Wednesday, May 16, 2018

President Trump Do Not Blink On North Korea

This is about Human Rights as North Korea attacked South Korea
for the first war sponsored by Peking. That is why military exercises
take place in the American - South Korean Alliance

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Kim Jong Un has now cancelled the bi lateral meetings with South Korea, violating his word, and is now threatening to cancel the peace conference with President Trump, over scheduled military exercises between the United States and South Korea.
Kim would not be attempting to bully the United States unless the despot Xi had not put him up to this tactic.

To listen to George Noury and his expert appeasers, America must immediately cancel these "war games", which is thee last thing the United States should do, as what Kim Jong Un and dictator Xi are engaged in, is the same communist ploy which the Soviet's attempted in extracting conditions from President Ronald Reagan, before he met the Soviets.

Cold War: Geneva (Reagan-Gorbachev) Summit (Shultz memoirs ...

... (Reagan-Gorbachev) Summit (Shultz memoirs) Document ... they had concluded from a Reagan speech, delivered before coming to ... The Soviets' new demand had ...

Instead the Lame Cherry counsels the following:

President Donald Trump in public as well as private, should state these military exercises were known and scheduled.
Second, the President should offer to allow North Korean observers in both political and military as an act of good faith for peace.

Third, the President should in private and public, announce that if North Korea insists upon conditions before the negotiations, then the United States for human rights insists upon these conditions:

1. The freeing of all political prisoners in North Korea and China.
2. The cessation of persecuting Christians, burning their Churches and imprisoning these martyrs in China and North Korea.
3. The dismantling of the aggresive military forward stations of North Korean artillery on the DMZ border with the removal of Chinese bases in the China Sea.

This is the time for Donald Trump to not blink. He can not back down as it would prove he can be rolled for public opinion. He must offer peaceful observation and he must now play the Human Rights card which has been missing for the entire process of the North Korea and Chinese interaction, which has been disgraceful to the Reagan human rights legacy.

This is the Lame Cherry advice for President Donald Trump and he should not have had his advisers be caught flat footed as this was a known reality of what communists always do.
Now is not the time for appeasement, but strength. Now is not the time for Twitter  rages, but wise proclamations educating the people.

The United States and South Korea are not going to stand down for their legitimate defense when faced with a nuclear North Korea, hundreds of millions of armed communists and thousands of high tech, long range artillery while political prisoners languish in gulags behind this Yalu Curtain.

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