Thursday, May 17, 2018

America is supposed to be Jesus side, not the Jews, not the Palestinians

Rioting against Jews Mr. President by the Philistines is in America's
interest as Americans can then sell missiles for profit to the Jews

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am really displeased about Americans being bombarded by the Jew press and Muslim press, in attempting to make Americans choose sides in oil blackmail or cartel manipulation when it comes to the Philistines of Gaza, after they legitimately attacked the Jewish state when President Donald Trump moved the US embassy rightfully to Jerusalem.

The point I want every reader to understand is the Lame Cherry is on THEE AMERICAN SIDE, not a Jew promoter or a Muslim enabler. I base everything on what is best for America, not these sand culls of the Mideast.

When I state LEGITIMATE, that does not mean LEGAL. When I say LEGITIMATE that does not mean I approve of the actions. I define legitimate in Donald Trump having the right to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and legitimate for Jews to shoot Philistines and legitimate for Philistines to go over the wall and attack the Jews.
It is illegitimate though to drag the United States into the cross hairs of a fight which America has zero interest in. Americans can love Jesus all they want when Jews hate him as much as Muslims, but that does not mean America has to say Amen to Jews or Muslims manipulating Americans to be dragged into this fight.

Captured Terrorist Reveals Cowardly Hamas Forces Civilians to Riot: Caught on Camera Explaining Women, Children Sent to ‘Front Line’


I am going to be the Philistines advocate here as God actually defines the Philistines as the sisters to the American lost 10 tribes and the real Jewish trio of tribes. These people are relatives to Americans in God's eyes and legitimately God in the Bible castigates the Israelite and Judahite as being more treacherous than the Philistines and Sodomites.

Americans should revisit their colonial past in Sam Adams in the Patriots he led, where John Adams, his cousin, defended in court a group of British Soldiers who fired upon Americans who were in riot against England.
When the real story came out, that Sam Adams and his mob were pressing the British Soldiers who were terrified and screaming at them to SHOOT, just like LaVoy Finicum told the cops to shoot him if they wanted to, one of the Patriots threw a rock and struck a British Soldier who in a panic fired on the Americans and so did the other Soldiers.

Getting armed military to fire into civilians is an old gambit for peoples who do not have standing armies and rely on the media to do the first wave of fighting for them. In that is it is legitimate for Philistines to put babies and children in the rifle scopes of Jewish snipers to kill the children for American fodder. It is legitimate for the Philistines to fake injuries and to pretend to be cripples, because this is a propaganda game where  they do not have a standing army to fight the Jews who have them in a ghetto.

This blog solved all of this long ago in what requires to be done is to buy all the lands of these Philistines and move them to a Sinai location, separated out from the Jewish State, stating no standing army and putting in a pipeline from Egypt's Nile to Turkey's Euphrates to provide 40 acre farms to these peoples to make the wilderness bloom.
Their government would be Swiss in Cantons having all power with a limited federal system.
This all could have been done at far less cost than billions to the Jewish military by Americans, but peace is not what is wanted, as conflict is profit.

In noting this, the Philistines have been robbed by their corrupt thug leadership. They have nothing but walls and sand  to behold each day. That is their ant hill future as the Jewish lords dictate their lives and the Jewish picked terror leaders bash them about to keep them rioting on command.
Of course you are going to have people upset, especially young males in an environment like that, so the end result is not surprising.

What is disgusting is the cartel which runs American fake news has pitted Jew press against Muslim propaganda, in order to draw Americans in to bleed and die, and be looted more for this cartel money scheme. I simply will not choose between two peoples who both hate Jesus and will not allow Christians a presence in their lands.

I choose America and what is best for America, and the best for America is the solution of replanting the Philistines with a buffer zone to keep them from the Jews, who will still be spiked by the cartel to try and draw Americans in as that is where the money is at yet.

The reality is Americans used the same tactics as the Philistines and the Jews use the same tactics as they always parade photos of some settlement attacked by Philistines. Well if the settlement was not there, it would not be attacked. I am not saying the Jews do not have right to settlements. I am saying, let them buy weapons and they can fight it out, as it is not in America's interest at all, as the French and Europeans gave the Jews the atomic bomb and LBJ after the Jews shot John Kennedy gave Tel Aviv uranium, so the Jews made their bed.........including the American Jews who did not settle in the West Bank as Prime Minister Begin pleaded for them to do, as why should Jews in luxury put in the time to have a half dozen kids and defend the Jewish state when they can get Russian Jews to die for their religion.

The Lame Cherry has now injected reality into this of thee American Policy as it should be administered beyond all this propaganda press. It will not stand as this is about dividing America in this incessant hate Jews, hate Muslims rhetoric designed to keep Americans from progressing to the thought, I DON'T WANT TO HATE ANY OF THESE CULLS. I DON'T WANT TO FUND THEM. I DON'T WANT TO DIE FOR THEM. IF THEY WANT TO FIGHT. WE CAN SELL THEM GUNS TO KILL EACH OTHER, OTHERWISE IT IS NONE OF OUR BLESSED INTEREST AS JESUS SAVED ME AND THAT IS WHOSE SIDE AMERICA IS SUPPOSED TO BE ON. NOT ON THE SIDES OF THOSE WHO HATE JESUS".

Jews killing Philistines is in America's financial interest, Mr. President

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