Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Trump Reaper

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that the cesspool of New York has ha a few days to settle out, it is time to lift the veil off of your ignorance and ask you some questions in how is it that a nobody Attorney General beating up on women could make democrat Andrew Cuomo jump so high and so very fast in the #MeToo movement, as if this was all orchestrated like Harvey Weinstein was being retaliated against.

Who has that kind of power?

Who would have a reason to be picking off Obama democrats like Gillegrand in sex traffick stories, then Al Franken assaulting women, and after the Obama and Clinton have been hobbled,and Joe Biden is the progressive choice loved by John McCain, here comes the 2020 New York contender in Andrew Cuomo being asked about how long he knew Eric Schneiderman was beating the hell out of every woman he met.

What Did Leading 2020 Democrat Contender Andrew Cuomo Know And When Did He Know It About His Woman-Abusing Democrat Attorney General Eric Schneiderman?

Did not this blog warn the Erick Erickson types in all of these #NeverTrumpers that the DIA was coming for them for going after Donald Trump?  Is it not now obvious that the DIA in their intelligence division is continuing the Edward Snowden revelations in picking off leading democrats who will contend against Donald Trump?
You can see this right in the DIA wants fossil brain Joe Biden to be the democratic nominee for a straw man for Trump to knock down as Hillary Clinton now looks like Quasimodo in having a back brace on as he body is so deteriorating she is like a skeleton display in the morgue.

Mario jr of New York just got tagged with a massive sex abuse link and that is why Cuomo dropped the hammer on his hammer who has been terrorizing people on the right, including Donald Trump for years in political intimidation. Cuomo. Yes Pee Wee's Herman has just let the air out of Cuomo's 2020 presidential run. Liberals thought it was great strategy for putting Stormy Daniels and Karen bubble butt McDougal on the platter to serve up to feast on Trump, but all that has done is keep sexual stories in the news, and democrats have their demons in they beat on women and bugger butt little boys.

The DIA which backed Donald Trump deserves all credit for another brilliant anti coup operation to protect their candidate. Donald Trump deserves all credit as he knew the book on Schneiderman and tweeted about it and when the hammer came to drop, the democrats ate their own.
This blog has warned the anti Trump crowd that once Donald John gets his feet under him, this Jehu will have a DIA which will retaliate as it keeps wiping out the opposition to protect it's position.
Obama and Clinton unleashed on John Edwards and Rod Blagojevich to clear the deck of contenders. Joe Biden threw Lawrence Sinclair down a long dark hole to get the VP slot from Obama. Bush fam politically holocausted more Jews in Norm Coleman and George Allen than the Nazi's ever did to pave the way for Jeb! None of this is new, except this is not the CIA and Mockingbird, but the DIA running the old order from Dwight Eisenhower's day in Control. It is a magnificent grinding operation like an old tank crushing everything in it's path. 

The smart children like Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh sold their souls for the 30 pieces of silver.....hell I would have sold out too but no one offered me that kind of cash deal, and gone boo hunting in Quebec. The stupid ones like John Brennan still think the system they are a part of is in charge when that boat has sailed. If I were the remaining tards, I would be like Lisa Page, take the deal and run. I would think a simple statement like, "I was wrong, Donald Trump is a good President", and then buy a home in Switzerland to live out life in exile would be the smart thing to do as the bell is tolling for all of these treacherous operatives, and Donald John is ringing the bell and the name of that bell is the Trump Reaper.

There is a vested interest now that Donald John has come through with the policies for the cartel to keep continuity in the DIA will protect their man now in eliminating those not smart enough to cry UNCLE and just move on as the system takes the power structure back from Bush fam, the Clintons and that nefarious Obama mafia.

Watch for more of this fine entertainment to continue over the next years. When you see things like this happening, just figure that the man behind the bell is Donald John and the DIA is the one running the operation.

It is time to start being nice to the President all of you trolls as the bells have begun to toll of thee.

Donald Trump was the only horse we had to ride out of the Obama abyss. Now he is the only horse we have, so  stop looking him in the mouth whether you are supporting or not, as the system is being restored and none of you want to be the next pervert in the press as the next Pee Wee on parade.

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