Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Haman Proclamation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When the Lame Cherry published first it's exclusives on Donald Trump for the Nobel Prize and Donald Trump dismantling the Obama legacy, it was a typical plagiarism by the media, but the volume of repeats in media, indicates someone really liked those talking points at Trumpland and decided to run with them. Yes the Popular Girl puts the pop in popular, even if none of the rich are shelling out that big donation for a place of our own which is more important now than ever.

My reason for noting the past week's success is now to address a story which came and went in Iran firing 20 rockets at the Jewish position in the Syrian Golan Heights.

Israel retaliates after Iran 'fires 20 rockets' at army in ...

May 09, 2018 · Missile fire is seen from Damascus, after Israel responded to a rocket attack on the Golan Heights with strikes inside Syria. Photograph: Omar Sanadiki/Reuters Arch-enemies Iran and Israel edged closer to all-out war on Thursday after Israel's military said its positions in the Golan Heights were ...

For those not versed in military matters, this made zero sense as a retaliation against the Jews humiliating Iranian forces in Syria in killing more of them.

Several but not all of the Iranian rockets were intercepted by Israeli defences, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman, Lt Col Jonathan Conricus, told reporters.

The only instance Iran proved savvy in this was when they used a drone to lure the Jews into range and shot down a US made fighter jet, proving the vulnerability of the Jewish forces.

So was this a "test" of the IDF systems? If this was the case, the test firing of 20 rockets proved that the American made missile defense can be overwhelmed and defeated with sheer numbers of rockets. This is an important point as the Iranian allied alliance has tens of thousands of missiles which would produce a screen effect against Patriot systems while some very heavy and specific target systems could inflict the necessary damage.

If this was not a test, then it proves that the Jews have influence in the Qod Forces in some of them have been promised leadership positions if they can goad the turban heads into a defeatist confrontation with Tel Aviv and DC.

It is in this that the Lame Cherry examines what Iran would have to accomplish as Iran could not go head to head with the Jews and win. Iran though does have important assets. She has distance which the Jews can not traverse and invade. The IDF would wear out her air force in combat with Iran in short order.
Iran has size. Iran can absorb a horrendous amount of firepower, even American firepower would run out of targets, but as the Jews have not the ability for an extended distance war, they need the Americans, but the Americans have the distance but would reach  target depletion, even with nuclear weapons.

The vulnerabilities of the Jewish state are the polar opposite of Iran. Judea is small, therefore is susceptible to
massive weapon attacks, meaning nuclear attack would pollute the Jewish state easily, but that the Jewish state harbors some very wicked biological, nuclear and chemical weapon depots. Striking them would have the Jews depleting their own land.

Into this is the reality of the vermin problem for the Jews. They have vermin Muslim in South Lebanon in Hezbollah, vermin Muslims in the West Bank and vermin Muslim in Gaza. Granted the Jews have an electronic and wetware security spy apparatus which rivals London, but like Iranian rockets overwhelming Jewtriot missile defense, send enough rats through the walls of Jewish Ghettos and this is the real problem for the Israeli state and more profoundly this is the gambit which Iran should muster in an attack to save herself.

Just How Many Palestinians Are There? - Jewlicious THE Jewish ...

About 1.5 million less than what you thought. Most population figures are based on a highly flawed 1997 projection. The number cited is 3.8 million, but turns out that the actual number, based on actual Palestinian figures, is more like 2.4 million.

The sheer number advantage is with the Shia against Jewry, much as the Chicoms overwhelmed the Americans in Korea in the 1950's pushing them back to the DMZ.

Hezbollah has 45,000 experienced fighters. The Qods Forces which were said to be behind this rocket attack have an indefinite number from two to fifty thousand. The Republican Guard has 120,000 fighters.

While the IDF in trained population is greater by millions in sheer numbers, the active force is 176,000 and the reserve if 450,000, meaning an all out wave, backed by the 175,000 Syrian Army with 100,000  trained fighters could overwhelm the IDF and present a reality of  technology neutralization and initiate massive rifle to rifle combat, with the caveat that the thousands of missiles in the Iranian alliance's hands would then prove devastating to fixed Jewish positions as the Jews would be fighting for their homes and pinned down.

Combat Aircraft

F-15 Eagle United States multirole[66] F-15 A/B/C/D 16 / 6 / 17 / 19[67] Baz-2000 refit[68]
F-15E Strike Eagle United States strike fighter F-15I 25[69]
F-16 Fighting Falcon United States multirole F-16C/D/I 78 / 49 / 97[67] F-16C/D were upgraded to "Barak 2020"[70]


Bell 206 United States utility / trainer
AH-64 Apache United States attack AH-64A/D 26 / 22[69]
Sikorsky UH-60 United States utility UH-60A/L 48[69]
Sikorsky SH-60 United States ASW SH-60F
8 on order[76]
Sikorsky CH-53 United States heavy lift S-65C-3 23[69] CH-53 were upgraded to Yas'ur-2025[77]
Eurocopter AS565 France SAR
5[69] operated for the Israeli Navy

In examination of the above, it is possible with 100 MANPADS and 400 missiles to down the entire IDF air force, which with a flood of scampering boots inside the Jewish ghetto walls, would spell an absolute disaster for Tel Aviv and DC. One is faced with the Haman Proclamation become a reality for the Ashkenaz.

This would be the logical strategy for the Iranian alliance as it would have an 75% chance of success, providing it was a surprise, had proper infiltration and it would be absolutely necessary to down the IDF air wing in the first 6 hours and create Jewish defense enclaves all through the state of Israel in the first 24 hours, and shrink the containment zones before the Americans could begin responding by day 3 in force.

The size of the Jewish state is miles and the population centers would be the containment centers. As in the 72 war though the Syrians had it won, but their tanks stopped, in thinking the Jew defenses should have been deployed which they were not.

With the correct Russian made SAMS and MANPADS, for tank cover, it would be possible to create dozens of border breakouts and then two main spears for Tel Aviv and Haifa, and if the Jewish nuclear bunkers are breached, it is nuclear holocaust surrender.

This would be a logical progression point in an all out victory or an all out failure, as what awaits these parties is French bullets to Khadaffi's brain as Libya proved in appeasing a reordering. The problem for these Saddamites though is they appear to have agents on the take inside as Saddam Hussein never fought his war with effect no more than Khadaffi did. Assad has proven more resilient and in that assessment is the survival of this alliance, as Syria is deemed a stepping stone to be crushed by WMD's in  the foray  as Iran becomes the main target in this Jewish War.