Friday, May 18, 2018

Teaching a Tyrant

 Hooters taught me everything I know about Kim Jong Un

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

US Changes B-52 Flight Plans In Drills With S Korea
US Pull B-52s From S Korea Training Exercise (yawn)

Ignoring the advice of the Lame Cherry, Donald Trump blinked when Kim Jong Un made demands of the United States.

Now Donald John has taught Peking and Pyongyang that he will sell his soul for a deal.

This is the same failed policy which HW Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama taught Kim Jong Un.

What is most asstard about all of this is the United States should have never scheduled these exercises of quietly put them on hold until after the Trump summit. Now Trump has been rolled in public, proving he wants something more than peace.

Ronald Reagan did not blink with the Soviets. Donald Trump did and from this point on everyone knows he can be rolled.

Before this is over, I'll have Ivanka rubbing my back
and Hawaii will be part of North Korea