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Donald Trump's Political Heir in 2024 AD in the year of our Lord

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I have never been a great supporter of Mike Huckabee, for the simple reason, in watching a GOP presidential debate, I listened to an entire cast lead by Huckabee, lamenting support for the death penalty. Mike Huckabee has a great deal of good, but that kind of not being able to hang predators that deserve to hang by the neck until the trunk rots off is not the kind of Christianity which protects a Republic.

In noting thee above, readers will remember that this blog tried to protect Ivanka Kushner from the self indulged child she is by her father, in posting here a white print for Ivanka the political novice to work behind the scenes and have Elizabeth Dole be her au pair, to mentor her quietly on the issues Ivanka cared about in throwing little boys into the streets so little girls can be given their jobs. This would have protected the first daughter from the disaster she is, and by quiet humility allowed others to trumpet Ivanka's work.

Which would allow the DIA time to begin mounting successes for the President as they are now. Once Mr. Trump was awarded the Nobel Prize, a grateful nation would be accepting for an heir apparent, and in that, Ivanka Kushner would in a position to actually head a department as an Under Secretary where more Trump successes would follow.
Ivanka Trump groomed for power would in 6 more years be a viable candidate as Vice President to continue on the Trump legacy.

Instead Ivanka's grab for power has the disaster of her liberal cohorts detest her as a traitor, Conservatives see her for the self promoting sham she is taking credit of other people's work and now that her father is coming into his own, the Kushner's have disappeared in the great Trump Light and appear even more weak in their gifted position.

In this, there is one Republican woman who is fast approaching the credential to have earned the next step in the Trump Junta, and that is Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

BURN! Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Mother’s Day: Having to Deal With Whiny Kids Prepared me for Dealing With CNN’s Jim Acosta

Sarah Sanders is the complete opposite of Ivanka Kushner in her looks are genuine while Ivanka's are plastic. Mrs. Sanders is a woman who has fought it out with the press and in the press while Ivanka has been catered too in the propaganda press. Sarah Sanders is proving to the American People that she could handle a 3 AM call while Americans look at Ivanka as the woman whose Chinese nanny would be working with the Chicoms to leave the red phone off the hook.

I fully realize the power of the Lame Cherry blog in posting this reality might produce the Ivankalass against Mrs. Sanders in having her fired as the Kushner's have a long history of disposing loyalists, but it is in the faith that Sarah Sanders has more substance than Ivanka ever could muster, that this reality must be flushed out now for the future of America.

Do any of us have any doubts that Sarah Sanders could sit down with any world leader and not give as good as Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un could? Mrs. Sanders is someone who can think on her feet, debate any person and she does not get rattled. That is the stuff of a Margaret Thatcher or Jeanne Kirkpatrick in the making. America has before us a most unique future glimpse in the Republican future is not the flat backers in Nikki Haley or the daddy's girls in Ivanka Kusher, who would degrade the GOP to Curry Bushism or Kinder and Prettier Chelsea Clinton, but to the Christian ethic which Mike Huckabee stood for, but Sarah seems more like a woman who would pull the lever to hang a pedophile and enjoy doing it.

The Republican star of this Trump era who is rising is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She is going to wear a trench into the American psyche and given the opportunity, she is young enough to rise to preeminence to the Naval Observatory or the Oval Office.

In a photo of the powerful John Kelly and the entitled Jared Kushner, Sarah Huckabee is the adult in the room. Others know they do not belong, but she knows she belongs there and has no equals.

Ivanka Kusher is a woman who hires it done and phones it in. Sarah Sanders is a woman who takes the calls and gets it done.
She is so far ahead of what real leadership is compared to a Nikki Haley or an Elaine Chao that this is the kind of American who belongs in the Oval Office as the first female President of the United States, because no one is going to be thinking, "This is a woman" and Sarah Sanders would brush it off as being a woman had nothing to do with it, as this was about God given talent and answering the directive to get up and build something of your life.

I will admit that politically I have never heard nor researched Sarah Sanders, so the Lame Cherry might just as easily turn on her when she is wrong on the issues. I only know what I see and there is leadership in this woman and she has it in her to be President of the United States to lead and to inspire an American People and the world.

That is the fact in Donald Trump's political heir is not ever going to be Ivanka Kushner as the people will not accept her, no matter how much her father loves her. The people will not accept a Curry Republican or some other manufacture which has faded in the Trump Light in the dismal failures of Congress not rising to the cause. The people once it is pointed out that Vice President and President one day fits before Sarah Sanders, will realize what they have recognized in this is a leader in the most chaotic of Trump times and she flourished. This is Donald Trump's political legacy of Sarah Sanders at 1600 Penn Avenue.

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