Friday, May 18, 2018

Dimitrios Pagourtzis

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Did  I not tell you that more of these shootings would be taking place to influence the coming midterm elections and is it not fascinating that that they are in gun owner states like Florida and Texas, as if by design?

The first thing in this is the problem with this kid's name, Dimitrios Pagourtzis. He should have been called a White American name like Danny Page, which is what normal immigrants did 100 years ago as they wanted to fit in. Let some kid be called some freak foreign name and you get a Barack Obama f*cking with the presidential elections three times in a row.

The next problem is in this Obama hating White Republican America, is this kid has his head up his ass in he likes Nazis and has Commie medals. I mean how head up the ass is that. That is like having a KKK sheet on while playing playing Malcolm X. Commies and Nazis hate each other. This kid grew up being taught to hate America and he thought being a Comnaz was the way to go.

As you can see by the photo, this kid was picked on. The girls like the ones with Nikolas Cruz, another foreign damn sounding name had nothing to do with him. Too damn much soy milk in this kid made him not Texas brush popper. The kid needed to be out trapping coyotes, hunting wild hogs and not pissing around with a Greek  name in America.

Kid looks like Sean Hannity before Hannity went mic thug and found some woman in debt to have sex with him and marry.

Lastly this is what you get when you get fag Matt Drudge and Birther Hussein, Jesus haters setting the tone in America. This kid is castrated, so he gets all these symbols looking to empower himself and then is too coward to eat a bullet when he is done shooting kids who ostracized him as they were the school.

So what do we learn from all of this?

If you don't make men out of your soy fed boys, give them an outlet like killing vermin predators, let enough stupid women get fucked over by jocks who dump them so they start thinking the quiet boys are the catch, take them to a Protestant Church which is not fag and browbeat the hell out of them, and name them oddball foreign names, you get a kid who acts out.

It is hard enough being a kid with  those asshole popular kids bullying them, without a dumb ass name, and without a God you can trust to give your enemies AIDS or trees embedded in their foreheads in car crashes. A kid has to belong to God, to some kind of controlled aggression, and a kid does not need to be made a target as all these pricks are going to mark him just like baboons mark the gimp chimp that can't walk right.

I mean the first time a kid shows up with peace sign shit or some goofy army coat, you tell them to take that shit off, and give them the lawns  to mow to wear their asses out and you tell them, it will be double if they pull that shit again.
After they about pass out from work, you crack a beer with them, tell them to not tell their mother as this is man's stuff, and you say something like, "Life is shitty, but all we got is each other. You get good days and bad days, but you stick with God and it works out".

Fear used to be the most suitable tool to raising children, as they feared God, they feared their parents and they feared all adults, and kept them from doing stupid ass things.'

Now what should be done is this kid should be tried quickly and that cripple governor should mandate a public execution by hanging with a close up of the kid's eyes bulging out and his tongue hanging out, so all the normal children will have nightmares, and the wise asses get hauled up on stage and get their bare asses bull whipped bloody raw, and any lawyer or politician that squawks gets the same.

That is what Charles Tyng recorded in 1800 Cuba in how the Spanish set things to order among the rich getting away with crimes and the back alley stabbers. Franco was not alone in making a peaceful society for normal peons.

Before the Wind - The New York Times
CHAPTER ONE. Before the Wind The Memoir of an American Sea Captain, 1808-1833. By CHARLES TYNG Viking. Read the Review. A Boston Boyhood.

That is the only way history has proven you stop this, but then those in power do not want this stopped as this all has a purpose in the overthrow of America which began with getting rid of God.

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