Sunday, May 6, 2018

Grabbing Robert Mueller by the Legal Balls

The Russians just made a fool  out of me..........

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I play a great deal of chess, but that is against a computer system, and while most people like to think themselves titans of the board, one never knows until they actually have to play humans  and dismantle them. That is when one discovers just how brilliant they are.

This is the way Robert Mueller is. He is effective against people who can not afford lawyers and are thinking they are cooperating with the FBI in answering questions, and end up framed. Robert Mueller is effective when he holds the entire US government against innocent people, quite effective when he writes the rules and quite effective when he has Rod Rosenstein rewrite the laws to fit Mueller's new violations.

Robert Mueller was quite effective in roughing up Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen to get at the President in a publicity stunt and quite effective when he indicted Russian oligarchs along with President Putin's son in law to smear Donald Trump in the public's mind, as Mueller had it all figured out, that the Russians would ignore the indictments as they were protected and American courts are worthless when it comes to Russians.

It was all such a brilliant scheme when Robert Mueller is playing both sides of the board. Brilliant until the real enigma of the Russians appeared and caught Mueller and his coven of bright boys flat footed, to grab them by their legal testicles and make the Office of Special Counsel retreat.

Yes the Russians turned Robert's Mueller's tricks back on himself, when their attorneys demanded discovery of Mueller's "evidence" which is their right for their clients, and to that just as Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and Chris Wray have a pattern of hiding evidence, they are now running for cover again in delaying a hearing as they do not want to turn over their kangaroo court evidence again.

Prosecutors also asked a judge to postpone the formal arraignment of Concord Management set for next week.
The prosecution team sought the delay on the grounds that it’s unclear whether Concord Management formally accepted the court summons related to the case. Mueller’s prosecutors also revealed that they tried to deliver the summonses for Concord and IRA through the Russian government, without success.

Do you get that, in Mueller was ok to frame the Russians and haul them into court for convictions, when he thought they had received their court summons, but immediately when the accused demand to see the evidence, the Mueller witch hunt is running for cover as they do not want the public to see the sham evidence which was used to misuse the US Courts to frame the Russians to get at President Trump.

Talk about getting your balls cut off and handed on a silver platter before the world so expose what an  absolute legal moron you are, that is Robert Mueller, Mr. Prosecutor, Mr. FBI and Mr. Special Counsel, terrorizing Americans with Rod Rosenstein, but when Mueller ran into the Russian enigma they clobbered him in court with US law.

Last month, two lawyers representing Concord Management — Eric Dubelier and Kate Seikaly — surfaced. Mueller told the court Friday the lawyers made a series of discovery requests demanding nonpublic information about Mueller’s case. As attorneys representing one of the defendants, they are allowed to make such requests.

Girlfriend, Reed Smith law firm employs two real attorneys that if they had worked for Donald Trump, Rosenstein and Mueller would be needing lawyers now.

Talk about Pole Axe and Punch, these two just made a fool out of Robert Mueller and his chosen legal thugs and they did not even have to crack a law book. That is quite a legal prize to send Robert Mueller scurrying off on the world stage with bit wet urine prints as his trail for the world audience to see.

I can not speak for Russian humor or Vladimir Putin and the oligarchs, but they must have toasted a few shots of ice cold vodka with uproarious laughter at what they just did. They took Robert Mueller's summons and beat his ass with it with some real legal talent.

Katherine "Kate" Seikaly -

Katherine "Kate" Seikaly is Partner at Reed Smith LLP/Washington. See Katherine J Seikaly's compensation, career history, education, & memberships.

Eric A. Dubelier | Professionals | Reed Smith LLP

Eric focuses his practice on international and domestic regulatory compliance and enforcement matters, white collar criminal litigation and civil false claims litigation.

DC is a power attorney town by connections and very little talent. Dubelier and Seikaly are the exception and in this the Russians now have Robert Mueller and his legal thugs on a leash answer to Moscow.

As pointed out  Bobby Mueller is ok when he is dealing from his stacked deck on people who he is blindsiding, as that is his Martha Stewart career. He does well in protecting Justice Department criminals in framing up of Citizens, but in another political stunt for publicity, he just got exposed for the asstard he and his team is. They were so flat world they never expected the Russians to come out and play for keeps.

Everyone with a legal mind on the planet now knows Robert Mueller just got his candy ass handed to the Russians.

For this stunt alone, Robert Mueller should be held with his legal thugs in contempt of court and banned from ever serving in Government again or involved in anything to do with law enforcement or the courts.

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