Monday, May 14, 2018

The Boneless Pike

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The last time I went fishing for Northern Pike was in June 1997 with my Beloved Uncle. It was the most jack pike I  had ever caught and it was the first time I noticed something was off with my Uncle. He had brain cancer and it was beginning to kill him. He would be dead by the end of September, and that is the last time I fished for Northerns.

Northerns were my Uncles favorite fish to eat, but they being a serpent have a horrid bone structure of Y bones and rib bones which if you just perch fillet them, you will end up with bones in your throat and stuck in your ass sooner or later.

There are good videos on Gaytube to show how to fillet a pike without bones, but I need stills for my files I save and that means storing them here for the public to learn. These are the best I have come across and file them here in the fish file.

They should be self explanatory from the different kinds of filleting pike and the different angles.

One type fillets the backbone out and one does the  fillets and then cuts the Y bones out.

This is the top back method.


This is the fillet method.