Sunday, May 6, 2018

To Make the Rich Richer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 I know the wealthy are out there reading this blog. I know their portfolios, their investment firms and how they piddle in ponds for crumbs, too afraid to put their investments into full production harness.

It is in this reality that I noted that Vista Outdoors is putting Savage Arms up for sale, one of the last "American firearm's companies" as Vista is bending at the waist for the closeted David Hogg.

Keep reading if you are rich, because I will offer to turn your tens of millions into billions

Vista Outdoors Putting Savage Arms Up for Sale

Vista owns many brands that you may be familiar with, including Federal Premium, Savage, Fox, Stevens, Bushnell, RCBS, Night Optics, among others.
Vista Outdoors announced Tuesday that it is considering putting Savage Arms up for sale as part of a “strategic business transformation plan.”
“Our review identified product categories that are core to the company’s long-term business strategy,” said Vista Outdoor Chief Executive Officer Chris Metz.

For the record, I know the firearm's market is ripe for a renaissance from this AR 15 malaise. I sit here looking at the failed Remington camo knives on my desk, put on sale as no one wanted them, and now Chris Metz does not want Savage Firearms.

I want Savage Firearms, but being poor that is not a check I can write. The rich though can write such checks and in exchange for stock options in Savage, profit sharing, a 10 year non dismissal as CEO, I will turn your millions into billions.

Yes the offering is pure greed on your parts, and on my part it is pure creativity.

So get your greedy little fingers calculating and pressing buttons with your investment partners and prepare to become rich to fill that emptiness inside of you. No I am not going to inform you of the plans as you have stolen enough from me. After the contracts are signed, unbreakable with the benefits based upon my production or genius, you will enjoy taking credit for it and counting your money to make George Soros look like a pauper.

That is about it.

Nuff Said