Thursday, May 17, 2018

Fair Play For Putin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really do not get a whole lot about this story in the details, other than not brown paper bag Afroids fled the plantation of America for Paris in like the 1950's and one named Gibson got pissed off at his liberal comrades, and wrote to the CIA that he wanted to spy on them, as he worked at CBS and was then managing the Fair Play for Cuba group which would factor into the Kennedy Assassination.

Richard Dick Gibson
 When he left CBS, Gibson took over running the FPCC, and it grew rapidly on college campuses. He resisted subpoenas from Senate investigators seeking to discredit the group and urged civil rights leaders to support the Cuban cause.

 I am really pissed off and fed up in waiting for some rich people to grow compassion or feel guilt for a big donation, so I am taking a page out of the Afroid book, as all the people on the internet are paid stooges but me any way, and as I don't have any paper, and do not know the address of the CIA, I figure I might as well post my letter here just like Dick did, as postage is now like 50 cents a letter, and I do not know if this would be a sure thing or not.

On April 26, when the National Archives released thousands of documents pertaining to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, they included three fat CIA files on Gibson. According to these documents, he had served U.S. intelligence from 1965 until at least 1977. The Gibson files revealed his CIA code name, QRPHONE-1, his salary—as much as $900 a month—his various missions, as well as his attitude (“energetic”) and performance (“a self-starter”).

 The Lame Cherry has a problem though in I am not a subversive and I don't know any subversives. Well unless Christians are on terror lists, so maybe I do have an inroad to the CIA.
The thing is, I don't want to work for the CIA as they seem on the outs. The NSA seems to treat folks badly in all those reviews, so I was thinking the DIA could hire me.

900 dollars a month at 1960's prices is quite a bit of cash. The people who wrote the original article say it is 6000 dollars a month now. That is 72.000 dollars a year. Thing is, I am not an Afroid in Paris, and I manage the best blog in the world, so I think I should be getting double that, like 144,000 dollars a year. There should be something like perks, like an DIA expense account where I can buy things like fishing poles and take trips hunting in Canada.

 Four years later, according to his file, the agency increased Gibson’s tax-free salary of $600 a month to $900 a month (the equivalent of more than $6,000 in 2018 dollars). His mission: to report on “his extensive contacts among leftist, radical, and communist movements in Europe and Africa.”
I fully intend to earn my money, so I am starting the FPFP group. FPFP is Fair Play For Putin group. That sounds like something someone from an agency would be interested in to pay me like 350,000 dollars a year with salary and perks.......oh I want a uniform too, Marine dress blue, I want to be a General too with medals and get in on that military retirement thing, so I can sell guns at Bass Pro and get a discount.

Where was I?


Oh yeah my undercover identity will be General HH Heineke. That would be Horace Horatio Heineke. No one will be looking for a woman under that name so that is really deep cover


I figure the NSA already has a file on me with Homeland and the FBI, so DIA can just classify it all. Put big black ink all over the page and that will suite me just fine, as the Lame Cherry becomes the leader of Fair Play for Putin. I don't expect a whole lot of deep throat stuff going on as the people who like Putin are pretty mundane and it is the people who hate Putin who are the nuts, but that might be my work in we will hire pretty girls to stand on street corners with their Fair Play for Putin uniforms, handing out sugary candy like Putin Pops and those that don't like it, go onto the list of bad people and that way we all help the world be a safer place.


Dear DIA,

My name is La'me Cherry. Hire me as I run Fair Play for Putin, and I need a budget of 20 million dollars to manufacture Putin Pops and hire a staff to hand them out on street corners. My salary is 12,000 dollars a month with an expense account for fishing poles and hunting of 350,000 dollars. There will be an allowance for my General uniforms and I get to use a Stryker 52 weekends a year, and an F 35 on major holidays.

Thank you for hiring me.

La'me Cherry.

I think that about wraps it up as I expect to be on the DIA salary in no time and be driving my Stryker around by the 4th of July.

Who knew to be a spy all you had to do was write a letter and the CIA would hire you. America is just an amazing place.

Then again............maybe my 6000 is a bit on the slim side, as a coward is being paid for not working almost as much as I will be for being a General in the DIA.

Deputy Who Did Not Confront Parkland
Shooter Collecting $8,700 Monthly Pension

Breitbart Big Government, by Nate Church    Original Article
Former Broward deputy Scot Peterson is collecting $8,702.35 per month on his pension, following his resignation after he failed to confront the Parkland shooter. The officer that Donald Trump declared a “coward” is currently collecting a healthy taxpayer stipend for his service. Peterson remained outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while while Nikolas Cruz — who has confessed to carrying out the attack, according to his arrest affidavit — slew 17 people with an AR-15. Later, Peterson claimed he thought the shots were coming from outside of the building. His lawyer said that Peterson “believed that those