Thursday, May 17, 2018

FaithWire's False Prophet

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A  feature on Faith Wire had the most twisted title which hinted that Donald Trump making the US Embassy in Jerusalem was somehow something in the Bible.

Here are the Biblical Prophecies Connected to the US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem

Nothing in this lying post by Will Maule has anything to do with proving that point with Scripture. Instead it reads like an affirmation of Greater Judea in annexing neighboring lands, which of course will require the United States bleeding, dying and spending money on another series of war which America was warned by President George Washington to NEVER be involved with in foreign entanglements or intrigue.

The following map was on this fake news post subverting prophesy, and to the ignorant it includes all 13 tribes of Israel. The problem with that is God divided Israel into the Northern and Southern Kingdom. The South was Judah, Benjamin and Levi in their cities. The North was the Lost 10 Tribes.
For the record the Jews who are an Asian people now in the Ashkenaz have ZERO right to the 10 tribes lands. In fact  as you study the map, Reuben is the Northern French. Ephraim is the English, Mannaseh is the Americans.
There is a tradition when Christ returns, the right of return will fall first to the Americans, because Mannaseh was the first tribe in Gilead to be taken captive by the Assyrians (modern Germans) and due to this the Americans will take possession of their ancestral lands in the Holy Lands first.

So that is the reality in this, there is NOTHING in the Bible which states Donald Trump making the US Embassy in Jerusalem is part of prophecy for the end times. There is a statement which hints that Judah will be restored in a day and it was.
One can discern certain events must take place, like the building of the 3rd Temple which Ezekiel saw in vision, because this is defiled by the anti Christ.

If you want another Truth, TWO CHRISTIANS, who are the Witnesses are murdered in Jerusalem and their bodies are left to rot in the streets for 3 days, and Jews do not intervene.

So let us view all of the Prophecies, including the Jews gathered at Armageddon against Christ with the rest of the world.

Let us end this with this series of verses about the sins of Jerusalem, and Samaria is the Americans, British and Europeans of the west.

1 Again the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
 2 Son of man, cause Jerusalem to know her abominations,
 3 And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD unto Jerusalem; Thy birth and thy nativity is of the land of Canaan; thy father was an Amorite, and thy mother an Hittite.

 35 Wherefore, O harlot, hear the word of the LORD:
 36 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thy filthiness was poured out, and thy nakedness discovered through thy whoredoms with thy lovers, and with all the idols of thy abominations, and by the blood of thy children, which thou didst give unto them;

 48 As I live, saith the Lord GOD, Sodom thy sister hath not done, she nor her daughters, as thou hast done, thou and thy daughters.

51 Neither hath Samaria committed half of thy sins; but thou hast multiplied thine abominations more than they, and hast justified thy sisters in all thine abominations which thou hast done.

And calling the capital of the Jews a harlot is an insult from God.

Do not get sucked into this Jew worship or Muslim petting in taking sides.

And before these Americans subverting Prophesy get as arrogant as the Jew of God's Eye, the reason Americans are not in the Promised land is because they did the same damned things they are doing now in butchering their babies, butt sex, crooked courts and turning their peoples into slaves.

God divorced both Samaria and Judea for national sins. They both require Christ for redemption to God and that is not covered up by quoting apple of God's eye from generations ago nor by slapping God's Name on your decisions to bomb other people.

Americans have enough sins now in Judgment to answer for, blasphemy and being destroyed for lack of knowledge is not two more to add to the list. 

Nuff Said