Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The NRA is now a DIA Asset

I pronounce you a military asset of President Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There has been a coup in America, and none of you noticed it as President Pete Brownell ran for the cornfields  to hide in as the deep state has been hunting him as NRA President in the gun control drive.

Brownell might be a nice guy, but he was as AWOL as customer service help was when I asked for help and had to go to Numrich to get the parts I was asking for.

This company has long been owned by the Brownell family, whose current heir is Pete, also known as the fucking President of the NRA. Pete Brownell presents himself as a soccer-dad kind of guy. His family lives in a run-of-the-mill McMansion on a normal street of the Grinnell grid. They’ve got several kids in the local schools and apparently, Pete’s wife is a liberal, and the president of the Grinnell public school board. (She must get the vapors when she gets to hang out with Ted Nugent.)

Remember now in the frame up in Florida of the Jew, Nikolas Cruz by Jew  Ben Shaprio, in how this was all geared with that closeted David Hogg to bring gun confiscation to America, and how Donald Trump was pressing for all of it, including lunatic tests and banning gun rights for voters 18 to 21 years old, and in all of this how the NRA was supporting Harry Reid, moving to selling gun insurance instead of protecting rights and how access to affordable guns has been vanquished as the NRA stood by as presidents of the United States banned firearms.
Yes the NRA is  fraud front whose main focus has been gun control.

So that is why I sat here for a week, and watched as no one bothered to note the coup that went on at the NRA in the removal of Pete Brownell as President of the NRA, right after Donald Trump spoke at the Convention, when  who should appear but John Kelly as the neo President of the NRA. No it was not Kelly, but it was another Defense Intelligence Agency man who Donald Trump just installed to head the NRA, and that would be Lt. Colonel  Oliver North.

For the record in those who do not know who the head of  the NRA is, Oliver North was George Herbert Walker Bush's hatchet man during the Reagan Years. Nancy  Reagan detested North and campaigned against him in a Virginia Senate race where Mrs. Reagan  state that North lied about her husband and lied to Ronald Reagan about the Iran Contra Affair.

For those who do not know what Iran  Contra was, Iran Contra was selling Hawk Missiles to Iran, in telling Iran they were Super Hawks which they were not in not being able to shoot down the Starship Enterprise. The money from the sales went to fund Contra fighters in South America, whose main money came from Colombian Coke Lords, who the CIA was dumping coke into Bill Clinton's Mena Arkansas  in Dope for Freedom campaign, when Jeb and George were not getting the Bush cut in plane flown into Florida.

THE 1994 CAMPAIGN: VIRGINIA; Mrs. Reagan Denounces Oliver ...

Oct 29, 1994 · , Page 001008 The New York Times Archives. Nancy Reagan attacked Oliver L. North, the Republican Senate candidate in Virginia, on Thursday, asserting that the former aide to President Ronald Reagan "lied to my husband and lied about my husband."

This all got a bit testy as things melted down when the Lebanese blew the whistle on this secret arms program for hostages run by Oliver North that HW was overseeing to impeach Ronald Reagan, when Barry Seal a CIA contract pilot got DEA photos of George and Jeb offloading coke for their cut.

Seals was in legal trouble and threatened HW with exposing his boys, to which the system arose under Oliver North who contracted with Colombians who assassinated Seals in New Orleans.

Barry Seal - Wikipedia

He stated that Iran-Contra figure Oliver North had attended two meetings on the sting operation and had motivation to release the ... Who Killed Barry Seal?

Barry Seal should  have known better than to threaten the system, but then Andrew Breitbart did not have any sense to not threaten Obama either and ended up dead on the street. The DIA though is kind when the CIA off's an asset as they make phone call to the widow, tell her she had a few hundred thousand in severance pay and should now be silent or worse things would happen.

So in knowing the above, we have deep state minder Wayne LaPierre having Pete Brownell removed, and for Donald Trump aka John Kelly installing Oliver North as President of the NRA. Yes the DIA is now in direct control of the NRA, as it is in direct control of the CIA with Gina Haspel.

As the NRA has been the focal point in this to disrupt their money flow to Republicans for the midterms, it would be a conclusion that Donald Trump and John Kelly, meaning the DIA is now dictating precisely who are Trump candidates and will receive that money. More importantly we are about to learn in by November if Ollie North and the DIA neutralized the NRA for leftists or if NRA is going to be unleashed to create a super Trump majority.

See all of this has been before each of you, before all of your Mockingbird mic heads, and none of you got this as the DIA covered this coup up, and each of you missed the biggest political story of the year.

What is certain is the DIA now runs the NRA directly. If it is for good, marvelous. If it is more John Kelly leftist faggery, then we all got problems worse than when that fraud LaPierre was banning guns from Americans.

Oliver North: NRA is victim of 'civil terrorism' by gun ...

Oliver North, the National Rifle Association's (NRA) incoming president, said on Wednesday that the gun rights group has been a victim of "civil terrorism" by political opponents.

Then again, if the light Colonel is naming David Hogg a terrorist and Donald Trump sends the closeted Hogg down to Gitmo forever, that would seem to indicate that calling liberals terrorists would be just the kind of junta thing America needs to become like Argentina in cleansing the communists from the system, but leaving the pedophile Pope untouched to take over the Jesuit Vatican.

North began his assignment to the National Security Council (NSC) in Washington, DC, where he served as the deputy director for political–military affairs from 1981 until his reassignment in 1986. In 1983, North received his promotion to lieutenant colonel,  which would be his last.
During his tenure at the NSC, North managed a number of missions. This included leading the hunt for those responsible for the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing that killed 299 American and French military personnel, an effort that saw North arranging a midair interception of an EgyptAir jet carrying those responsible for the Achille Lauro hijacking. While also at the NSC, he helped plan the U.S. invasion of Grenada and the 1986 Bombing of Libya.

This is what the DIA looks like in charge as the Control is methodically moving the pieces to their side of the board. I have no quarrel with the DIA as some of my friends are the real Vulcans from the hotter than Vulcan, it simply would be more settling if they were more Argentinian, instead of Kellyian.

So that is once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. The junta is on the move and winning for the system to protect itself. No one noticed this telling event that an intelligence officer of the DIA just was put into place of the NRA by Donald John Trump.

You children and brats really would be lost without me.