doubts begin to surface as the police would rough up a geezer who made a fool of them,  so with Patton Oswalt's dead wife making this an issue before she died, what other corners did the police cut, as they never obtained as search warrant for research into a private company's website data of private citizens.

DNA profiling - Wikipedia

DNA profiling (also called DNA fingerprinting, ... (PI), which is a statistical measure of how powerfully a match at a particular marker indicates paternity.

There were over a dozen very beefy males who pounced on a 72 year old man and by the photos afterwards were quote pleased with themselves as those fossil cops of the 1980's could not get the killer, while these 21st century 230 pound suits got their man.

 It requires 12 beefy cops to arrest a 72 year old man

The thing is even DeAngelo's court appointed attorney has his defense wrong in what she proclaimed in court.

“We have the law to suggest that he is innocent until he’s proven guilty,” said his attorney, Diane Howard.

The Golden Thread which combines all law is not a law of suggestion, but PRESUMPTION, presumption of innocence. That means the forethought of the entire law is James DeAngelo is innocent, until proven guilty to a jury of his peers who then make that finding. DNA in police files means zero, and yet the law dictating that everyone is innocent has been bastardized now from DNA to suggest you are innocent. That means you are guilty and the law only suggests it might not be you.

 As I review this case, an OJ defense team would shred  this case. The DNA was obtained without a court ordered search warrant online in that data base.  DeAngelo was assaulted in the arrest by a mob of beefy boy cops. He is now in a wheelchair looking like he will not survive the proceedings. The point in this is as Obama murdering a bin Laden stand in for political reasons, denied the families of 911 closure, this law enforcement is coming very close to snatching closure from the families of the raped and  murdered victims.

This was horrid law enforcement work, and a judge should throw out the DNA, and without the DNA there is not a case for evidence, and then a case emerges in police brutality.


It is always a matter of when the police do the above in beating up an old man, his lawyer now changing the law that it just suggests innocence, does not obtain a court ordered search warrant for evidence, that next time it is Scooter Libby, Michael Flynn or Donald Trump being railroaded for a faction of the mob.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said deputies had been conducting surveillance on DeAngelo and obtained “discarded” DNA that confirmed his identity. Jones said he was taken into custody by his deputies without incident. He said they waited for him to leave his house and then arrested him. Jones said DeAngelo seemed “very surprised” when he was arrested.

How does without incident become these wounds then in someone ramming his head into things?

On Friday, GEDmatch confirmed on its landing page for logged-in users that law enforcement sifted through its DNA database in the case:
To correct a BIG misunderstanding, we do not show any person’s DNA on GEDmatch. We only show manipulations of data such as DNA [matches].
We understand that the GEDmatch database was used to help identify the Golden State Killer. Although we were not approached by law enforcement or anyone else about this case or about the DNA, it has always been GEDmatch’s policy to inform users that the database could be used for other uses, as set forth in the Site Policy
While the database was created for genealogical research, it is important that GEDmatch participants understand the possible uses of their DNA, including identification of relatives that have committed crimes or were victims of crimes.
If you are concerned about non-genealogical uses of your DNA, you should not upload your DNA to the database and/or you should remove DNA that has already been uploaded. To delete your registration contact gedmatch@gmail.com.

To wrap this up, examine the witness descriptions of the rapist and murderer, and it should be rapists and murderers, because it is obvious there were more than DeAngelo involved. In actual photos of DeAngelo of that era, his hairline did not match the witness descriptions.

In fact, thee official FBI suspect looks zero like DeAngelo, but resembles two celebrities of that ear in Vince Van Patten and Barry Van Dyke.

In fact another eye witness sketch looks like Bill Medley and Jim Varney.

And none of them look like James DeAngelo in the least.

 What we are told is that the DNA matches James DeAngelo in two cases. There are three problems in the other evidence though:

Witnesses thought another man was at the scene.

The witness sketches all are different.

DeAngelo's profile from youth up, is one of stability and accomplishment. He worked his last job almost 30 years. He was dependable from the armed services, to police advancement, to this retirement.

In his late teens, DeAngelo moved to rural Auburn with his mother and stepfather, according to Doug Burgarel, a neighbor at that time. DeAngelo’s stepfather worked for Burgarel’s father at Sierra Crane and Hoist as a welder making indoor overhead cranes. The stepfather bought a piece of land from the Burgarals and built a home.
He lived with his mother and stepfather in Auburn, according to the Sacramento Bee. In 1970, he worked for Sierra Crane and Hoist with his stepfather. He went on to study at Sierra College, completing an associate’s degree with honors in police science. He then attended California State University at Sacramento and graduated with a degree in criminal justice, specializing in criminal law. Before being hired in Exeter, he interned with the Roseville Police Department, working in the patrol, identification and investigation divisions.
In 1976, while working in Exeter, DeAngelo was promoted to sergeant and put in charge of an anti-burglary team with another sergeant from a nearby department, according to a newspaper article from the time.

 There are too many questions to be pronouncing sentence in a closed case. There are far to many celebrities who think this is a joke to mug for the camera and far too many in law enforcement who are responding to celebrity.