Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Inspector General is warning the Crooks he is Investigating?

Hello John Brennan, this is the Inspector General's office
and he wanted to warn you of your crimes have been discovered
so you have 30 days to concoct a story to get out of this.


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I am sort of wondering about United States law, because last time I looked General Michael Flynn was surprised with entrapment questioning, Paul Manafort was thrown out of bed in the pre dawn dark as his wife's nightie was searched by the FBI with her in it, and Robert Mueller was busting the President's ass in threatening Donald Trump in how big of rack he was going to strap Donald John to.

In the upcoming Inspector General's Report of the crimes against America by key elements at DOJ, FBI and CIA, it was reported in the British press that the report would be revealed in parts over the next weeks to month.
Why is it when it comes to Trump people, they get flash grenade surprised with storm troopers, but when it comes to the John Brennan crooks, this little quote appears in THEY HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED AND HAVE A CHANCE TO RESPOND.

Those named in report, however, have been warned of its content and have the chance to respond to the findings featured in its pages.

Seriously, what the hell is this!!!???

When it comes to regular Americans, they get slapped around, their families threatened, they get entrapped and smeared in leaks to the press to pressure them, but when it comes to these crooks caught in criminal activity by the Inspector General, a report turned over the US Attorney John Huber for Grand Jury investigation and indictment, they all get a month to get a high priced lawyer, concoct alibis and flee the country from getting sentenced to 25 years to public execution.


Hello Peter Strzok, this is the Inspector Generals office,
your crimes have been uncovered, but you have thirty days to
cut a deal with Robert Mueller for full immunity.

Again what the hell is this?  Because most of these rats still have their security clearances to spy on all of us and frame the President further, leak to the press and yes, monitor the investigation against them, but anyone outside of this group is either under house arrest, is in prison or is under siege like the President.

I have never heard in my life that the FBI told Al Capone they were about to be arrested, and they were giving him a month to concoct a story. I mean how about LaVoy Finicum in Oregon getting warned by the FBI that they were going to assassinate him, and of course they gave him a 30 day head start to not get shot.

Seriously what the hell is this, that people in this secret society who committed high crimes, not only get warned, but are given the opportunity to concoct a lie that their evil twin did it all as she lied to her diary.

This Inspector General has lost all credibility as there are again the example of two laws in America. One for the Obama deep state and one for Donald Trump and normal Americans.

This is the definition of what is the swamp.


Hello Andrew McCabe, this is the office of Inspector General
and your crimes have been uncovered, and you have 30 days
to flee the United States in getting a new identity as Fifi the French magician


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