Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Which Came First Spying or Collusion

Of course we voted !!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I think the moles on the Trump campaign are easier explained in a story board, so the Lame Cherry posts this exclusive explanation of what Molegate is all about.


I don't know why people don't think I don't like Russian panty sites.


Ok I'm the devil. 


I knew when the election was lost that something was wrong.

 I found a pair of Ivanka panties in Peter's briefcase. I thought they were
for me, so I put them on. He took my picture and then mocked me as 
he said his picture in them looked better, and then he posted it on a Russian
reality panty vote site.


Yes Senator I probed the men first. 


It was not my personal panties.


 I sent Seth Rich with a pair of panties I ordered on my server 
from Ivanka Brand to get autographed for Huma, how was I to know
he was going to get knocked off!


I was a nice girl before I met Peter. How could I help it 
that Russians voted for me in Ivanka's panties.


Why doesn't anyone ever forward me panty pics? 


See the British MI6 was rigging the voting for Prince Charles
as he posted a photo in Camilla's woolens and was losing bad.


No Senator, in hindsight, I do not think it was smart to 
call Congress dumb asses, now that you are about to throw me in jail
with my Ivanka Brand French Cut Panties. 


I plan on dating Rod while you are in prison.


Don jr. just asked your wife out and she said she is 
wearing Ivanka Brand Panties......


See my panties are receiving record votes in Russia
when men and women wear them.


...we found something called panty bots in the voting.

This is about a Russian panty voting site?


I would like to say Senator, that in my defense, my wife and I
wear the same size panty.


Why would we need to hack the Americans, when the Americans
 were posting panty photos to Russian sites.


Al, I really appreciate your brief support.


That Franken's hand is always sticky....


Look, I only sent Christopher Steele to get me a pair of
Ivanka panties like the ones Peter Strzok was wearing on
Rate Me I'm Panty Hot!!

I'm not dead yet. 


I may have voted on the site a few times...


Why doesn't anyone ever pose in my panties?



Look Senator, I'm innocent, I'm still a virgin.


Did someone say panty pics?


I only wear Super Dons, the manly boxers, for super men.


No. I'm in charge of the JOD, the Just Our Department

 So I shop at Nordstroms, I like the feel of women's underwear
in the Ivanka brand.


Georgie, I'm wearing the Ivanka panties you special ordered
in XXX size. 


See the panty bots are really little, that is why I
hired all democrats to investigate Trump, as they
are the experts.